Israel :: by Robert Campbell

I’m a new Christian and a man with common sense. I see things that are happening that are amazing to me. I see the world rapidly going down a path of destruction.  The entire world is in chaos, and no one is willing to give an inch. No one agrees on anything, just pure hatred for each other.

We have a president who has done more damage to the country and in my opinion, to the entire globe. With his inactions and actions he has caused what I call “setting the wheel in motion.”

However, my main concern is for Israel and believe it or not, also for the Palestinians.

As I see Israel trying to defend itself, I’m saddened that the world seems not to be on their side. It’s like seeing a child defending itself from a bully, and that bully is most of the world. They are backed into a corner with nowhere to go. If I were in their place, what would I be thinking?

Israel is trying to say to the world:

What would you have us do? We are only trying to protect ourselves from harm. We mean the world no harm. Peace is all that is desired. We just want to be a part of the world and be like other folks and enjoy life.

Jews have been hated by most of the world since before time, or at least it seems so. We are resourceful people; we are good in math, science, medicine, literature, building things, arts, agriculture. All we  want to do is share our skills with the world and help.

What did we do to be hated by the world, and at the same time give so much to the world?  What causes people from all races to spit on us when they pass us on the street? What would cause a small child to kick us in the chin because we’re Jewish? What did Hitler and Stalin have against us so that they desired to kill so many of our people?

As we look back in history, why did so many nations and people keep us in slavery or despise us?  Our people can go far into history and still not remember when we were liked as a people. We were always alienated, for some mysterious reason.

We have been told that it’s an age-old conflict. We know that most of the world did not favor us getting our own little tiny nation but we needed to do something; we could not keep on allowing the world to treat us like sub-human trash. We needed a space of our own to call or own. We built a nation we can be proud of, a nation where we can be safe without harm and ridicule. Israel is a nation where we can pray in peace.

We are a people that helps others. We have Arabs, Palestinians, Indians, whites, blacks, and many other folks living right here with us in Israel. Nevertheless, for some reason, we are still hated by the world. We are looked down upon; the Muslims and others continue to hate us and want to kill and take our land away. In fact, we have been fighting them ever since we got the land and even before that.

It would appear now that our ally, America has a fault with us. Jews certainly have not done anything to the U.S..but show their love and support. We shared many things between each other:

·                Our Love of God and country.

·                Our love of God and democracy.

However, America want us to come up with a peace plan to appease the folks that are trying to kill us. They want us to give up what little land we own, which we have done, and that still does not satisfy them. We thank the mighty God that America has been our staunchest ally. I would say without their help, we would most likely have been wiped out. What more does America want us to do? We have nowhere to turn, and no one to turn to.

Why does the president of America despise us? Why does the president disrespect our leader? Why would he ask us to give up so considerably much when we cannot? It would seem now that we are alone, and no one will come to our aid.

We have been told that God chose us for His purpose. In fact, we, to this day do not know why He did. Yes, we will tell folks this and tell them that, that we believe in this while you believe in that. In the end, we are just as much sinners as the rest of the world.

The world’s view contrasted with God’s view

Well, people I had to put myself in the Israeli’s shoes to see how and what they must be going through.  As you look at Israel today, you have to wonder why all this is happening.

The fact is, God did choose them to be his vehicle in the world. He chose them for His reasons only. He chose the Jews to bring the Bible to us. He chose Jews to bring light into the world, and He chose the Jews to bring our Savior, Jesus Christ into the world. God decided on this for His own reasons. He saw something in the Jews that He deemed worthy to make himself known to the world. He made a sacred covenant with them and made promises to them that even today,  He has not broken. You would have to be blind not to see this. You would have to hate the Jews to not to see this for yourself.

Did not the Bible say that God would disperse them all over the world for being disobedient? God also said that he would bring the Jews back to their rightful place in the land? That happened in 1948; one of the greatest prophecies in my time, today. He brought them from no-where to somewhere, it seems, overnight.

Whether she knows it or not, God is watching and protecting Israel and her land. All these years the enemies of Israel (Muslims) have been trying to destroy her. The enemies surrounding this tiny nation cannot get a foothold or even come close to eliminating her. They have tried everything and still fail. They cannot defeat her militarily; they cannot defeat her by terrorism or by sending rockets by the hundreds over to destroy her. The Iron Dome seems to be doing a fine job of taking out the rockets. Even so, what I see is the hand of God swatting the rockets out of the sky. I see God doing what He said he would do, and that is to protect Israel from all harm, and woe to those that would cause harm to Israel.

You can plainly see this if you have eyes to see and ears to hear. What they try to do to Israel, God does to his enemies in triple fold. The Palestinians are being used by the Muslims to destroy Israel, and are suffering greatly for it.

The world views what the liberal media allows it to see. They want you to cringe at women and children being slaughtered. They want you to see how the Jews are going over there in Gaza and destroying property. The haters of God, and Satan, want you to see how evil the Jews are. Most folks are in a trance. They are in a mode of no return; they will not see the truth no matter what.

We now see other countries like France and Germany having riots and demonstrations against Israel, and you see it here in America.

You need to see that Satan is pulling the wool over most folk’s eyes. The media and most news sites don’t show you what is really happening; they don’t show the Christians in Iraq and Iran being slaughtered, or that people in China are being put in jail for just owning a Bible.

In Africa, the government goes around finding Christian villages and then murdering men, women, and children. When was the last time you heard of those 200 plus Christian women being kidnapped by those Boko Harem thugs?

America and the world are putting pressure on Israel. People of the world, we need to pray for Israel. We need to support her and help her in any way we can.

God is not happy with the world isolating Israel and He is not pleased with America for turning its back on her. We are being judged. We have a president who cares little for Israel, and God will heap more destruction upon us. Our president, whether you want to know it or not, has caused a major part of this mess. As he goes around playing golf, raising money and having photo shoots, the world is burning. He, being weak in the eyes of the world has caused our enemies to come forth with a vengeance. This president is not doing this against people, he is doing this against God. Everything he has done is against God’s laws. He is against anything that God has ordained.

However, in all of this God is still in control. God has warned us to keep an eye on Israel to know of His coming. He has told us that when you see the fig tree blossom and Israel has blossomed, then you’re in the season of His coming.

What you see going on around the world is a good sign to me, and others, that God is about to come forth. He is the only One that can turn all this evil around and protect Israel. And for you to be a part of the good side, you need to be on God’s side. You need to be ready when God returns for His church. And I’m not talking about a building; your soul has to be right, and you need to be saved. And the judge will be Jesus Christ. And He will not be taking with Him any practicing sinners; only repented sinners need apply. He has given us ample time to decide  whom to follow.

Satan is and will call your bluff to see how much you really love God. That decision, as you can see, is coming rapidly. Get on your knees and repent and follow God. He is showing you now that he wants you to come to Him. Sooner or later you will see this, and I hope and pray that it will not be too late. And as I said before, please with all that you have in you, PRAY FOR ISRAEL and all the innocent people getting caught up in Satan’s evil.

Robert Campbell