The Best Trip Ever :: by Dale V. Nobbman

Most people love to take trips when they have the time and money to do so; either to visit places they haven’t seen before, or perhaps just to get away from the stresses of everyday life for awhile. So, if you had the opportunity to do so, would you like to take the trip of a lifetime? Would you be prepared and ready to be part of a one-time only best trip ever?  Anyone is welcome, but you must make an advance reservation to participate in the trip.

Final preparations for this trip are currently being laid out around the world for a literal “around the world” trip of a lifetime, but the catch is there will be no advance notice on when we actually get called to make this trip, or if the trip will even take place in our lifetime. So, we need to be on watch, and it’s important we have our reservations for the trip made well in advance, just in case this amazing trip does take place in our lifetime.

It will be a trip suitable for all ages, so if you have taken the proper steps to take your entire family with you on this trip, that would be totally wonderful, and perhaps you can even bring some of your friends with you. The best part of the trip is there will be no monetary cost to you.  That’s right, this trip of a lifetime will not cost you a single penny!

Does this special offer to take part in the best trip ever sound appealing to you so far? If so, here are some additional trip features, which may convince you to make sure your name is placed in the trip reservation book, just in case the trip takes place in our lifetime.

First: Once your name has been placed in the reservation book, your reservation for this trip cannot be cancelled or revoked, and there is no danger of the trip being overbooked. Space will be unlimited, so please bring as many people with you as you possibly can.

Second: The destination itinerary is already set, and you can be sure your travel plans are in the very best of hands. All accommodations for you have been prepared in advance.

Third: This trip is guaranteed to be perfectly safe and legal.  You will not need to hire a travel agent or tour guide. No tickets, no travel visa, no passports, or green cards will be required. Crossing over national borders, staying within proper air space, and even world time zones will be of no concern for anyone on the reserved list for this best trip ever.

Fourth–the trip will be completely hassle free. You won’t need to purchase travel clothes or pack a thing in advance of the trip. Your wardrobe will be supplied at no charge.  You won’t need traveler’s checks, credit cards, or even cash.  EVERYTHING has been arranged for you to travel first class and worry free as long as you have your reservation.

Fifth: The moment you embark on this journey you will feel totally refreshed and your body will feel gloriously new! It’s true! Satisfaction is guaranteed by the host of this trip!

Sixth: The panoramic scenes along the way on this trip will be absolutely spectacular, unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. No drug induced experience of ‘getting high’ will even come close to the getting high feeling you will experience on this trip.

Seventh: This is not just a day trip, or a trip lasting for only one or two weeks. No, this trip of a lifetime will last for a duration of approximately seven years before we return! It sounds like a long time to be away, but you will be having such a wonderful experience you will scarcely notice the passing of time before returning. And remember, this “round trip” has been “paid in full” in advance, by the host—for everyone with a reservation, regardless of the trip’s actual duration. (More about the return trip later in this article.)

Eighth: You will arrive at your destination very quickly, changed in the twinkling of an eye, so to speak. So don’t worry, this trip will certainly not be a slow, boring trip, and    the kids won’t have to ask, “Are we there yet?” No, it will be an exciting and thrilling experience, and once we arrive at our destination, you will spend the balance of the trip in what can only be described as a truly heavenly place.

Ninth: You will very likely be reunited with some family members, old friends, and other people you have known along life‘s way. People you may not have seen in a long time.

Well, are you ready now to make your reservation for this “paid in full” best trip ever?

If so, the following is all you have to do to have your place reserved: Each person wanting to make the trip must make their own reservation, no one else can do it for you.

Simply believe in your heart the words of Scripture found in God’s Word, the Holy Bible, in John 3:16: “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life.” That’s it!

Believe in God’s Son, Jesus Christ, as your Savior and you will have your name entered into God’s ‘Book of Life’, and then you will be ready to take part in the “Rapture” trip, the best trip ever, if it actually takes place in our lifetime, which is very possible according to the current ‘sign’s of the times’ as found in biblical scripture prophecy.  Yes, the Rapture could take place any time now prior to the seven year Tribulation period, so we need to be watching for the Rapture, while preparing our hearts to be ready for this best trip ever!

If we are truly blessed to be part of the Rapture event, then as stated earlier, we will return from our “best trip ever” with Jesus Christ, at the end of the seven year Tribulation, just in time to kick-off the Millennium, which is the 1,000 year reign of Christ on this earth.

(What happens during the Millennium, what we do for Christ on earth during those thousand years, and what comes after the thousand years…well those are topics for discussion at another time!)  But, if you want a sneak peek, just open and read a Bible.

Meanwhile, hope to see you all on the “best trip ever” if it happens in our lifetime!