The Believer’s Response to Police Corruption :: by Dan Payne

This article is only meant to serve as a friendly reminder…intended to deal only with Law Enforcement; hereby denoted as LE. I am talking about not ticking off the guards for our own safety and benefit. I am not advocating quenching the efforts to hold back the tide of our treasonous politicians. Please, continue to carry on with that mission! LE and politicians are NOT one and the same.

There is one thing in particular that is preventing us from being raped, tortured, and brutally murdered in our own front yards: Law Enforcement (LE), through the will of God of course.

If you live in the United States of America, your local and state police are the hands of a justice system at the heart of which is the very unique American Constitution. Do they make mistakes? Of course they do. Do they have ability to abuse their authority? Yes, but the vast majority don’t.

Those who live in America should be very thankful for the American Constitution. Many other countries modeled their own constitutions after the American Constitution after witnessing not only the resulting freedom, but also the PROSPERITY once afforded our great nation.

Our Constitution is viciously, maliciously and persistently being attacked by the forces of evil because it is a force for good. Somehow as of the writing of this article, most of the protections and freedoms afforded to Americans by the Constitution are amazingly (perhaps miraculously?) hanging on by a thread. Even those with dull senses can now see even that will not last much longer.

Unfortunately we are witnessing a growing trend in which Satan wants to take those who are by and large being protected by LE and turn them against LE. Satan only wants to bring about our pain, suffering, and violent deaths. He couldn’t care less about our freedoms and our prosperity, except to bring them to ruin.

I can’t stress enough how much I emphatically disagree with focusing on the very few bad apples in LE with the goal of opening the eyes of the “sheeple” to the hazards of being pulled over for a traffic violation. Really, I think most Americans are aware thanks to Hollywood and their local news, that power is sometimes abused and corruption exists.

Just because a bully might be wearing a uniform who disrespects your constitutional protections doesn’t mean it makes sense for you to disrespect the bully. Again, I only say this for your own protection. You’ve heard it before but: ‘Two wrongs don’t make a right.”

If you happen to be pulled over for whatever reason, what difference does it make if LE does not end up harassing you, (or worse), because you were polite and courteous? Yes, I’m being a bit sarcastic but we all know that God does not advocate disrespect and disparagement toward those in authority just because they have the potential to abuse their authority.

Think of the respect Daniel must have had to show such ‘bully” kings as Nebuchadnezzar and Belshazzar. Remember “the writing on the wall”? Hopefully none of us would have despised Moses or Aaron if we happened to believe that they were abusing their authority.

What I’m about to say will go over like a lead balloon but it needs to be said: The first excuse offered to commit the first sin was under the guise of opening the eyes of the “sheeple” to “the knowledge of good AND evil” (Genesis 3:5).

God originally wanted to protect Adam and Eve from the knowledge of evil (Genesis 2:17). My point is that the mere knowledge that LE can potentially abuse their authority may not necessarily help in a given situation.

I’m sure we can all at least come together in agreement that we don’t want our families to be violently tortured or murdered. Currently, by and large, American LE is the force that is restraining all out mob rule in America.

Mob Rule: Control of a situation by those outside the conventional or lawful realm, typically involving violence, intimidation, and murder.

Think about this: When the rare circumstance of the violent physical abuse of power by a law enforcement officer does occur, people usually get upset because the particular officer in question stepped outside the bounds of the law, right? They were acting outside of the protections provided by our Constitution. They operated according to their own human judgment and not according to the law. In other words, for a brief period of time, they acted like a lawless man or woman.

We all know what the Lord said about the dangers of lawlessness (Matthew 24:12). So what would you rather have, a system of law and justice that is still held in place by our Constitution, or the complete removal of that system thereby leaving your neighbors, AND LE, up to the will of their own conscience?

My fear is that part of the plan to finally do away with our Constitution and the implementation of martial law, is to first turn as many citizens and “residents” against LE as possible thereby supplying the need to “round ’em up.”

By holding back all out rebellion against LE we are holding back all out rioting by barbaric and cruel mobs ruling the streets. Just take a look at certain parts of Ukraine and Iraq, The Gaza Strip, etc. to see what the erosion of our justice system would look like.

Now what about if the government, for whatever terrible reason, decides to institute martial law? Well I do know that it makes no sense to act as if martial law is already established when in fact we are still actually free.

In a somewhat related note: Do you have any personal heroes of the faith, who are now with the Lord, but whose memory and testimony you cherish and use as an inspiration in your life? I do, both men and women, many of whom were Americans, and still others who were different nationalities.

May I ask you a question? How many of your heroes died a cruel and violent death? I don’t know about you, but most, if not all of the heroes I grew up with did not die that way. Why? Because that was not the Lord’s will for their lives and testimonies. Maybe He doesn’t want you or your family to die that way either.

Although many of God’s cherished believers have in past generations, and still are in this generation, dying violent deaths—it is still possible for God to will for you and other servants, to NOT die in a violent way.

All of us of like faith continue to have this hope: “We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed— in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye” (1 Corinthians 15:51b-52a).