The Children :: by Robert Campbell

The subject of this article has taken a lot of thought. I’m talking about the children crossing the borders in droves, by the hundreds, by the thousands. It really is a sad state to watch young children crossing our borders unhindered and unprotected .I don’t think most of the young ones even know why they are doing it.

As I watch them crossing the border, I put myself in their shoes, better yet, I imagine  my young grandson( almost a year old)in their shoes.
It hurts my heart to the core. I try not to say send them back (even though they do need to be sent back), and I try not to get angry at what I see.

I try not to think of the hell that they must be going through just to get here. I hear of the rapes and violence that is taking place. Little children from ages between months to 2 years and two years to all the way up to young teens. Not to mention young adults to grown folks.

They are filing in at an alarming rate, and they are coming right in the front door.  In fact they are coming in all the doors. They are coming in as if they were invited, that’s what it looks like to me.

How come this happened all of a sudden?

I woke-up one day and hear that kids by the droves are entering America unhindered. What kind of parent would send their children through a treacherous country just to get to America? What kind of parent would let them travel with little or no food and water to keep them?

I’m a parent and I would not allow it.

Why is Mexico allowing this? Why is Mexico allowing all kinds of folks just to walk right through their country. (Oh and don’t be fooled into thinking it’s just the other countries, it’s also children from Mexico entering.)

But yet we cannot get a soldier released from prison from just accidentally crossed the Mexican border.

Is it possible that our president would use children to get his agenda done? Is it possible that he would put children in jeopardy just to further destroy this country?

What am I missing here, what is it that I don’t get? How did they come up with this idea, and actually pull it off. What back room meeting did the president and his cronies think up this idea.

We have children of all ages just walking into this country as if invited. (And don’t forget the criminal element also walking in). Are we to believe that they came up with this idea on their own? Did they go to mom and dad and say this? “We are going to America.” Did they have meetings in a tree house or secret place and come up with this great idea?

I’m not that naïve to think that.

The president is behind all of this evil, the president told them to do this, whether he promised them something or not. We have a man that is so evil, that he would put children on the front lines to further his deception of America. How can a parent look at their child in detention camps getting diseases (and bringing them in) covered with lice and who knows what else?

How can America not feel bad for these children? We are a country that loves to help people all over the world. We are a country that helps others whosoever needs it. Even after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, and we retaliated by dropping the A-Bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, we did not occupy their city, we helped them rebuild it. That’s because we are a godly nation, (or we used to be).

Now we are being overrun by evil. We are being taken apart bit by bit. Satan and the president use our emotions, and pulls at our heart strings to achieve his end.  How can one man know so much on how America works. How can he know how to bring down a country? Who is helping him?

How did this man in a short time come to control politics, the media, communications, entertainment, the armed forces, the people. etc. Let’s not forget about that special police force Obama talked about, when he was running for president. You remember The Brown Shirts in Hitler’s days—that kind of police force. On Obama’s first day in office he started to chisel away at America. He wasted no time in writing executive orders to rewrite law.

He started lying right out of the gate. When you see him rolling up his sleeves and speaking, he is literally lying to you. He has a golden tongue, and knows how to pit one against the other. Everything he has set out to do he has done, with little or no interference. He has talked good people into doing bad, and has bad people into doing worst.

How is it possible that a U.S. Senator is not allowed to visit or view this travesty in the detention camps? You mean to tell me that Obama has gotten so powerful to tell an elected official that he cannot enter a place that tax payers are paying for?  Doctors and social workers are told not to speak of what is going on, Border guards are not allowed to speak to the media. In fact the gag order was put on all that are involved.

How did a president get this much power? What were we doing when he was planning this?

Was America asleep watching world soccer and keeping up with The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and the Kardashians? Was it because we really did not want to get involved?  I would not be surprised.

Recently on CNN I saw a report where a black woman for some reason nearly beat to death, I believe, a Hispanic woman for something she may have done to her, and while this evil woman was beating her to a pulp the only person to her rescue was her young two-year-old son.

He was kicking the woman trying to stop her from beating his mom. And all the while folks were standing around taking pictures and videos. This is the kind of evil we now face, no more men and women of courage, just folks loving evil.

We have people on news channels bickering back and forth on what to do, while Obama has already done it. We were too busy arguing what was going on last week while he was working on next week. And now he is pulling at our heart strings and is using children to yet get another traitorous act done. And guess what? He’s succeeding. It’s at a point of no return.

He knows that we will not allow harm to come to the children, and he knows that we will set them free. They are getting free everything and yet we cannot help our own. Yes we want to send them back, but what do you think that’s going to do? All that’s going to do is bring in more red tape and fights among the people. And guess what? That’s what he wants. He wants us to keep fighting amongst each other.

I hear of senators and governors and congressmen, men and women talking impeachment and taking back our White House. Where were you five or six years ago when he started his rampage against America? Where were you then when he was attacking our Constitution? Where were you then when he brought in Obamacare?

Where were you then when he was rewriting laws with a pen and a phone? Were you mesmerized that we finally got a black president? Was it shock and awe that froze most folks from reality? Were we afraid to be called racist or an Uncle Tom?

Just like Satan, Obama has fooled, the entire world.

I was listening to a prominent talk show host and he said that he believes that Obama is bringing in the illegal immigrants to change the ethnic culture and get cheap labor. I most certainly agree. Not to mention to keep the Democrats in power. What I see the president doing in using children to get his dirty deeds done has been done before. Remember Hitler? He used kids against their parents.

In the Middle East you see Muslims shooting rockets from schools and hospitals wherever there are women and children. The Muslims (not all but most) could not care less about the children when it comes to their beliefs

If the president really cared about the children, he would first take care of his own, in this country. One of the rules on an airplane in case of loss cabin pressure is when the oxygen mask drops; you first put one on yourself before your child.  Why? Because you cannot take care of the child if you’re chocking to death (seems logical to me).

America cannot possibly take care of other countries if we cannot take care of itself first. But here I go again using logic. The president is doing this on purpose. He’s doing it because of his disdain for this country. Obama does not love his country. Obama does not like white people. Obama does not even like black people. And we all know he hates the Jews. Obama loves himself and the power he has. Obama is in love with evil and his father the devil. I believe that Satan is directing his every step. He could not come up with all this on his own. Most folks are scratching their heads on what’s next.  Even folks that support him don’t know what to think. Well folks, we are a day late and a dollar short.

But even behind all this evil, there is a God that’s still in control. There is a God that has warned you of these things to come. He has said over and over again that there would be perilous times now and in the future. We are seeing them now as we speak. We see the Middle East exploding, and hating Israel.

We see 75 percent or more churches practicing Replacement Theology, thinking that God has forgotten Israel. We have men, women, and children all over the world being slaughtered because of their Christian beliefs. Satan is pulling out all his stops to destroy folks of all colors makes and models.

If you believe in the one and only Jesus, then Satan hates you. Our children and children around the world are being used to achieve Satan’s goal. The president, the Muslims, and many other folks should know that God is not pleased when you use children—let alone kill them for your own selfish means. The world is, and will be judged for that.

You see the president going about back and forth helping Satan speed things along. America is slowly disappearing, and is becoming unrecognizable. On a daily basis I see more evil than I see good. Most folks are out for themselves and their own selfish needs. They have become comfortable in consuming a daily dose of evil.

We are fed every day with sick filthy entertainment, ungodly reality shows, dark TV shows, nudity, cussing used as a second language, even simple cartoons are not safe for our children to watch anymore. But these are extraordinary times and true Christians should be excited that God’s return is soon in coming.

If you don’t know really what is going on I would strongly suggest that you get on your knees and ask Jesus for forgiveness. Ask Him to forgive you for your rebelliousness toward Him. Tell God that you are sorry for supporting evil, and supporting an evil man in office. Tell Him you want to be saved and want a new life, that you want to give up everything and follow Him only.

That’s what it’s going to take to see what is going on around you. I should know, I was a sinner in a half, did whatever I wanted to do. I did not respect God on anything, just did my own thing.

But for some reason He got through to me, and I am so glad that He did. Because for the first time in my life, I can truly say that I’m a Christian.

Robert Campbell