My People, My People :: by Robert Campbell

I write articles because there is a need out there to do so to wake-up my black Americans or so-called Afro-Americans. And of course for other folks that want to hear and know the truth. The reason why I concentrate on black Americans is because, one, I’m a black American and two, I’m concerned on why my people (around 80% or more) think that Obama is doing a great job (not to mention that many think that God sent him).

What is it that has black folks and people of other races are so susceptible to what is obviously so wrong in America? What is causing them not to see evil right in front of them? Why do they continue to show there blind alliance to a man who is clearly evil in the eyes of true Christians?

What I see happening on a large scale is beyond my imagination. I’m seeing my great country disappearing right in front of me, and folks are willing to do whatever evil to get that job done. Satan is using all at his disposal to fool whomever he can; and the only way to see this is to be a true believer in Jesus Christ.

I say this because you would have to be a true believer of God to thwart off this evil, and to see it for what it really is. So many claim to know Jesus, but yet do not see what’s happening. Every day some new evil deception by Satan is taking place.

Case in point, let’s look at the election that happened down in Hattiesburg, Mississippi recently, where you had two Republicans: Senator Thad Cochran and Tea party challenger, State Senator Chris McDaniel. What I saw was something out of a war playbook. They had Democrats; whites but mostly blacks vote for a Republican (the enemy that they hate), just so that a Republican that they hate even more would not win.

And the code word was “Tea Party.”

That’s because most blacks hate the Tea Party. They were told by their racist black leaders like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Maxine Waters, the NAACP, etc. that the Tea Party is a racist organization trying to stop them from voting, and they needed to support Senator Cochran so that won’t happen.

So like a bunch of mind-numb robots they did what they were told to do. They went out and changed their affiliation for one day (deception on their part), all because of certain code words spoken. I say code words because that’s all it took to espouse racism, and the blacks went into auto-mode. It’s as if they went into a trance, and all reality went right out the window.

The Democratic Party is now what I call a political slave farm for the dumb and blind. The Democratic Party has become a cesspool of godless people that don’t love God or anything good. The leaders and people in the Democratic Party, as you can see, go about changing anything that God loves.  They love anything that is against God and they will do anything to get their way, no matter the cost.

And my people (not all but most) fell for it, hook line and sinker. They fell for the bait; free stuff, free food, free money, free housing, oh and yes, free phones. In my humble opinion if you support evil, you most likely are evil or you are just plain blind to the truth, or don’t want to know the truth.

My people (most but not all) don’t you remember your past, don’t you remember that you were good decent folk trying to raise a family back in the day? Do you also remember that most of you were Republicans back in the day? Let’s go back say around the day of Roosevelt where most blacks were Conservative and way more moral than we are today.

When we went through The Great Depression.

Our nation and countries around the world suffered greatly, all folks were affected by the Depression, rich and poor. Please read up on The Great Depression for yourself. During that time most blacks were Republicans, and FDR did not concern himself with the blacks, fear of himself losing support from the Democratic Party. We all know of the racism and trials we had back then, but we were still moral people raising a family; and men were leading their families back then also.

It took FDR’s wife, Eleanor Roosevelt, to change his heart and to be more open to the blacks of America. Eleanor Roosevelt became a champion, and spoke out against the prejudices, lynching, etc. As a result FDR began publicly speaking against such things also in lynching and segregation.

FDR began to appoint more blacks to key positions in the White House and other places. The government began to favor a lot more rights to black Americans. And this is the reason why blacks started to change their affiliation from Republicans to Democrats. Remember all in the Democratic Party did not support or agree on what FDR was doing.

Now let me go fast forward a little and tell you what happened and why I think where we really went downhill.

It happened during LBJ’s time in office where he introduced a new form of welfare. Welfare in my humble opinion devastated most families; blacks, whites, Hispanics, etc. Welfare single handedly destroyed most of what we call a family in America today, not all but most (especially the black family).

What the government did to the family is downright evil. The government made it clear that to receive welfare assistance that there should be no man in the home. And what that did to a family in part was remove the man from the home, and empower the women. The government became the new “Daddy” of the home.  And that started the downfall of the American black family.

Men left the homes as they were not needed, and began having babies wherever they wanted. Ever hear of the term Baby-daddy? (That’s the new normal for babies out of wedlock.) If you have eyes to see, and ears to hear you can see that today. Blacks lead the nation in abortion (1800 daily), men out of the home (78% or more), babies out of wedlock (80% and rising).

And the most alarming crisis of all is that most of them profess to be Christian.

They go to church under preachers that overlook their sin, (immoral behavior) and preach on things that will not help them. They fell for the poison that the race hustlers were selling, that it’s the white man’s fault for their moral decay. But let’s not put all the blame on the Democrats; the Republican Party has been infiltrated by the enemy; the Republican Party is nothing more than Democrats in Republican suits. (Not all but enough of them to do damage to the cause.)

They are like wolves in sheep’s clothing. Of course they will vote on things to get you to see how conservative they seem, but in real issues they show there real colors. In most cases I cannot even recognize the Republicans; they have become more like the Democrats. The Republican Party has changed their beliefs, or so it would seem.
It certainly has changed from my perspective. The Republican Party, as I remember, was for small government, a strong national defense, low taxes, adherence to the Constitution, law and order, colorblindness, sovereignty, love of God and country, etc.

Wow what a good tactic for Satan to use, to get you to think that you are for good but in reality serving evil. And that’s the way it’s in most black churches thinking that they are serving God but serving Satan instead. Satan has used my race of people (and other races) and turned them into, what I call the “living dead.”

The Democrats are using blacks to further their godless agenda. And now the Republicans are doing the same thing (not all but most).

The Democratic Party supports everything evil. They support abortion (57 million), pro -choice (really means no choice for the father and baby), Gay rights (which is spreading rapidly), more government, which really means more control over the people (like Obamacare). Socialism (take from the rich to give to the poor); Godlessness (they choose a god of their own fashion). They hate the Armed Forces, (shrinking our forces to a all time low, and allowing women on the front lines, and allowing homosexuality to run amuck). They are for higher taxes ( to feed their greedy pockets), illegal immigrants (to dilute this country so that they can stay in power).

I could go on but I think you get the picture.

And yet you have blacks and others that go to church and continue on a daily basis to support this corrupt president and his party. Is Satan’s deception of reality that good? How is it that a newborn Christian like myself can observe and see what is happening right in front of me, but a so-called Christian that has been around for years has no clue?` I must admit there are times that I don’t even think I’m on the right track. I had no idea that it would be this tough getting folks to see the truth.

Another thing that I have noticed in the church, is that there are preachers that do believe in what is going on in this nation, but still seem to hold back in saying anything to their sheep. Why is that?

I was in a grocery store one day and a black preacher came up to me and gave me his card, and wanted me to attend his church (he said I looked like someone he knew). I later phoned him because I wanted to know what kind of church he ran, (it was a mixed church, for some reason he wanted me to know that) to see where he stood on current events.

I wanted to know his pulse on America. I was pleasantly surprised to find that we agreed on just about everything going on in America, including my take on Obama. He even said that Obama is an evil man, and that he was trying to bring this country down. I was so excited in talking to him, that is until I asked him this question: Was he telling his sheep the truth about Obama and this country?

I asked him if he is telling them about his evil agenda, and if he thought he was a Christian? His answer was, and I quote:

“No I will let them figure it out on their own, I just teach Scripture and that’s all.”

I was stunned; I was floored at his answer. I did not know how to respond or what to say to his answer; it was like God revealing to me another reason why the church has been silent and that it’s not what they do say, it’s what they don’t say and of course the fear.

Here I was listening to a preacher who was saying that he did not talk to his sheep about things going on in the world today around them, and all he did was quote Scripture, and relate it to things of the past.

How is that possible to study out of the Bible and not talk of things today?

Does that mean that he was staying in the past, talking of things that happened way back in the day? In my mind you cannot understand the Bible without seeing what is going on around us.

I’m sure things happened back in the day, but I was not there. But I’m sure here today and can see what the Bible is talking about clearly. So why not compare things that are happening today? Why the fear not to do so?. Satan has gripped the church with lies and fear. The preacher will not tell the whole truth about God and what’s in the Bible.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer said: “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.”

This pastor clearly knows the truth, but will not act upon it. He is afraid that he will lose his church, and his sheep, not knowing that he has lost them already. I’m saddened that my fellow black Americans (not all but most) and all other folks of this nation do not see what is happening right in front of them.

I’m also saddened that the church has not been upfront with us, and that church leaders did not speak when they should have spoken. They were quiet when they should have been loud. When they saw, yet were blind. Each and every day I see the Obama administration moving us closer to destruction.

In fact I see the whole world moving closer and closer to the time when Jesus will return. When will the last death of a baby in the womb be the final straw for God? When will the last defiance of His laws be enough? When will He have had enough of all this evil?

So many of the things that were said to come in the Bible are here and upon us. Obama and the pope are doing now what was said to happen, technology is where it needs to be, the middle East is bent on destroying Israel. Russia is on the move, evil is rampant on all continents. The Bible today is clearer to me than any other time in my life, and I truly thank God for that.

I’m hoping and praying that America will turn from its evil ways and turn back to God, but as we all remember Sodom and Gomorrah did not turn from its evil ways nor did folks back in Noah’s day.

Jesus is going to come like a thief in the night, while most folks are asleep, and I bet there will be many looking at their smart phones; looking down and not even noticing that all the true born-again Christians have left the earth.

I’m thankful for Jesus giving me the eyes to see, and the ears to hear as to what is coming down the pike. I’m glad that Jesus woke-me-up in time, and that He is allowing me to share what I’m witnessing.

I’m a lone wolf in my family. Most of my family believes that Obama and the pope are great men and that I’m dead wrong in what I see.  One family member said if I continue to talk the truth (they of course said “evil”) about Obama, I must leave his home.

The Bible is accurate in every way, and I will continue to try and reach my people, and anyone who wants to know the truth. More than ever we need Jesus. Turn to him now while you still have the chance.

Robert Campbell