The Church :: by Robert Campbell

Could this possibly be the end of America? Can I truly be seeing the last days of America?

Am I really seeing things I have never seen before? How come I’m just now realizing the truth. How come I was not informed about it earlier? I thought the church was supposed to keep me informed. I thought after all those years I spent going to church that I would see these things coming.

What were the preachers doing when all this madness was going down? Weren’t they telling us of things to come and giving us a heads up on Satan’s tricks? What really happened while I was not paying attention? I thought by going to weekly Bible studies I would be up on current events.

Why did I so trust the pastor? Why did I think he was really called by God? Why did I think that going to a building every week would save me? Why did I think I was in good hands, when I was really naked and unprotected?

What gave me the notion that I had nothing to worry about? The pastor did not talk about abortion or homosexuality, that having babies out of wedlock was wrong or that adultery was against God. When did I miss that sermon? Was I sick that week? Did I have to work? I bought the sermon tapes and did not hear my pastor speak of those matters. Why would the preacher be constantly talking about money and tithing? Why did he spend so much time on the subject of money and giving to the church? Why would he ask for a special tithe, or a special church fund?

Why would he not convict me of my ongoing sin? Why did he not tell me the truth about myself? Why did he preach on things that really did not matter? Why did he not warn us of an evil president who would literally destroy America? Why did he not keep us informed about current events, and how they play into the end-times? Why is he allowing homosexuals into our choir? Why is he allowing rap and other junk music to enter the church? Why are our pastors allowing women in leotards to dance in our churches? Why is he allowing women to run the church instead of men?

Not that women are not doing their best, but where are the men? Why did the pastor not tell our men to get married and have a family instead of allowing them to have babies out of wedlock and not take care of them? I thought if you were called by God, you would know these things. I thought I was safe in my church. I thought I was safe and that our Shepherd was watching over us. I see now I was wrong, I see that Satan has destroyed the church. I see now that Satan got to the church from the very beginning.

I see now how he has separated the church and made the congregation believe that they

were serving God, but in reality serving Satan. I see now that the churches are no more than state run organizations (not all but most). I see now that they are into large congregations and many programs; they are into more ministries than you can keep up with. I see the big screen TVs and great sound studios. I see the pastors walking back and forth on stage just like entertainers. I see the pastors telling us when to stand, when to sit, when to pray, when to dig deep into our pockets and give — and how much to give for the “Kingdom.”

How come I was told that works will not get me into heaven, but “works” was all I did while I was in church? Why didn’t I open a Bible and look for myself, instead of relying on the preacher to do it? I allowed it just as easy as the preachers allowed it. I cannot put all of the blame onto them. I must take the blame also. I kept quiet so I could keep up with my sinning. Perhaps I should have had his back and helped him when he needed it. Maybe I should have told him to tell us the truth.

Maybe I’m at fault for allowing the wolf to get to him. The church today is in a sad state because of sinners like me. The church today has failed to stand up to what is right. The church today has fallen to Satan’s attacks. He has so weakened the church, that it has no barrier now to protect the flock. The holes in the church are so large now that the pastor cannot protect us from all the evil that is around us. The enemy is now in sheep’s clothing sitting right next to you in church. We now have gay ministers taking a foothold in our churches, and the church is saying nothing.

The church today should be at its loudest speaking the truth about Satan, at the forefront in every venue to tell us what is going on. The church should be screaming at the top of its lungs to get people to see. But now they whisper and talk very quietly so no one is offended. After all if you make the flock angry they won’t support the church—they won’t give any money; the pastors won’t get their salary and won’t be able to pay their bills.

If you convict the flock too much they won’t come back. Why would the church want to save you instead of their precious building? No my fellow Christians, we all should have seen this coming. It’s not all the fault of the preachers, we cannot fully blame them. We were just as much at fault when we saw evil. We saw evil in the community but were silent; we allowed abortion clinics in our community but were silent. We saw gay rights take a hold in America but were silent.

We saw all these things happening but were silent. We were afraid to speak out against evil, we were caught up in our world, and allowed the preachers to fall and lead us astray. Many of the churches today are nothing more than places to get entertainment and good ticking sermons, and then you go home all warm and fuzzy. No, my fellow Christians (most but not all) we dropped the ball and allowed Satan to enter the church, and weaken it.

We were so into our own sins we allowed the preacher (most but not all) to lead us in the wrong direction. We told him not to hurt our feelings and say bad things, instead of telling us the truth about ourselves. We allowed the church to become so weak that it has no more say on what is good and bad. I’m sorry to say the church has lost its influence on society. Satan does not look to the church as a threat any longer. As you can see, Satan is having a field day in America and the world. He is doing whatever he wants with little resistance.

Have all churches gone sour? No, there are still some good churches out there trying to do God’s biddings, but they are few and small. There are congregations out there trying to slow down the onslaught, and preachers trying to fight the fight no matter the cost to them or their buildings. We have Christians risking all to tell the truth to the many and few.

There are preachers and folks who know the truth and they see what is happening to our country and the world. They are not afraid to speak out, they are not afraid to lose everything. We need to support those who are speaking the truth. I came aboard just in time; I was one of those weak Christians that did not want to be convicted. I just wanted to continue sinning. But I see what God has done for me, and I now see my duties as a Christian. It’s more than just saying I’m a Christian, I must walk like a Christian, act like a Christian. I must speak out against evil, even if I’m uncomfortable. I must repent and do what a Christian is supposed to do.

We must do our best to lead more folks to God before it is too late. I have read so many articles trying to give you and me, a warning, that God’s return is near. We now must make a decision on who to follow. All you see today is confusion to keep us divided, to keep us from seeing the truth. As I said, Satan is having a field day in our nation and world. But God said these things would happen. God wants you to turn to Him for everything. He wants you to repent and stop sinning.

He wants to save you, He will not force you. But I warn you, God’s patience is running thin. He will not continue to allow sin to run rampant. I’m asking folks, to get on their knees and ask God for forgiveness, and ask God for guidance. He is still waiting on the unsaved to turn to Him. Go to Him now. He is absolutely our only hope.

Thank You.

Robert Campbell