Playtime is Over :: by Donna Wasson

It’s very difficult to be a so-called ‘watchman on the wall.’ Our spirits are strongly prompted by the Lord to warn the world of God’s impending judgment; unfortunately for us, His timing is not our timing. We instinctively know that He is coming “soon,” but God has a much different definition of that word than we do.

To us, the word “soon” means just that. Soon. As in weeks or months at the most. But to God, it could mean days, months, years, decades or even centuries. On the other hand, it could literally mean tomorrow! I sure wish there was a conversion table in the Bible that would show what HE means by “soon.” Sure would make life a whole lot easier.

Ever since Jesus ascended back to heaven and the church was born, this Dispensation of Grace has been considered ‘the last days.’ For instance,Hebrews 1:1-2 says “God, who at sundry times and in divers manners spake in time past unto the fathers by the prophets, hath in these last days spoken unto us by his Son, whom he hath appointed heir of all things, by whom also he made the worlds.”

And, therein lies the rub; it’s been the “last days” for an awful long time! Because it’s been 2000 + years since the ‘last days’ began, those of us who burn with the need to shout out warnings sometimes look like idiots. I’m just being honest here. We write fervent messages warning that Jesus is just about to snatch us home, yet time ticks on and on. I sometimes feel like the little boy who was always crying ‘wolf!’ After a while, people tune you out.

But things are much different today than they were when I started calling out warnings in 2007. We can refer to that time as being ‘BTO,’ or Before the Occupant. America has taken a nosedive in so many ways since the usurping Occupant was sworn into office. Once upon a time we were the shining city on a hill, the country nearly everyone on earth aspired to emulate and immigrate to but now, we’re little more than an international punch-line; fodder for the godless nations to mock and hold in derision.

Our military was the strongest, most respected and feared in human history. Now, it’s filled with sodomites, atheists and macho lesbians. Our most prized, experienced, wise senior officers have been purged with reckless abandon to make way for dumbed down ‘yes’ men, who are ignorant of the Constitution they swear to uphold, as well as sociopathic thugs who enjoy raping their fellow soldiers, regardless of sex. The demoralization is complete.

The local city and state police forces have been militarized and indoctrinated to view ‘civilians’ as the enemy. Forever gone are the men who patrolled our streets with the understanding they were in uniform to protect and serve the citizen taxpayers. Now, an alarming number of officers enjoy parading around in their black soldier outfits, aiming their new, automatic weapons in the faces of terrorized innocent men, women and children.

Many of them love to arrest people for the slightest perceived infraction while completely violating the Constitutional rights of their victims. If they’re able to fit in a few kicks to the head of a handcuffed ‘suspect,’ all the better! God help you if you fail to automatically capitulate and bow in humble submission to their commands. Refuse to obey their every word and suffer the consequences, sometimes fatally.

And as the bully cowards they really are, they especially enjoy shooting the family pet, usually a dog, even when that animal is absolutely no threat to them whatsoever. They seem to experience a rush of testosterone pleasure from seeing the grief-stricken shock of the pet owners as they watch their beloved friend writhe in pain. I don’t remember them doing that kind of thing back in 2007, do you?

Race relations have gone down the toilet since the first “black” President was inaugurated. In reality, he has nothing whatsoever in common with the current descendants of slaves brought to America from Africa. His heritage is mostly Arab, people who happen to be the most prolific criminals in human trafficking both historically, and today. But try telling that to the blacks in this country. He’s their hero, even though he’s destroyed their opportunities for employment, decent healthcare and forced millions onto the government teat.

Because of the Occupant and his mooching, entitlement-queen wife’s overt hatred of white people, as well as the fantastically corrupt choice of an openly racist Attorney General of the Department of Injustice, white folks are now treated to a steady diet of the ‘knockout game,’ A/K/A ‘polar bear hunting.’ It’s open season and there have been hundreds of victims, some who have even died in the attacks. This wasn’t the case back in 2007.

Let’s look at the change in crime since then. Seven years ago, we didn’t hear of children raping other children. I don’t mean teenagers; no, I’m talking about little kids. Just today, World Net Daily published a report of a 10-year-old girl in an elementary school in Oklahoma City, who was sexually assaulted in the bathroom.

She reported to her mother that a girl held her down while the girl’s 8-year-old brother literally raped her. They threatened to beat her if she screamed. The child was taken to the hospital and her physical exam confirmed her story. Stellar parenting there, people.

Can someone please explain to me how children that age would be cognizant of such wickedness, much less have the wherewithal to perpetrate it on another child? What kind of so called family produces such little monsters? I’ll bet a million dollars those kids don’t have their Daddy living with them, if they even know who he is!

We now also have the whole zombie thing happening. A couple of days ago, someone in California videotaped a man removing all his clothes in the middle of an intersection. Once he was completely nude, he accosted a woman who was pushing a stroller. Then, he jumped on a car that had pulled up to a stop sign and proceeded to crawl into the open sunroof, and beat and choked the terrified female driver. You can hear her screams as she tries to fight off the crazed lunatic, finally smashing her car into a light pole.

Then, there’s the nut-job in Miami back in 2012 who was discovered naked, attacking and literally eating the flesh, eyes and nose off a live homeless man. When police yelled at him to stop, he looked at them and growled and went back to munching. It took 7 bullets before he was finally dead. Authorities blamed the attack on a synthetic drug called bath-salts, but these things strongly resemble demonic possession.

Two other incidents like this happened in Texas in 2013. In the first, a naked man, high on synthetic marijuana launched himself out of his locked glass door, cutting himself badly. He then proceeded to scoop up the blood and flesh and eat it. When the family dog became upset, he beat the dog and ate the poor thing alive.

In the second incident, a woman high on the same drug, slashed her own throat and arms, then killed and partially ate her 18-month-old baby. Drugs have always been around, but these kinds of things never happened back in 2007. No, I’m not blaming the Occupant for these things, although it is widely acknowledged he is a habitual cocaine and marijuana user, and has been since his youth.

The militant rise of the homosexual agenda has taken over to an absurd degree. At this point, if someone refuses to enthusiastically endorse their demand to completely upend thousands of years of human history by redefining what marriage is, that person is publicly castigated and is in danger of losing their job or being forced out of business by the Pervert Posse.

This aberration of nature is now firmly ensconced in our public schools with the blessing of the teachers union. Our babies are being taught that the LGBT lifestyle is perfectly normal and should be embraced and even experimented with. This covers numbers 17, 24 and 26 of the 45 Declared Goals of the Communist Takeover of America, read on the floor of the House of Representatives on January 10, 1963. Don’t get me started on the obscenity that is the Common Core Curriculum for the schools.

Below, you’ll find the link to this document. I think you’ll be impressed how successful our enemies have been in destroying our country.

I could go on and on about the bizarre weather we’ve experienced in the last 7 years, along with the seemingly endless mass die-offs of fish, cattle, deer, whales, dolphins, starfish, and so on. A week ago, residents in New Jersey woke up to untold thousands of dead fish belly up in the Shark River. They’re still trying to clean up the mess.

A couple of days ago, Australian news reported that, because of the severe drought, a toxic weed called The Darling Pea has become overgrown. Sheep in one part of the country have been grazing on it because the grass they normally eat is dead. The toxins in the plant caused literally thousands of sheep to start pounding their heads on fence posts and rocks until their skulls broke open and they died! I am NOT kidding! When did you ever hear of such a thing happening??

In 2007, there were a total of 712 deaths worldwide attributed to earthquakes. In 2013, that total rose to 1,463. There’s the whole sinkhole phenomenon occurring all over the world, the latest causing a 40-foot hole in a football stadium in Nashville, TN. Vicious tornadoes have already killed dozens of people in the U.S. this spring.

We’ve got the White House scandal du jour with the kill list of veterans whose treatment was considered to be too expensive, so the VA delayed caring for them until they died. Like I said…that’s the scandal of the week. We all know the other ones—the ones that will NEVER be fully investigated or prosecuted in a fair court of law.

Muslims all over the world are completely out of control, getting much too big for their turbans and are in great need of a Holy knock-down. I mean, seriously! What kind of god would be pleased that his followers kidnapped and sexually enslaved 300 innocent young girls? That entire religion from top to bottom is satanically driven and its adherents are absolutely demon possessed. No doubt about it!

I don’t remember seeing Christians kidnapping anyone, slitting throats, raping indiscriminately, playing soccer with the decapitated heads of their victims, forcing conversions, slaughtering men, women, children and babies by burning them alive in a locked mosque, and chopping up those who escaped with machetes. God Almighty in heaven! How much longer are You going to put up with this?

There’s so much collusion and corruption between world leaders, there’s no way to sort out what the real story is. America started the uprising in the Ukraine. Putin acts like he’s the new Napoleon, strutting around the stage like a little rooster, wheeling and dealing with China while mocking the wimpy American President. Are they really enemies? Or is this whole Ukraine thing a well-coordinated event?

If you’ll remember in 2012, the Occupant whispered to then Russian President Medvedev that after he was re-elected, he’d have “more flexibility” regarding missile defense. He and Putin act like they hate each other and Putin very well may despise the girly-man Occupant. However, it could easily be pure theatre. After all, they both share the same Communist ideology.

Then we have that spoiled, fat little troll in North Korea who gets his diaper in a bunch when no one is paying enough attention to him. He likes to shoot off missiles and threaten to nuke other countries. He obviously feels like he’s following in his Daddy’s lunatic shoes by schmoozing cross-dressing, basketball has-been, Dennis Rodman in the morning, then publicly executing Christians and political dissidents in the afternoon.

Poor ‘ol Israel is getting shafted from all sides, including America. May God bless Netanyahu and give him supernatural wisdom and courage in these dangerous days. I do pray for the peace of Jerusalem, and I can hardly wait to watch that filthy, golden pimple on the Temple Mount blasted to hell where it belongs!

Finally, there’s the pathetic excuse of the mainstream church. The purpose-driven, emergent, seeker-friendly, coffee house, trite lyrics, rock band, lasers and fog machine, mega-sized, smarmy-smiled, sin excusing, member building, Bible forsaking, Islam loving, all-roads-lead-to-God teaching, prosperity proclaiming, Israel hating, Palestinian smooching, build-a-Jesus, lukewarm, apostate church of today.

Woe to the pastors of these churches! You WILL answer to the Lord Jesus Christ for all the souls you led into hell by not preaching the Gospel. The blood of every, single false convert in your congregation is on your hands! REPENT!

I guess the point I’m trying to make is this: I’ve been warning that we are living in the end days since 2007. Many times, I’ve felt like I really was crying wolf, yet I knew I was doing what the Lord wanted me to do. Well folks, I no longer feel like I’m crying wolf.

Events are happening at an exponential rate. The spiritual activity in the air is at a frenzied pitch and something’s gotta give. Folks, if you take a moment to reflect on the greased slide towards hell this world has taken since 2007, you’ll see how far we’ve come and exactly where the minute hand is on the prophetic clock. Midnight is chiming now!

Are you ready to meet your Bridegroom? Have you laid aside the things of this wicked world? Are there any other gods before Him in your heart? Have you even accepted Christ as your savior in the first place? I’m telling you that time is up. Get ready, because when it hits the fan, it’s going to hit hard and fast. Life as we know it will NEVER return to what we know as normal.

The judgment of God is coming, and soon. Prepare your hearts and look up, for our redemption really IS drawing nigh! Playtime is definitely over.