Reverse Racism :: by Robert Campbell

Once again I must talk to my people of color who seem to not get it, or for whomsoever has a ear to hear. How can it be that in 2014 we are in the midst of  experiencing hate for a people that are of a different color? How is it possible in a nation blessed with just about everything you can  think of, yet be in the grips of such racism that is now going on in our country. Yes, I’m talking about my people, the black people of America.

Why such hate for your fellow white man? How is it possible for a young black teen to hate white people, where did that come from? How can black people from all ages, still possibly hate our white brothers and sisters in America? We have a country now in the grips of Satan, and he is pulling the strings and seems to be winning. He’s having a good time pulling the wool over my people and the shade over most people in the world.

What we have here is sin gone amok, black people have gone mad, insane, truly being  used by Satan. Reverse racism is what is going on. Black people are now doing to our fellow white man what was done to them back in the day. They have now become what they hate, a racist people.
Sin is so great in our nation and amongst my people that they don’t even see it themselves. It’s as if they think they are godly in some way, as if they get a free ride.

Its all right for blacks to be racist toward whites, but not the other way around. As I see my people pointing blame, they need to look at themselves. We lead the nation in abortion (they need to see that we kill 1800 black innocent babies in the womb daily), that’s  right I said daily.

Do the math, every minute or two, 3 to 4 black babies are killed in the womb. In New York alone black abortion now outweighs black live births. In Mississippi black abortion is at 70% of that state. We want to accuse a white man for saying something in private, and now want
to destroy him over his remarks.

Black people need to look at themselves.

Magic Johnson wants Donald Sterling to give up his team over his so-called remarks. Look at who is pointing a finger; a man that had sex with all kinds of women while in the NBA and contracted a terrible disease—while having a girlfriend that he later married. The world forgave him, his friends and family forgave, and his wife who could have gotten the disease, forgave him. Now he is very successful.

The owner of the L.A. clippers, Donald Sterling, who Magic Johnson said was his friend will now not forgive him. If  he is his friend, why did  he not go to him and talk to him first instead of to the media? (I also want you to know I do not condone Mr. Sterling for his having a relationship while still married; we must pray for him also.)

We have black so-called leaders like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and the NAACP jumping on the bandwagon (among other racist blacks to further take our nation down). And now we have a president weighing in on this, adding his two cents to a matter that is none of his business.
The president needs be concerned about our country, like the situation with Putin who he is running from and not a old man (Cliven Bundy) that may have or may not have said a racist remark.

How many of us in the privacy of our homes have said some wicked things that we did not want to get out. I know I have. The president once again with his remarks, will cause people to further do evil. After all he did say that smoking pot is okay. And look at our nation now, where  becoming drug addicts is condoned.

I looked at Cliven Bundy’s statement that  he made about the plight of black people in America and he was right on, he was one-hundred-percent correct. Look at us, drive through our black  neighborhoods (if you dare) and look around. Look at our homes, our community, men and women sitting around and waiting on the porch waiting for their next check (food stamps) from the government.

And under our president we have more folks on food stamps and relying on assistance than ever before. Woman are walking around with children with no men to take care of them. We have out of wedlock births, men and boys walking around with their pants hanging down and selling drugs, black on black crime, destroying property, robbing homes, etc.

What Mr. Bundy said, that we would be better off back picking cotton, was not a racist statement. But a fact that we were more moral back then. We had men at home raising their families and not relying on the  government to take care of them like we do now. I understood exactly what he was trying to say.

But people are so full of anger and hatred that they cannot see straight. And now most folks have jumped ship and abandoned Clive Bundy. People like Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity and other elite folks have left him. Because of fear of being racists and their lives being destroyed, just like they are trying to do to Mr. Sterling.

God is judging America as we speak, and most folks are not watching. Satan is using the media to further blind people to the reality of what is really going on. They have an agenda to mask the truth. Where did all this hatred come from that a fellow human being would go out and literally knock out a woman or man just because that person is white or Jewish?

Most black men that I run into ( most but not all) are angry and full of hatred. Where do I think it comes from? It comes from our Sunday morning sermons, it comes from racist black preachers and race hustlers like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton  and their ilk. The preachers have taught blackness instead of righteousness, they have taught never to forget, instead of forgiveness.

Instead of teaching the Word of God, they teach their agenda to keep you in the seats and get your money. I hold them to blame (not all but most ) of the preachers of all races using whatever means it takes to get fat and wealthy—turning young and old into racist bigots and against each other.

As I have stated before that most churches (not all ) are the most dangerous place to be. In my opinion it is the black church and the womb, where you may not get out alive. Pastors have a responsibility preach the Word of God. But they dropped the ball and have given into their own selfish needs. In our community we have churches at just about on every corner. Yet we have progressed backward and not forward. And let me be perfectly clear: God did not call most of these preachers to become ministers, they were called by their mamas and relatives, not God.

To be a minister you have to deal with all types of deception, and know right from wrong and not worry about what people will say or think of you—or how big your church will be. Just go where God sends you and do what He instructs you to say, and just do it. You should go without so that your sheep know the truth. You are not in it for the money, you’re in it for God’s glory and not yours. I gave up all my dirty rags to God so I can really get to know Him and try to do His will the best way I can. And I hope and pray daily that I’m doing just that.

Black folks of America are (not all but most), have now become like thefew white folks did to us back in the day, and I say few,  because not all white folks were the enemy back in the day. There were good and decent white people that risked their lives and comfort to combat against slavery and racism.

It would seem if you listen to the world it was all white people that put us in chains. Do you forget that it was the Muslims who sold us to them first? Did you forget that white folks came to America to get away from the same demoralization that England was putting on them. They came here to be free of the same thing that we blacks fought and died for here in America. They were angry and took it out on the black folks back then. But the good people saw this and fought against it.

The Founding Fathers put together a Constitution that said all men will be equal and free. I have  no doubt in my mind that God’s hands were on those men who started a country that would surpass every nation and country in the history of the world. This country was started by God to show that the Bible is accurate in every way, that God will bless a nation that obeys Him. God brought people from every country to be a part of this great nation.

Blacks, Jews, Italians, Greeks, Indians, Germans, Hispanics, you name a flavor they are here.

But now we have a country that has turned their backs on God. We have a people that want to intimidate another race of people for no other reason than their skin color and what for had happened in the past. We have race hustlers, liars, and people bent on destroying what was once a great nation.

Satan does not care who you are or what color you are, he just uses everything at his disposal to entrap you. We are fighting spiritual sins and principalities. That is why we must turn back to God, we must turn back now before it is too late, a lot of my people and people of all races are not going to make it.

They don’t believe in what God is trying to say to them. Could God be holding back the Rapture at this moment to get the last few who want to be saved? I made it in the nick of time, I was fooling myself for many years. What I see in America today is the saddest thing I have ever witnessed.

But what  I say to you good white people of America and other folks, do not return hate with those that hate you. Do not give in, pray for my people and all people—to turn to God and ask for forgiveness, for they do not know what they do. Look at myself, I used to be a angry black man that hated everything and everyone. I was  a liar, a cheat,  a manipulator—just to get what I wanted. I used people for my own gain. If it did not benefit me it wasn’t important.

But thanks to my Savior and his grace he saved me, he took my dirty rags and cleaned them up.

He made me whole again, he has given me freedom that I cannot explain, and all I had to do is trust him. That’s all it took was to just bend my knees and truly ask God for forgiveness, nothing more. I’m asking my people and all people of this great nation and throughout the world to do the same. We Christians need to pray for all of the people of this nation. Time is very, very short. God is still waiting on you to turn to Him before he closes the door.
Thank you good people.

Robert Campbell