A Marriage From Hell – Protestants & Catholics Together :: by Joseph Chambers

The darkest hour of human history will soon unfold upon our world.  This hour is called by different names in Holy Scripture.  Jesus called it the “Great Tribulation” (Matthew 24:21).  Isaiah called it a day “to punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity” (Isaiah 26:21).  Jeremiah called it “Jacob’s trouble”(Jeremiah 30:7).  Those whom John the Revelator saw suffering the hell of that period called it “the wrath of the Lamb” (Revelation 6:16).  It is a time of literal hell on earth, but it is more than just suffering and judgment.  It is the atonement of the creation of God and its rightful preparation to become the Garden of God where the righteous millennium (1,000 years) will be established.  Before that happens, religious debauchery must reach its final stage.

The joining of Catholics and Protestants is a clear indication of ultimate apostasy.  Religious organizations, denominations, churches, and individuals are presently rushing to outdo each other in preparation for this unity.  In fact, two words have come to describe the church world.  Those two words are unity and tolerance.  For some strange reason that can only be described as supernatural, almost the entire church leadership appears to be headed in this direction.

Isaiah described this tie in history as follows: “And his breath, as an overflowing stream, shall reach to the midst of the neck, to sift the nations with the sieve of vanity: and there shall be a bridle in the jaws of the people, causing them to err”(Isaiah 30:28).

It is very evident that the majority of religious people have no idea where they are headed.  The latest trend, the religious in-thing, the popular movement or whatever some religious tycoon is spouting off; they follow after like being led by the pied piper.  Isaiah, by the Holy Spirit, called it a spirit of bondage that is clearly like having a hook in the jaw.  There is no discernment, just following religious excitement to any place where the emotion is strong enough to give a high!

Apostle Paul said the same thing with different words.  He said, “And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie” (2 Thessalonians 2:11).  Our church world is gullible to the point of insanity.  A man can go to prison for bilking millions from his followers and come out of prison to overflowing crowds.  An evangelist can lead thousands to laugh themselves silly and then laugh himself all the way to the bank.  A university president can threaten to die if he does not get millions in donations and get it.  It’s insanity far beyond mental institutions.  It’s religious insanity, the worst kind of all!  Let’s look at the Catholic Church, the present Pope and what this unity suggests.

Has Pope John Paul II Been Converted?

Let’s take a little space to see if he has become a Bible-believing Christian.  A man’s words spoken publicly or put in print is the best method of judgment. First, let’s hear Pope John Paul II speak concerning Mary.  “On the universal level, if victory comes, it will be brought by Mary, Christ will conquer through her because He wants the church’s victories now and in the future to be linked to her.” (“Crossing The Threshold of Hope,” 1994; Our Lady Publication, Spring 1995.)

In August 1993, in Denver, Colorado, Pope John Paul II prayed the following prayer, “Mary of the New Advent, we implore your protection on the preparations that will now begin for the next meeting [World Youth Day]. Mary, full of grace, we entrust the next World Youth Day to you.  Mary, assumed into heaven, we entrust the young people of the world … the whole world to you.” (NRI Trumpet, October 1993, p.14.)

The following prayer is the conclusion of the Rosary prayed by millions., “Hail, holy Queen [of heaven], Mother of Mercy! Our life, our sweetness, and our hope! To thee do we cry, poor banished children of Eve; to thee do we send up our sighs, mourning and weeping, in this valley of tears.  Turn, then, most gracious Advocate, thine eyes of mercy toward us; and after this our exile show unto us the blessed fruit of thy womb, Jesus; O clement, O loving, O sweet Virgin Mary.” (Rosary.)

Listen to this statement from the Pope’s address in Denver, Colorado, in 1993, “With my heart full of praise for the Queen of Heaven, the sign of hope and source of comfort on our pilgrimage of faith to the heavenly Jerusalem, I greet all of you who are present at this solemn liturgy … This liturgy presents you, Mary, as the woman clothed with the sun … O woman clothed with the sun … the youth of the world greet you with so much love … In Mary the final victory of life over death is already a reality …

“O Mary … as Mother of the Church, you guide us still from your place in heaven and … help us to increase in holiness by conquering sin.” (“All-Night Prayer Vigil Becomes Devotion to Lady of the New Heavenly Goddess” By Kathleen R. Hayes, NRI Trumpet, October 1003, pp. 6-14.)

The only words to use for this kind of theology is blasphemy.  The Pope is a Mary worshipper who prays to the dead (necromancy – Deuteronomy 18:11), which is called an abomination in the sight of God.

The Pittsburgh Center for Peace reported the following quote from Mary to a Gladys Quiroga.  These are supposed apparitions or miraculous appearances of Mary whom they call the Mother of God and Queen of Heaven, “I am the Mother of everything created by God: I am the ‘Woman Clothed With the Sun,’ the ‘New Eve,’ who will lead mankind to Light.  The one who will make it possible for them to reach eternity.  Make it known.  Amen, Amen.”

“I am the Eternal Spouse of the Holy Spirit, that I am the Mother of the Living God and I have the mission to mark all the foreheads with the Sign of the Living God, so that these foreheads with this mark may prevail over Hell.  Have confidence in me, my children.  I will be the one who will draw the Love of God to men, and the pardon for all those who wish to come to my Immaculate Heart.” (Pittsburgh Center For Peace, Spring 1995.)

Do not believe anyone who tries to tell you that Catholics do not worship or pray to Mary.  They will absolutely lie about this fact to deceive you and cover their idolatrous actions.

Pope John Paul II Is Committed To The Unity Of All Religions

Let’s listen to Pope John Paul II speak concerning unity and his belief that the church world is coming home to the Catholic church.  When evangelicals talk of unity with the Catholic Church, they are actually headed toward unity with all religions.  It is clear that the Catholics have already made that decision.  The unity of Catholics and Protestants is only the first step.  This marriage is the actual work of demons and devils and will damn a multitude to hell.  Listen as the Pope and his leaders describe their plan.

“Mary most holy, the highly favored daughter of the Father will appear before the eyes of believers [in 1999, the third and final year of preparation] as the perfect model of love toward both God and neighbor … so that they will return to the house of the Father … The mother of fairest love, will be for Christians on the way to the Great Jubilee of the third millennium star which safely guides their steps to the Lord.” (“Unity: The Key To God’s Coming Victory!” by Denis Nolan, Our Lady, Queen Of Peace, Special Edition III, Spring 1995.)

W.A. Criswell, Former President, Southern Baptist Conference

“I don’t know anyone more dedicated to the great fundamental doctrines of Christianity than the Catholics.” (David Beale, Southern Baptist Convention, House on the Sand?, pp. 142-43.)

Paul Crouch, TBN President

“In the essentials our theology is basically the same: some of these even so-called doctrinal differences … are simply matters of semantics.  One of these things that has divided us [referring to transubstantiation] all of these years shouldn’t have … we were really meaning the same thing but saying it a little differently…

“So I say to the critics and theological nitpickers, ‘Be gone, in Jesus’ name!’ Let’s come together [with Rome] in the spirit of love and unity … [Audience applause.] (From a tape of “Praise the Lord” (TBN), October 17, 1989.)

“I’m eradicating the word Protestant even out of my vocabulary … I[‘m] not protesting anything … [it’s] time for Catholics and non-Catholics to come together as one in the Spirit and one in the Lord.” (“Praise the Lord” program, Trinity Broadcasting Network, October 17,1989, hosted by Paul and Jan Crouch – guests were two Catholic priests, Fr. John Hamsch and Jesuit Fr. Herbert De Souza, and leading Catholic laywoman, Michelle Coral.)

Norman L. Geisler, President, Southern Baptist Seminary, Charlotte, NC

Catholics “believe in justification by grace” and that difference between Catholics and evangelicals “are not as great as generally perceived and they are not crucial … [nor do they] involve heresy… the whole theological core of historic Christianity is held in common.” (The Southern Cross, January 13, 1994, p. 11.)

Benny Hinn

During a September 1991 interview with Randy Frame of Christianity Today, Benny Hinn said, “My upbringing, of course, was Catholic in that I attended Catholic school in Jaffa, Israel, and so my mentality basically is a Catholic mentality.”

Chuck Colson

“We have differences, but on the ancient creeds and the core beliefs of Christianity we stand together.” (From a letter signed by James W. Jewell for Colson dated May 23, 1994, to T.A. McMahon, quoting a public statement by Colson made elsewhere.)

I have allowed these men to speak for themselves.  Everything they have said in defense of Catholic doctrines is untrue.  Catholicism has not changed nor is it possible for them to change.  The very fact that they claim infallibility in all their decrees and in every action of their chosen Pope makes the possibility of change impossible.  You cannot be perfect and admit being wrong at the same time.

The Gospel As Taught By Roman Catholicism

The following statement clearly shows what the Catholic church believes concerning salvation.

“Our job is to make people as richly and as fully Christian as we can make them by bringing them into the Catholic Church.  So evangelization is never fully successful, it’s only partial, until the convert is made a member of Christ’s body by being led into the [Catholic] Church.

“Now listen again to the words of [Pope] Paul VI.  Now this is a document every one of you should have in your homes … called ‘On Evangelization in the Modern World.’  This is what the Pope says:  ‘The commitment of someone newly evangelized cannot remain abstract (‘Oh, I’m a Christian,’ now that’s too abstract) … it must be given  concrete and visible form through entry … into the [Catholic] Church our visible sacrament of salvation.’

“I like saying those words; I’m going to say them again: ‘Our visible sacrament of salvation’ That’s what the Church is, and if that is what the Church is, we have to be evangelizing into the Church!…

“No, you don’t just invite someone to become a Christian, you invite them to become Catholics .. Why would this be so important?  First of all, there are seven sacraments, and the Catholic Church has all seven … “On our altars we have the body of Christ; we drink the blood of Christ.  Jesus is alive on our altars, as offering … We become one with Christ in the Eucharist …

“As Catholics we have Mary, and that Mom of ours, Queen of Paradise, is praying for us till she sees us in glory.

“As Catholics we have the papacy, a history of popes from Peter to John Paul II … we have the rock upon which Christ did build His Church.

“As Catholics – now I love this one – we have purgatory.  Thank God!  I’m one of those people who would never get to the Beatific Vision without it.  It’s the only way to go …

“So as Catholics … our job is to use this remaining decade evangelizing everyone we can into the Catholic Church, into the body of Christ and into the third millennium of Catholic history. (“Roman Catholic Doubletalk at Indianapolis ’90,” Foundation, July-August 1990, excerpts from talk by Fr. Tom Forrest to the Roman Catholic Saturday morning training session.)

That is the gospel that the evangelical leaders say they believe if they agree with this harlot woman.  This is very clear.  Salvation is intimately connected to Mass and other Catholic liturgical forms and included the final need of purgatory to settle the score and assure the person of heaven.  This appointed teacher clearly said that he would not make it to Heaven (Beatific Vision) without purgatory.  What happened to the glorious assurance of salvation by faith and cleansing in the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ?  The doctrine of Roman Catholicism is damning and has already sent a multitude into hell.  There is no kinship with the true message of justification by faith.

Come Out Of Her My People

God has given you and I an ultimatum.  It is simple and to the point.  “And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues” (Revelation 18:4).  Anyone that defends this harlot woman and her blasphemies will answer to God.  Ignorance is not an acceptable excuse simply because there is no honest way to remain ignorant.  The evidence is overwhelming.

Faith in the blood of Jesus Christ for the redemption of your soul is a clear message.  Jesus Christ provides a finished work of redemption.  You are freely invited to the cross.

Joseph R. Chambers