SIN Is Destroying You and Me and Everything Else! :: by Don Twobears

I have been browsing the net lately and reading all this information about end times, yet usually represented by those that are not in-line with the Word of God. I  have found that there are a great deal of opinions by Catholic vs. the born-again Christians who follow Jesus Christ. I will leave the Catholics to their own set of problems with the Word of God, this is not about those differences. It is to point out that they are commenting, especially about Pope Francis and the Malachy prophecies. It was equally apparent that the atheists had their own issues with the  end times.

What struck me as odd were the “Comments” sections for each article. The naysayers were all up in arms that someone was once again forcing these end times issues down their throats. It was very apparent that they were “deluded” and most critical of any mention of Jesus Christ, whether they were educated on the issues or not. It was also odd, they do not care whether anyone is of whatever faith or religion. As far as they were concerned, all people other than themselves— were “ridiculously wrong” and religion was the far-reaching problem and should be expelled at all cost by everyone.

So…having pointed that out, let’s put the axe head where it will do the most good. Since the fall of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, SIN has been the greatest problem for humanity. Sin IS what separates us from a good relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ (God). It IS the focus of any and all trouble and disasters we experience here on earth.

If you do not understand this, know that the Lord is always aware of everything going on here on earth, absolutely everything, which is the reason HE is God. HE has that ability to do so, therefore, anything is either directed by God or allowed to happen by God. Thus, in light of our problems and disasters here, we MUST seek the Lord and His wisdom and comfort.

Having said that, is it not worthwhile to ask HIM for HIS help in time of need? Absolutely, yes! If that is truth, and we know it is, then why do we not get the help we so desperately need?

First let’s understand, we need to have a good relationship with the Lord. We need to constantly be going to the Lord and asking for the forgiveness of our sin. Face it friends, if you are human, born-again or not—you will sin. This relationship with the Lord requires us to be FAITHFUL to HIM! God requires perfection and since that is impossible for you and me, we will sin and we must seek HIS forgiveness for that sin.

Or have we forgotten that it is the blood of Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary, that covers our sin and allows us a presence with God? It matters little of whom you are, or any thought as to that end. We are all humans. We are a fallen species. ONLY God can conquer that problem for us. That is, in the form of the blood, shed by Jesus Christ. That IS the answer.

Romans 6:23: “For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.”

Now we KNOW…the answer to the problems we experience here on earth. As long as we have sin in our lives, we will experience death and disaster here on earth. That my friends, is the “Name” of that “tune.”

The huge typhoons, the starving of people, the death of children everywhere, the droughts, the floods and the list goes on and on, is the effect of sin in this world! Has it never crossed your mind, why these things continue to happen? The majority of the world will not come to Jesus Christ! Knowing that, we can then understand the reason for the Great Commission and why the world has such great need and disasters. Clearly, we are not harvesting the number of souls for Christ that we should be. Does that make sense to you?

Why is there such dissension among pastors and ministers, regardless of faith? They do not have the Lord Jesus Christ as their Lord and Master! They talk a good lesson; unfortunately, it is talk for filling their own pockets (prosperity gospel) of negating the truth of the gospel, so that you feel good about yourself and return often (feel good gospel…for prosperity…theirs—not yours).

Can you say, “Wolves in sheep’s clothing?” We, as a people, do not like knowing we are wrong. We do not like being convicted by the Holy Spirit for our sin. We like to think we are better than others, you don’t want to be herded about, with everyone else…we want to be unique! Funny how “unique” and “sneak” sound synonymous!

People…What do you think would happen…if everyone came to Jesus Christ? Would there be all these disasters that we keep seeing around the world?

If there is dissension among the leaders, what will there be with all the ordinary people? If the pastors , ministers or priests told the truth—the absolute truth—what would happen to their empires? What would happen to the naysayers of the this world? Stop for a moment and ask yourself, “How would things be different, in this world?” Sort of mind-numbing isn’t it? Suffice  it to say, it begins with just YOU and ME!

The leaders and scientific types like to say “global warming” but then it got cooler, they now say it is “climate control” because it’s warmer, and then changes all of a sudden and gets cooler. And yet they have nothing else to say about it. This is the problem of the people today and all their wants and needs and the resulting fiasco. We all drive too much, we use too much fossil fuel, we are degrading the quality of our air. That is a load of crock. (I better not start a camping fire, because I will degrade the atmosphere.)

And add that to thousands of more people with the exact same idea, as if you could control your next breath of air. People, give me a break! That is the biggest load of crock yet. We control nothing. We were never given any such control, there never has been a human with that ability…ever! We are able to control the warming of the tropical waters of the entire Pacific Ocean? We control the belching volcanoes, the entire magnitude of methane gases that leak from the land and oceans? Wow…we are really something else—right up there with God…right?

What the progressives like to call “climate control” or “global warming”…has nothing to do with little o’  ME and YOU!

Deuteronomy 10:14: “Behold, the heaven and the heaven of heavens is the Lord’s thy God, the earth also, with all that therein is.”

Psalm 24:1: “The earth is the Lord’s, and the fulness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein.”

These verses spell it all out for you and me. To think we have some sort of control over anything that takes place here on earth…is trying to BE God! That in and of itself, is SIN. You need to stop thinking in that manner and ask the Lord for His forgiveness of your sin! That is exactly what got Satan and his ilk thrown out of heaven in the first place! That my friends that is the ultimate blasphemy against the Lord God!

I am NOT going to be one of those that tell you lies. I am not going to be asking you for your money. The Word of God, the Bible, is the absolute truth! Read it and believe it, it spells out YOUR destiny.

IF everyone came to Jesus Christ…we wouldn’t be having any tornados, hurricanes or typhoons. The heat would be bearable and nice, our water would be everywhere and clean. Our lives would be simple and enjoyable; there would be no death. Food would be plentiful for everyone on earth, there would be no disease or death from it. Everything would be absolutely perfect, as God originally designed to be. So who should we blame for all these bad things? You  and me—our SIN!