The Sinking Ship :: By Robert Campbell

First of all I want to humbly thank all the folks who emailed me, thanking me for my first article. I never saw that coming, I’m still stunned at the response. And I thank Terry James, and most of all, I thank God for without Him none of this is possible.

As I have done my research on the Titanic, someone working at the White Star Lines said, “Not even God himself can sink this ship.” Or perhaps the builders thought that the ship could not be sunk. Even if the quote was not said they thought they were building a ship that could not sink.

How arrogant of Man to think that they can construct something from the ground up and not think of God as being a part of it. Everything we see and touch is from our God, just think about it. Just look outside and around you. Look at the ground, our smartphones, cars, food, housing, clothing, Facebook etc., and of course Man came from the ground.

God gave us the ability to pull from earth and do wondrous things. He gave us all these things to enjoy and now we think God is no longer needed. We have slapped Him in the faceand turned our backs on him as if we created all these things ourselves.

The White Star Lines built a boat that they thought was unsinkable; they thought that they were so smart in their creation not knowing that God was a part of every nut and bolt they put into it.
The Titanic went out on its maiden voyage and the strange thing about it is that it sank in the middle of nowhere, in the deepest of waters and the coldest of nights, and was sunk by the simplest of physics: frozen water.

America and the world have said that we do not need God, that we can do it on our own, that we know best. This is America; it is a sinking ship that has failed to do the simplest thing and that is believe and trust in God. The captain of the ship was a weak leader that did not follow his own God-given instincts, his many years of training and experience did not come into play—instead he followed his own selfish needs and did not look out for the people he was entrusted to protect.

That is America today, we have a leader in the White House that cares little of the people that he is to protect. Yes, our president, our fearless leader , has caused us to allow evil on all levels to strike our once great nation, and now it is a sinking ship. He has allowed our enemies to surround us with evil. He has allowed Satan to take control of the wheel. He has allowed sin to take a foothold of our nation. And the people are having a good time with their smartphones and big screen televisions and their “stuff,” going about their business involved in their own illusions not thinking at all that God gave them everything that they see and touch.
They don’t even see the ship sinking because of their own arrogance. They don’t even see that the lifeboats are stillnot full. They don’t see God calling to them and warning them of the sinking ship. They won’t listen to the folks sounding the siren that God is near, that God wants them to turn around and repent. America is sinking at a alarming rate and my job, as it is for other good watchmen on the wall, is to get as many people to the lifeboat as possible.

Can America be saved? Of course it can but can God forgive us for destroying nearly 60 million babies in the womb, allowing homosexuality to go on, to allow lawlessness to go on, to allow a evil man to further weaken our once great nation, etc.? No, I think the ship is sinking because of our ongoing sin, thumbing our noses at God, and allowing it to continue as if we are in control. Folks are looking at good as bad and bad as good.

But folks are out there who want to hear the truth about what is going on. That’s where we come in; to tell them the truth. Most churches (not all but most) have not a clue as what to tell them because they are too busy taking care of their buildings, their weak watered-down sermons,their fine cars and homes, favorite church parking lots, and most of all—your money, and having their annual anniversaries. They’re just as clueless as the ones that are wanting to know what is going on.

The shepherds (preachers) have allowed the wolves to enter the house and now their sheep are being eaten. There is only one way out of this as I see it now, and that is to get on your knees and ask God for forgiveness and give your all to him before the ship totally sinks. You need to ask God for forgiveness and turn away from sin and repent.

God has the only lifeboat that will save you. He is the only one that can take you away from all the evil that is to happen. The coastguard cannot save you, your survival kit won’t save you, and your good wits and money won’t save you. Jesus’ return for his true church is near and you need to be saved. The Rapture is so near now that I’m waiting at the bus stop for him, I don’t want to miss the bus, I don’t want you to miss the bus either .
Turn to God now.

Robert Campbell