Reasons Scripture Gives for Sodom and Gomorrah’s Destruction :: By Scott Denard

A very troubling and recent trend has been that through reasoning of an unknown source it has been determined that Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed not for sodomy or homosexuality, but for other sins. Now, when it is said an unknown source this source is unknown by the author and to be honest, irrelevant to Scripture. It is troubling that a person in this time and age can determine what has long been held as a viewpoint of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah as an error, and somehow needs to be corrected.

If one gives careful examination to the Scriptures, and has the ability to properly reason, it can be shown that philosophically an argument can be produced which reveals Moses’ meaning in his writings and also God’s intent that Man should know all the facts about Sodom and Gomorrah. If one is familiar with scriptural definition and meaning of phrases, it begins with the fact that Scripture interprets Scripture and more specifically the author of Scripture interprets the author’s meaning of the message the author intends to relay. With this understood one can move forward with the intent of the article.

Philosophical Argument

The design of the philosophical argument is simply laid out below. In order to disprove this argument one needs to show one of the premises is wrong, the conclusion is wrong, or that the Scripture does not disclose the facts detailed by the argument. Before one, argues philosophy has no place in the Bible, one has to realize God is a God of reason (Isaiah 1:18). God is also the Creator of reason and logic and that all things God does has a logical reason and intended meaning. The philosophical argument is simply the following:

Premise 1: Jesus in a theophany told Abraham that the outcry against Sodom and Gomorrah was so great and their sin was so grievous, that Jesus would go down and see if what they have done is as bad as the outcry that reached him (Gen. 18: 20-21).

Premise 2: The sins Jesus judged, according to the writings of Ezekiel, which Jesus confirmed during his lifetime on earth, were arrogance or pride, abundance and careless natures, being haughty and committing abominations (Ezekiel 16:49 –50).

Premise 3: Homosexuality is an abomination before God (Leviticus18:22).

Premise 4: In the city of Sodom, homosexuality existed and was given as the only example of grievous sin in Sodom outside of willingness to rape by sodomy and gang rape and use of brute force (Genesis 19:3-11).

Conclusion: Jesus came to the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah to judge abominations and the sinfulness of the people in these cities. One of the main abominations Jesus destroyed Sodom for was homosexuality, which also accompanies the other previous sins of pride and arrogance and being haughty. Homosexuality, if not the main reason was an accompanying sin of which the outcry have become so great to God. Therefore the city of Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed in direct relation to homosexuality as a cause and this part of Scripture should not be ignored.

One of the prime arguments against this line of reasoning is the use of Ezekiel 16:49-50, which is read with a deliberate intent of only processing the first part of the verse and totally ignoring “committing abominations” and what abominations means by scriptural definition as a way to justify the of view that homosexuality is okay.

A second argument as recently pointed out by a minister believed to be Episcopalian is Luke 10:1-16 and Matthew 10:14-15 parallel passages, which deal with the judgment of Sodom and the reason it will not be as severe as the cities of Jesus’ time. People willing to read into Scripture things which aren’t there try to claim this is the sole sin Sodom was destroyed for. One needs to take a careful reading of these chapters and realize Jesus is dealing with the severity of the judgment of Sodom and not the sin of Sodom.

Taken in context, Jesus only needed to mention one of Sodom sins, because this was the only relevant sin to the situation concerning rejection of the testimony and witness of Christ. To put it in plain words, which paraphrase the context of this section of the chapters, Jesus was simply saying due to Sodom’s sin of inhospitality (not Sodom’s only sin) that Sodom never had the chance to witness and hear of the miracles and healing of Jesus and therefore the judgment of Sodom could not and would not be as severe. Sodom had not been offered the chance to reject Jesus Christ as their Savior that people, after the birth of Christ had witnessed to.

One need to take notice sin always comes in multiples there’s never just one sin and if inhospitality was a sin worthy of destruction the modern world would not be in existence today. One needs to keep in mind Jesus reaffirmed the Old Testament in all its verses by teaching from them and verifying them as being truthful. Jesus did not dispute the given sins of Sodom in Genesis, Ezekiel, or any other verse of Scripture. It is not coincidence that many sites pro homosexual and pro-atheism like to use these verses out of context to confuse even ministers as is proven, but then again Scripture does declare that.

Satan will try to confuse even the elect, if possible. To give an understandable example is someone sends another to deal with a problem that both know exists, which is caused by lack of proper instruction and one is giving instructions to the one being sent it would not be necessary to discuss the total sins only the need to discuss the severity of the judgment caused by one particular sin would be necessary, such as: and mother tells the daughter to instruct the son dinner will be ready at five p.m. The mother may tell the daughter since the second son did not know the dinner will be ready at five the judgment for the second son missing dinner will be much less severe than the judgment for the first son.

Now not once in that conversation did the fact that disobedience to the mother and lack of respect for the mother was the real reason for the punishment. This is the same as Jesus mentioning the reason for the severity of the punishment without being required to mention every sin committed by Sodom and the real reason for the destruction of Sodom.

Scripture points us to the fact homosexuality played a strong role, if not a major part of the role, in the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. There are only two sets of people who can deny this fact and one is the person with the agenda to rationalize acceptance of homosexuality and the other is the one who is willfully ignorant, because homosexuality is so accepted by the secular community.

Scripture is so strong on the point that homosexuality is the only example of the great sin of Sodom, and was given for the reason, that one might understand how great the sin was in Sodom. Please pictured this, one is lying on the ground being forcefully gang raped by men and being a man himself is crying out to God asking; Why did you let this happen? As a man one would be able to realize the humiliation and violation one would experience at the hands of homosexuality.

Please women did not misunderstand, this is not to state that rape is not a devastating experience for a woman, but simply to state that even worse than being raped in the course of natural sex is being raped by the usage of an unnatural sex such as sodomy, which women also can experience and be just as devastated. One should understand this is not a minimization of rape against women, but a similar devastating experience for man at the hands of men.

Then also, there is the denial of taking care of widows, orphans, and the needy, because as current events show the homosexual community becomes so violent about objections to the homosexuals behavior that there’s no stopping them, if they can make the person that objects “pay” or leave their presence. All the sins that were mentioned in Ezekiel walk hand-in-hand with homosexuality whether homosexuality brings the sin or the sin brings the homosexuality makes no difference.

There’s never homosexuality without sin and sin can also be responsible for bringing homosexuality, but where homosexuality exists there is always sin. One more point to be added is that Lots son-in-law’s thought Lot was joking. This indicates that the gang of men surrounding Lots house was a normal event and not shocking in the least to the son-in-law’s or considered worthy of punishment.

This indicates that much as in today’s society had come to the point of the acceptance of homosexuality and the associated activities that accompanied it. Homosexuality is a sin against God, which Paul declared one needed to flee from. (1Cor. 6:18) May one also consider this is exactly the advice the angels gave to Lot.

So when someone objects and denies that Sodom and Gomorrah would be judged for homosexuality and destroyed, one may use this argument to show the logic and reason that shows that homosexuality very much played a part in the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. Do not let anyone steal this truth of the Scripture from you. God gave us the Scriptures that we may know God and know those who would mislead you away from God.

It is interesting even some Catholic priests in order to justify homosexuality in Christianity will even plead that God created sin by creating the homosexual and therefore it is God’s responsibility that homosexuality exists. This theology is heretical, just in the fact alone that if God did create a homosexual and sin was homosexuality. God could not judge a homosexual. He could only judge Himself and God could not provide a sinless sacrifice for the atonement of our sins.

This would be because God was guilty of creating sin, which would be creating something, which would exist against His will, which is logically impossible to begin with and secondly would be sinning against Himself, which is another logical impossibility. This is an example of how far Satan has gone, even within the church, to use homosexuality and its popularity to destroy the Word of God. Homosexuality today is the greatest threat to Christianity since the Romans persecuted Christians in Rome.

There’s never been such a great divide between what Christians want to believe is sin and want to believe is acceptable behavior. Many Christians cannot separate the idea here of loving the sinner, but despising the sin because they cannot separate the two in their minds. It is sad to say, a large majority of this problem comes from the desire to be accepted and to be one of the guys rather than to stand for the truth of the Scripture and disclose in a loving way that homosexuality is a sin to the homosexual. Homosexuality is destroying the theology of the church by destroying the foundation of God’s salvation by misleading people into believing the Bible is errant in what it discloses.

Please, before you take someone’s word, confirm it with Scripture. If someone calls you a homophobic person, please consider that this phrase was coined in an interview with a psychiatrist to describe the fear of homosexuality (in a pornographic magazine named Screw.) Realize when people call you this phrase they are using porno inspired terms to discourage you from following the Word of God. They preach from the Bible of porn and we preach from the Bible of God.

Remember Paul told us to FLEE sexual immorality. So when a preacher or priest or anyone tells you it is wrong to be homophobic they are in direct conflict with the Word of God, one needs to fear the evil that comes with the sin. Homophobia is FEAR not HATE of a homosexual.

May God bless you and your families.

Thank you for your consideration of reading this article.

Scott Denard