Falling Away :: By Don McReynolds

It’s safe to say we are all in different stages of our walks. Furthermore it’s a fair assertion that our path might only have one thing in common in the compass—Jesus our Savior. The rallying point is obvious; we meet the King in the air.

I am no super-evangelist. I am not even a knight in shining theologian; I am just a sinner who needs a Savior. Point is, it’s like all of us our like the 101st airborne who jumped out of those planes on the night before D-Day in 1944. Their job was to help clear the way so the troops could establish a beach head. Their job was in short to help establish the beach heads by blocking enemy approaches that might try and reinforce the German front lines.

What I am getting at is this: All those troops floating down to earth in the flak-filled sky landed off target and lost. They had their objective, their map accompanied with a compass. Did every one of those troops take the same path to their objective? No. Each troop had an individual journey and adventure getting there. That’s us; we are lost behind enemy lines and logistically inept. We have to dig deep; we have to do some real soul searching to be able to stand our ground in the battle that appears all but lost.

Lucky for us our Compass has already informed us of total victory! Those poor troops lacked one thing we have, intelligence of the future. So as the battle gets so close you can actually see the whites of their eyes, remember we have already won.

It’s imperative you remember that you possess victory, but just not yet. This battle is going to take you to places so low you won’t ever think you can see the light of day again. The enemy will have you cornered for years, and all you will be able to do is take the pain. Your circumstances will have your mind racing in so many directions you will begin to deceive yourself. You will ponder the goodness of God, and His entire motives of creation. The enemy will feed you with propaganda from megaphones and leaflets dropping from the sky on your Christ-held-position.

Some of us are going to fall away; some of us will be so hard-pressed that the lies of protection and comfort from the enemy will entice us to walk away into the arms of a murderer. This walk might have you so jaded after living in the mud for so many years that your anger for God will burn.

With the complete understanding as God has, we would never burn with fury against our Maker, but we don’t possess this sovereignty. So survival counts on faith in His promises, but some of us are going to make the wrong turn. Some of us are going to be standing face to face with hell, because we can’t forgive God.

We will resent the fact that God made us, and expects us to push forward in downright impossible circumstances. I live on planet Earth, and I am just grieved to the very ends of my being for all of you who stand with this fury. I do, because I was there once. I held God in contempt, I condemned Him to justify myself. If this doesn’t speak to you, consider yourself very blessed, but don’t think for a second that test may never come.

Scripture points to us needing forgiveness, which I will never disagree with. But some of you need to just forgive God and give Him the benefit of the doubt. Jesus deserves this! If our God didn’t walk in our shoes and feel the same hurricane of emotions, pains, and temptations that we did, then we might have a leg to stand on. That’s not the case though; Jesus the Captain of Salvation has been in the fragility of mankind’s skin. I have never sweat blood to this day, and my guess is I never will.

I think it’s safe to say that most of us reading this will be the generation that never died! Oh, but our Lord died. He died, and the way He went out stands as one of the all time worse ways a man could suffer and die. Let’s not sit here and over analyze the suffering of our Lord. He suffered just like us. Jesus fulfilled His purpose and became the First Born of many brethren. Jesus has walked the walk, now it’s just our turn.

Forgive your Lord! I did and it’s been a heavy burden released. The battle still wages, I am not sitting pretty in some deceptive Christian bliss. I am standing my ground in whatever the circumstances brings so I can meet the Creator of the stars. Whoever you are out there you are not alone.

Our God was tortured to death, and has had to watch evil every single moment with perfect detail in all of mankind’s time. God can take a little verbal abuse from you. Our God can handle it; you just make sure you understand who you are talking to. Once you receive that understanding our God is due a heartfelt apology. I say apology because you are already forgiven, but you still might have hurt our Lord’s heart with your words.

When you are made in the Image of God that means He feels what you feel. He understands what you understand. If you are a man and you cry don’t listen to the lie. Let the tears fall. Our Jesus cries. If you show me a man who can cry I will show you a man who is tough as nails. God isn’t making us better for this world; He is refining us for His. We need to get over ourselves, and focus on the glory of God! You better believe I will be asking Jesus for a tour of this great universe of His, don’t miss out!

“Blessed is the man who does not fall away on account of me” (Mathew 11:6 NIV).

Don McReynolds