Blood Moons :: By Pete Rose

There are four “blood moons” predicted by astronomers for the next two years, each a total lunar eclipse in which light shining through the earth’s atmosphere will illuminate the moon with a red color appearing like blood. What makes these blood moons even more special is the fact that each one of them falls on a different Jewish feast day. These blood moons have been seen as signs by many and have generated much interest in end time prophecy.

Blood moons are only one among many signs that we are in the end times, and I believe we are in the very last days of the end times. The fact that every one of these blood moons falls on a Jewish feast day I believe is a sign in itself, a major sign. The fact that every time the USA has been hit by some major calamity every time it has meddled with Israel is a sign.

There have been several people in recent years who have had dreams of the USA being split right down the middle by a massive earthquake and inland waterway if Obama divides Israel (takes part of Israel and gives it to the Palestinians). Earthquakes, the Indonesian quake and tsunami that killed hundreds of thousands, the Japan quake and tsunami that killed tens of thousands and resulted in the destruction of a nuclear power plant which is even now polluting the entire Pacific Ocean, volcanoes erupting in so many places, wars and rumors of wars, Obama meddling in Syria and Ukraine, trying to start a war, Russia threatening to nuke the USA, all these are signs we are in the last days of the end times.

But the biggest, in your face sign of all, is Israel itself once again becoming a nation.Jesus spoke of the budding of the fig tree-a symbol of Israel, Israel being re-born again as a nation after nearly 2000 years, then stated that the generation which saw the beginning of all these things would not pass away until all these prophecies are fulfilled. The Bible speaks of 70 years as the average lifespan of a person, 80 years if by strength, so the average lifespan of a generation born at a given time would be somewhere around that length of time.

It has been nearly 70 years now since Israel became a nation, and we have the seven year Tribulation yet to go. 2 Thessalonians 2, indicates that we (the Christians) must be gone, evacuated in the Rapture before this seven-year period can begin.I believe the time of the Rapture is very near. If you know Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior, you will be evacuated along with the rest of all born-again Christians.If you are unsaved and the Rapture happens, you will be left behind to go through seven years of pure hell on earth, likely to be killed and spend eternity in torment in hell and the lake of fire.

You have your choice. You can surrender your life to Jesus and let him impart to you eternal life and become a new man in Christ (He will clean you up, just come as you are) or you can go on with your worldly life, reject Jesus and end up in hell. But know it’s not God’s will for that to happen. Jesus died a horrible death on the cross to pay for your sins, and rose again from the dead as proof the payment was accepted, all to keep you out of hell. But for it to be effective for you, you must surrender yourself to Jesus, invite Him to be a part of your life and let him clean you up and make you fit for heaven.

The choice is yours.Only you can make that choice for yourself, I cannot and neither can anyone else except, you.Don’t put it off.