Case Dismissed :: By Don McReynolds

Hello, my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. I guess we woke up today again didn’t we? Well I guess it’s time to shower, get dressed, and shove a donut down our throats so our angry stomachs won’t start growling halfway through the morning.

Finally, we get to our desks at the office and we check our emails, and then while the coffee is cooling off we go ahead and check the news sites that we frequent—just to double check that nothing prophetic has happened and that Jesus didn’t leave us behind in the Rapture.

A sigh of relief goes over us digesting the fact that King Jesus didn’t start the wedding without us. We stumble across the lunacy of the White House’s foreign and domestic policies and immediately start praying, “God I know you are in control.” Then you see that its Ash Wednesday and all the Catholics have crosses marked on their heads and you listen to them brag about their visit to church, but the name of Jesus is never even mentioned.

Our minds start to race, as the guy who is actually witty brings up something about secular television (which you stopped watching years ago). He looks at you like you’re from another planet when the punch line from this oh, so popular TV show doesn’t even make you flinch. The other people in the cubicles can’t stop laughing, and all you want to do is bust out a blackboard and start educating people on the imminent pathway of destruction that this world is on.

Then the woman next to you starts going on about how great the Catholic Mass was, and how she just loves to dress up for God when she goes to church. Then you go ahead and ask her, “So what do you think about this new pope?” She replies, “Oh I love him, he is so great.” By this time your mind and soul are about to explode because all you want to scream is, “Ignorance will not save people from God’s judgment!”

I just hate the thought of hell. Sometimes the knowledge of the lost just gets to be too much. So now everyone’s settled at their desks and the work finally begins. For the most part we just zoom through the day as we pound away on that keyboard — all the while giving Jesus great ideas of how He could bless us.

By the end of the day we our getting excited because the work day is almost over. We clock out on the computer and gather our things to take to the car. Then we realize that we have to do this all over again, tomorrow. At this point the enemy is trying to establish his foothold on our minds. As Christians, it’s like God allows us to pause our minds at the point of where we can analyze the origin of this thought passing through identifying its source…

We capture that negative thought and push, “Delete.” We look at the view our God has orchestrated with the words of His mouth. The clear blue sky has a few clouds that seem to dance through His beautiful atmosphere. The bright sun makes the clouds almost shimmer as the rotation and wind current pushes the clouds onward.

Jesus our God is such a mystery at times (we catch ourselves thinking). We just stare away, up at that sky for a minute, lost in thought thinking: Where are you oh King of Creation? A big victory is won as the enemy, Satan, walks away because we finally push the mute button! We realize our shield of faith needs a little polishing as we arrive home. Our God now has a soldier who understands that He must participate or be destroyed.

The fiery trial has a purpose of development that isn’t truly understood until you catch the enemy in the act. The day you conquer self-deception and hear the enemy mock you over your repetitive return to your own vomit.

Our God makes miracles happen with free-will creatures who, seem to be so stupid they would chase a shiny object straight into a speeding freight train and be pulverized — even though they just witnessed it happen.

Oh, you ancient serpent we finally see you! If you have something to say, talk to the Father because He knows everything. The Lord has commanded us to be strong and courageous, and not be discouraged, to not even be terrified because the Lord our God is right beside us wherever we go.

The enemy has stated his case against God. The enemy has pointed at all the questions any real Christian could ask. The enemy has given his Power Point presentation to convince us how Jesus isn’t even fair.

Since I am the judge of that accusation through free will, I say, “Case dismissed.” The court room of my mind has given its verdict: Jesus I love you. On my own accord I step down from this judgment seat and give you the gavel. I bow down to the Lord God not because of Satan’s lie that You have a superego, but I bow down because it’s my honor to serve such a King as You, Lord.

Don McReynolds