Are You Facing Self-Worth Issues? :: By Lucie Kirouac

Is it possible that when Adam and Eve sinned, (being deprived of God’s presence in the Garden of Eden) that they lost their sense of identity, of value and their true purpose for living?

Contrarily to humans who observe us outwardly, Christ knows the inner workings of the human personality because He himself knew what was in men.

“And because he needed not that anyone should bare witness concerning man; for He himself knew what was in man” (John 2:25).

In every individual, there are three views: The one that God has of us, the opinion that others hold concerning us, and the perception that we have of ourselves. They are all very important.

The assessments that our peers have regarding us can only be relatively accurate. If we were to base our self-worth on what others think of us, our lives could become a destabilizing roller- coaster! To put ourselves at the mercy of feeble human beings is looking for emotional torment.

Some individuals have a grossly inflated self-perception while others suffer from a serious lack of self-worth. Neither of those extremes is acceptable.

It is important to have a healthy view of oneself. Jesus said that we should love our neighbor as OURSELVES (Matthew 22:39), implying a SOUND CONCEPT OF SELF-WORTH To have a negative appreciation of ourselves makes our lives miserable and counterproductive.

Many things cause low self-worth but here are some of the most common ones:

PHYSICAL FEATURES: Some view parts of their bodies as unattractive. More likely than not, many of us have physical traits that we would like to alter if it were possible.

LACK OF EDUCATION: Although education is important, knowledge without wisdom is a two edged-sword. Knowing the Lord and His Word should be first and foremost in all of our lives. His love and guidance produces STABILITY in the mind and soul, which in turn qualifies us to better love and serve Him.

TRAGIC CIRCUMSTANCES: Low self-worth may result from tragic events in one’s past. Too many could be expressed here but most of us are aware of what we have gone through.

PHYSICAL AND EMOTIONAL ABUSE: Abuse can ravage one’s self-worth. Verbal abuses can devoid a person from self-worth. Vicious verbal beatings with words can be as devastating as physical brutality. Sexual abuses, as well as constant harsh criticisms are very destructive.

Victims must learn that they can get past these horrible experiences and find happiness in living.

SIN: Involvement in personal sin can scar terribly, especially if one loves God deeply and strives for spiritual maturity. It can have lasting effects so debilitating that a person may have a very difficult time regaining a sense of Christian dignity. Yielding to evil can rob the conscience of the sense of well-being God intended us to have.

Behaviors Characteristics of Low Self-Worth

“For as he thinks within himself, so is he” (Proverbs 23:7 a).

“The thoughts in the heart of men” (Mark 7:21), can be manifested in many distressing ways:

SUBSTANCE ABUSE: Many can be the result of a void of purpose in one’s existence and a lack of self-worth.

SEXUAL PROMISCUITY: Many grow-up without a sense of personal value. Starving for love and affection, they surrender themselves to anyone who provides a warm hug and understanding.

CRITICAL SPIRIT: A damaged self-view can result in a haughty or critical demeanor.

MATERIALISM: The attempt to compensate low self-worth by accumulating material things to feel better (is self-defeating).

The Cure for Diminished Self-Worth

Biblical revelation can provide one with an exhilarating sense of individual excellence. Man has been made in the very image of God himself (Genesis 1: 26, 27).

We have been designed by our Maker for fellowship with Him. The fact that God has bestowed His Son as a gracious free gift so that every person (we are all accountable) has the potential for redemption, should crown a human being with a wonderful feeling OF VALUE.

“Herein is love, not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent His Son to be the propitiation of our sins”(1 John 4:10 ).

The value of a single soul is worth more than the entire world (Matthew 16:26).

When we realize how very special we are, self-depreciation should fade and leave us.

The depth of Christ divine love for us is utterly staggering! If that doesn’t enhance one’s appreciation for his worth, nothing will.

I’ve always struggled with self-worth and it has made my life quite painful. Having been through some of the situations mentioned in this article, I’m now slowly overcoming. Reading Rapture Ready every day and having become a writer myself is turning my life around. The Lord has blessed me with loving, respectful friends who are bringing healing into my life. Love is freeing, as it has been given to us by God himself…

Having been forgiven from my sin and given the power to overcome it by the Lord’s Spirit in me, I’m gaining self-worth. I will remain in process until I go home to be with my Savior. It’s through all my battles and struggles that the Lord has enabled me to relate and understand, to love and care.

I hope sharing my thoughts will be encouraging and life changing for you.

I’ve always loved Jesus. Enjoying His presence in my soul and heart, I have cause to rejoice and know that I will be in His presence for eternity!

If you ever make the decision to fully abandon yourself to Jesus Christ and desire to let me know, I will surely rejoice with you!

Write to me (écrivez-moi)!

Lucie who cares