You Made Your Bed Now Sleep in It! :: by Don Twobears

Okay, I believe we have spent enough time fooling around here. You are aware that we are in the last days, right? I keep hoping and praying that the gospel of Jesus Christ will garner much more acceptance than it has. Having said that, I’m taking off the gloves!

Evidently way too many are still sitting on the fence wobbling back and forth. It’s a very nasty position to be in, though. You want to wait till the very last second and then just fall on the winning side, right? It won’t work with Jesus Christ. HE knows the intent of your heart. HE knows exactly what you are thinking and why.

HE will simply let you fall on the wrong side─the failures side─the side of those headed for hell and eternal destruction. And do you want to know why? You deserve it! Trust me when I say, I do NOT care if that rubs you the wrong way! The Bible has spelled this out in black and white and far too many are sitting around patting each other on the back for doing nothing!

So many have written me, scowling and hollering that they were not able to discern what was being said in an article. They use the Scriptures in an effort to say what in the article is wrong, when the problem is, that they can NOT discern the truth for themselves! Well, guess what? The day is coming, sooner than most can appreciate when the intent of your hearts, just like mine, will be looked at for discrepancies!

If you feel your messages are more relevant to others, then feel free to jump right up behind the pulpit and declare what you know. You will suddenly notice one very critical aspect when you do. The brevity of that decision, to stand there before God and Man and preach — is heavy! Suddenly, you notice that whatever you say is going to be believed by others, taken to heart literally, followed by someone to the letter!

What if you make a mistake, what if you fail to discern a particular passage of Scripture? What if that mistake causes someone else to miss going to heaven? Now you know who will be blamed for that — YOU! That is why the Lord chooses who is to stand in the pulpit. It also says a lot about WHOM you follow and how closely you do. Remember, the Lord will judge YOU in the manner and brevity that YOU judge others. So think before you loose it again. Mature adults, especially those who trust in Jesus Christ as Lord, need to “love one another” without fail! The Bible says so, okay?

Let’s hit the obvious first and go on from there. Are YOU or are you NOT a follower of Jesus Christ? And here in the south we say, “Is you is, or is you ain’t!” The obvious answer is this: If you follow Jesus Christ, if you KNOW HIM as your Lord and Savior, GREAT, I will indeed see you in heaven where we will live and be with the Lord for all of eternity! If you said you do NOT follow Jesus Christ, then I am sorry for you, you are indeed headed for hell and eternal destruction. Now if either of the statements offend you, in any way, tough! You will get over that in time, but there is still time for you to accept the gift of Jesus Christ, because:

(1)   You are alive and still reading this

(2)   The Rapture has NOT taken place just yet. Get off the fence and make a man-sized decision!

I do not care if you are liberal or conservative, or if you are a Democrat or a Republican, wealthy or poor, fast or slow, here, there or wherever! That is stuff of this life and has no bearing whatsoever with your final destination: heaven or hell. BUT they are indicators of whom you have chosen to follow, Jesus Christ or Satan. As a born-again Christian, I do not care if you read the KJV, the NKJV, the AKJV or any other type of Bible.

The bottom line for every Bible IS that Jesus Christ is Lord and God! You believe anything short of that and you’re headed for hell. The Bible says so! You MUST come to Jesus Christ and ask for HIM to FORGIVE YOU of all your SINS, believe HE was born, lived and died on the cross at Calvary to save you and me from eternal hell, that HE did INDEED rise again and sits on HIS throne in heaven! Anything short of that, in any manner, marks YOU as “lost.” The Bible says so!

I DO NOT care if you are a pastor, minister, rabbi, priest or whatever, the Bible has set the parameters for being heaven bound. If YOU decide to disagree with that, good luck to you! The Bible has already spelled everything out for you, has shown you prophecies of the Old Testament that have come true thus far (all of them 100%). And the Bible gives you prophecies that are being fulfilled today right before your eyes! It also has prophecies that are yet to be fulfilled! If these things offend you in any manner, so be it. Sorry to be you, that’s all I can say to you!

I told you in the very beginning that the gloves are off. Take what works for you and I wish you the very best! BUT if it has anything LESS than what the Bible says, you are so lost. It isn’t even funny. You are most assuredly headed for hell and eternal destruction by your own choice. Get it?

How better to say it than this, so pay attention:

YOU follow Jesus Christ YOU’RE going to heaven, forever!

YOU do NOT follow Jesus Christ YOU’RE going to hell, forever!

IT IS THAT SIMPLE! That is the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Bible says so!


Let’s understand something here! I did NOT say this, GOD did! IF YOU have a problem with that, once again, TOUGH! It is what it is! And since you are NOT God, YOU can’t change that! Forget about the “blame game”, the “pity parties.” DO NOT be stupid about this. There is NO middle ground here. It is either this side or that side, with Jesus Christ or without HIM! You can’t be a “fence sitter” because, there AIN’T NO FENCE! You can lie to others about your position with Jesus Christ but you will never be able to lie to God! What are you going to say when HE looks you in the eyes?

As for me, I am grateful beyond words that Jesus Christ saved the likes of me! I can’t believe anyone would die for the likes of me! I can’t believe someone thinks I deserve eternal heaven! Jesus Christ (God) died for me on the Roman cross as a sacrifice! Jesus Christ (God) loves me. WHY? I don’t know! I’m glad HE does! I want to go to heaven. I want to thank Jesus Christ for my life! To die for Jesus Christ, for God, that’s the least I could give. How about YOU?

Where are you going to be when it’s all said and done?

Jesus Christ is Lord of lords and King of kings!