You Are Running Out of Time! – Part Two :: by Don Twobears

In my previous article we discussed obvious signs that time is indeed running out for all those who are not saved to Jesus Christ. It does not matter to me if these unsaved are angry with me or not. Being saved to Jesus Christ is the ONLY way they will see heaven. This is a bold, in your face, statement by Jesus Christ, who IS God! It is becoming very obvious to me, that far too many are not accepting this as fact, they feel they are not “sophisticated” enough, unless they are questioning the Creator at every turn.

The scientists that degrade the Word of God and God Himself have much to learn! It is crucially obvious they do not understand anything, unless they are able to measure it and quantify its existence through empirical facts. The very first mistake they make is to not understand that God is Spirit. Therefore they must adjust everything to measuring the spiritual. For example, they say they know what thoughts look like because of some measurable evidence in the Synapse of the Brain’s electrical firings. They show the pictures of these firings and are able to measure the electrical synapse, therefore they “think” they know how thoughts come about, but as of yet, they are not able to say what these thoughts are. In other words they are able to see the electrical synapse, they are able to measure that synapse in electrical terms, but they have no idea what the thought is. It is the content of the thought that matters!

Scientists are able to take a human heart out of the body and work on it, which is in and of itself, very remarkable! However, they have yet to make that heart any better than when they first opened the chest. For example, if the individual has had a myocardial infarction and twenty percent is damaged, that heart will remain that way, even in the event of surgical intervention. The heart can learn to deal with the damage and surrounding heart muscle can increase, offsetting the damage already done, but never back to one hundred percent. My friends, that is empirical evidence in those two examples.

The greatest example I can give about humans and empirical evidence is this: These same scientists may have wives or girlfriends and they come home and hold them close and kiss them. In all of their “empirical wisdom” they have yet to be able to measure or quantify a single “feeling.” And yet, they want to say that the Bible and God do not exist, because they lack “empirical evidence” as to their existence? Same thing can be said for “feelings” which each and every one of them are using all the time! How about they begin with something more simple: “Create” something, anything! Notice I did not say, “clone” or “copy,” something. I said, “create” anything. Obviously they are not able to. I now rest my case.

As I stated about the Bible in my previous article, man’s “intelligence” or “wisdom” is like foolishness to God. How arrogant is man─the “created” telling the Creator to show Himself, otherwise they will not believe in: HIM. How, utterly arrogant for any man to raise his fist to heaven and blaspheme the Lord God Almighty…for any reason!

I am sure you remember as a child finding an anthill then stomping and killing the ants as they move to and fro from the hill. It is obvious you will never destroy every ant in the world, even with pesticides and such, it will never happen. But God can, because HE is the CREATOR! God is Spirit…thus to know HIM means you must come to HIM in Spirit. You already know “faith” exists yet you are not able to see it or measure it, but it is still there nonetheless. It is the same with “thoughts”, as it is with “hope.” As the Bible teaches, hope is the anticipation of better things to come. Hope is the “faith” that we have been already given to us by the Lord God. I am sure you understand that if there is no HOPE, there is nothing else for us to live for. This my friends, we call “depression.”

If you truly think about this you will come to the center of everything, that without Jesus Christ in your life there is no HOPE, there is NO FAITH there is NO PROMISE of anything to come. If an individual feels this, they are obviously DEPRESSED. If depression continues unabated, the individual will ultimately die, either through sheer will power, or suicide. That is why this problem is so misunderstood by everyone and why it has been so, for all of time.

Let’s ask this, how many truly “born-again” God fearing and Jesus Christ following individuals have taken their own life? Stop and think about this for a moment! We could solve a lot of problems with people, if we understood this better. Without Jesus Christ there is NO HOPE, there is no useful FAITH that anything will become better at any point in time! Jesus Christ is the HOPE for mankind. FAITH in Jesus Christ is to KNOW that there is life after death, the assurance of eternal life in heaven! But…what of the “unsaved?”

The problem at hand is this: Those scientists have nothing in their reports on how to give HOPE, or to have FAITH in anything. It is truly obvious that they lack the ability to give any individual anything of any real value! If that is clearly understood, then the end result is to understand they are wrong about God and His Holy Word─the Bible. IF they are wrong on that account, how many other things are they wrong about? Science is great when I decide to build my home here on earth, but what good is science if there is NO God? If these same scientists become “depressed” and there is no intervention, they will soon die, just like everyone else would.

It is then obvious to all that the ONLY TRUE empirical evidence says God does indeed exist, that HE is, who HE says HE is. When the understanding of this comes to anyone, they will understand and see that the Bible does fall in-line as TRUTH. Then the questions of why we are here are settled and it also shows how to live on into eternity. The “narrow” road to heaven then becomes easy to comprehend. Suddenly, the wisdom of the Word of God becomes evident and the impact is real, it is felt, it is known. That, my friends, is called a fact!

When we give the Word of God a chance, we will see that the prophecies of the Bible are indeed real, we understand that the Rapture and the Tribulation are right around the corner! When we see that, we can then understand WHY TIME IS SO SHORT. Coming to Jesus Christ for the onlyHOPE of a FUTURE is through FAITH in Jesus Christ, who IS God, the CREATOR of all things!

With Jesus Christ…all things are understandable!