There’s a Problem We Need to Discuss Here! :: by Don Twobears

I am the sort of person that likes to envision situations in my head─somewhat like a movie, if you will. I would guess that makes me sort of unusual in a way. Yet I am looking at each and every person that is NOT saved to Jesus Christ, in a very unusual way! Let me take you on a tour, so to speak, inside my head for a moment and you will be able to see what I see.

I remember when I was younger, these caricatures were popular: A muscle car sits idling, lets say a 1968 Chevelle Super Sport, a rag top (for those with little wisdom in this area, that is a convertible), its 453 CID engine blasting flames from the short exhaust ports. And then there is the comical head vehicle (half human/animal) blood-shot red eyes bulging out and a tongue leaving spit everywhere! Smoke curls up in huge quantities as the tires scream in unbelievable circles after the engine is maxed out in RPMs.

You are able to see the air-intake to the compressor, sucking huge quantities of air and then head down through the huge intake manifold to be blown out. Fire screams everywhere behind this unbelievably horrendous machine in take off! It literally flies down the half-mile flattop and then slams into the concrete stop wall! Kerr-WHAM!! And then there is nothing left! So powerful, so volatile, that the explosion leaves nothing but a simple puff of steam.

What would you like me to say about that? I am neither sorry, nor elated, just sort of a mixed bag of questions in my mind, but I believe the imploded caricature shows how I feel. I am so bewildered by the idea that so many people know of Jesus Christ, they may have even read the Bible and yet, they are exactly like the caricature illustrated above. Flames everywhere, and moving faster than the speed of light to nowhere! For them it seems that they are more concerned with getting to where they want to be, to be the first, the fastest, the strongest, the most whatever and then it ends in a crash of immense proportions! Then I wonder, why? WHY all the hoopla, the huge engine, all the smoke and flames, the almost obsessive desire evidenced on their faces. A desire to get nowhere, fast! It simply boggles my mind.

Let’s stop and ponder this for a moment, okay? Here we are sitting quietly, the caricature in mind, the crash and then nothing. Some of us are rolling these types of thoughts about in even larger mind-pictures, but is it making any more sense to anyone? What was the message when we were young? “Live fast and die young!” WHY? What comes of that sort of thinking? It has to be more than fearing old age.

When I think about all of this, I see a person who is self-possessed, conceited, wants whatever it is he or she wants and they want it right now; rather than learning patience. In that mindset, there is NO concern for what is right or wrong, good or bad, righteous or evil. There has never been a more exact picture of this type of person than this saying: “It’s all about ME.” At this time, I cannot help but see this is how people are today everywhere. And the problem is no matter what my life means to me or to you, it is of no concern to the “me” types. Their attitudes are,  “If you are in the way, tough. You go down just like the others, because it’s, “All aboutME and what I want! To hell with anyone else!”

Surely this is the frame of mind of those that committed the Columbine, Sandy Hook and Virginia Tech shootings, right? So now, we see everyone running around looking for answers. The problem is that they are looking inside the shark’s mouth and are missing the entire crux of the problem─the“ME” factor. It seems that the answer always comes back to a singular “one” which is whoever “me” is in the particular scenario. So then, after each tragedy everyone is angry with everyone else, as if it the crimes were committed by everyone and not the perpetrators. So we see the “knee-jerk” reaction of, “Let’s outlaw all firearms from everyone, then this will never happen again!”

These pundits don’t think. They don’t see that you simply can’t get rid of everything from everywhere. They also don’t think about tools that could be used as weapons. A shovel is for digging a hole and a “hoe” is for using in a garden, a faucet is for a watering source. It is the same thing as a gun (firearm). You must have a person to use the shovel to dig the hole or to use the hoe to get rid of weeds in a garden and a faucet to bring water.

We live in a world filled with a great amount of uncertainties, fear and loathing for one another, where war is a constant problem, whether it be over religion or the lack there of, language or customs! It will always come back to the Bible, God’s holy Word to you and me. And just like a tool or a gun, you must read it, you must understand it and then you must abide by it, without fail.

So what is the answer? How about we start with the parents, be a parent, instead of a birthing “tool.” Or worse, a sperm “depository,” ladies! And don’t think you guys can get off easy either. Realize that young lady wants to be cared about, just like you do! She wants to be wanted and loved and cared for and sought after, for all the right reasons just as YOU do, so get your heads out of the gutters and look her straight in the eyes for once and see the real person standing there! She is just as much a person as you are, with every right to be here as you! You have NO right to run around and tear someone else’s heart out and throw it away, just to fix YOUR little problem. So try being a real MAN!

Again, PARENTS, your job does NOT stop with your children moving out of the house! Once a PARENT you are forever a parent, from now to the end of time! If all you want to do is run around thinking about your little problem, then you have no business thinking about being a parent, or playing in that arena! Reread the Ten Commandments!

If people weren’t so obsessed with whom they can “nail” there wouldn’t be millions upon millions of babies being destroyed in abortions! The Bible says, “Thou shalt NOT kill.” That means, thou will NOT commit premeditated murder. Notice, please “pre” as in “before” and then “meditated” thoughts or thinking of, and then there is the word “murder.” The plan to kill another and there is no mention of what age, either! Therefore, an “abortion” IS without a doubt, a preplanned murder! IF you don’t like that, too bad!! THAT IS THE WORD OF GOD!

IF you decide for whatever reason, be it a thought or a problem that is, was, or has been inherent within YOU and then you go out and KILL SOMEONE — YOU ARE COMMITTING MURDER!

The Word of God, says, “the intent of the heart” — that means the original “thought” to do so, is where the SIN first begins! That SIN, no matter when it first begins or from what source (as in being born a human) is what separates YOU from God. Jesus Christ was MURDERED on the cross to give YOU a way to have your SIN forgiven! That is the ONLY way to be forgiven, to go to Jesus Christ and admit YOU are a SINNER and ASK HIM to forgive you!

STILL the true “intent” of your heart must be there, you must want forgiveness, you must ask for it with a TRUE HEART. To do it any other way or without the true intent of your heart — equals failure and you are still headed for hell! Reread John 14:6, it IS the truth!

So, what is the answer to all your problems?  Jesus Christ is the answer and always has been! There is NO other way to the God the Father. The answer is everywhere, in every language and in every country. There is NO way you can miss it, despite the fact of everyone trying so desperately to rid our schools and courts and every person of the FACTS concerning Jesus Christ! The entire problem rests with your own choices! YOU must decide which side of the line YOU wish to be on — with Jesus Christ and life eternal, or with stupid Satan which is an eternal life of death and destruction. This is the REASON for life here on earth!

Now you can run around, making a fool of yourself, for everyone to see and try and pass laws that will go nowhere. Or you can put the whole thing in the Lord’s capable hands. I have been saying for a LONG time now, “DEATH is NOT the end!” That is, if you accept the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ! But if you decide not to accept that gift, YOU are on YOUR own! Good luck in dealing with Satan, a spirit that hates YOU more than he hates God! You can kiss your butt goodbye for eternity!

If by chance I have made you upset or angry with me for saying all of these things, know this: I stand with my Lord Jesus Christ and I am NOT sorry for any of this! Jesus Christ (God) has been saying this a whole lot longer than I! It is my duty to my Lord to re-iterate these words and pass them on to you and anyone else willing to listen. I am NOT going to fail to do what the Lord has asked of me. I believe it is the very, very least I can do for Him, considering what HE did for me on the cross!


Jesus Christ is GOD!