Man Is a Failure, Always Has Been :: by Don Twobears

Those of us, known as born-again Christian, spend a great deal of time looking into the Scriptures, reading and understanding according to the perfect will of God as spoken of in the Holy Bible. I have stated that the Scriptures are filled with prophecies all of which up and to this very day have been one hundred percent accurate.

“One of the unique and fascinating aspects of the Bible is that in no other religious literature do we find the accuracy of fulfilled prophecy. Biblical predictions recorded sometimes hundreds of years in advance of their happening are fulfilled in minute detail.”[1]

There are just too many to list. Just with Jesus Christ alone there were well over 300 prophecies fulfilled about him, before he came, when he would come, how he would be born, what he would do, how he would die, and his resurrection. Also in the book of Daniel you have the march of world powers that were foretold before they existed. [2]

In deed, all of the Scriptures, prove the prophecies are one hundred per cent accurate and this despite the efforts of the nay Sayers or athiests to say they do not exist.

My effort is to continually “disprove” the aims of the non-believer. To prove the veracity of the Word of God as absolute truth! They have devised a machine that can calculate the age of anything according to the breakdown of carbon in the unit and then amass a table of contents that tells them how old the particular piece is. The problem is this: Are they able to secure the accuracy of this machine? Are they able to falsify any attempts to change the parameters of the machine to fit their own wants and desires? This is especially significant when they predicate the age of dinosaurs, for example.

In other words, what time frame does this data indicate and how are they to truly KNOW, if the age constriants they have entered into their computers are accurate. “Well…carbon disipates at a certain rate therefore we use the same time frame to quantify our results.” And how do they assimilate this data “time frame” according to other exposures, such as pressure, temperature and time?

Would you expect that this injection of terms would be a time changer? My point, to that particular effort. An example would be the creation of a diamond. Carbon dating is inaccurate at best, but as they say “It’s the best we have at the moment.”

What this means is simple: If granite withers against time, the carbon dating is in the multi-millions of years, until it is at it’s least useful state. Thus, there must be a number of variables equated to the computer program to determine the age of a rock. “It was this at one time and then became this later on, millions of years later…and viola…a we have a diamond.”

Time, pressure and heat! All in the same time frame. We are told we must believe this machine’s data and take it as truth, but up against the Bible, that machine doesn’t matter! The unique property of that machine is time. The Bible however, speaks in terms of eternity and the machine shuts down because it can not calculate eternity. The other problem is this: The machine is a physical entity on it’s own and cannot understand anything which is spiritual─the opposite of physical. Lastly, it can not predict future occurences, therefore of what use is it?

The Bible is the accumulation of “personal” experiences by around on hundred different people. The calculations of man or their machinary have no such data to look at, except that of the Bible. I am of the thought that I would rather believe personal testamony, than speculation by anyone or anything! You must understand that a machine has no idea of what a “lie” is, it is the calculations provided by a man and who is to say they would lie or NOT, or make a mistake?

It’s sort of like surveying land, yet a survey does not compute the drift according to the Earth’s tectonic plates that we all stand on. It is a temporary thing at best and again it is simply measuring the physical. So the next problem man has is: What does he do with any information concerning the spiritual? He, if he is truly of the scientific mindset will not be concerned with the spiritual because he is too consumed with what is physical, i.e., his property line.

Viola! You have the conundrum according to man, as compared to the perfection of God. The Bible states God is a Spirit and is the Creator of all things, to include humans, whether they are willing to only measure the physical or work on the spiritual. Man is a “fallen creature!”

Considering that we humans are fallen creatures why do we continually support each other in a fight against the Creator? Sounds foolish at best! Therefore, God saying to man, “Harken unto me” should be the number one rule. The problem again is, man doesn’t want to harken unto God. Man wants to be God. For the non-believer having to acknowledge God is to realize we have an ultimate authority figure!

Man with his SIN nature does NOT want to have an authority figure above them, so they simply state they do NOT believe in a God. I must say this again, if we humans are fallen Creatures why would we want to listen to each other? We’re fallen aren’t we? Doesn’t that shift the measuring rod to zero for us? “Here, step over this rod (think in terms of the “Limbo”rod). Okay…now you’re a human, wasn’t that just a little too easy? Besides…where’s all that “gain?”

The first book in the Bible tells us of the fall of man, the first SIN by man (Adam and Eve) against God and then God shut them out of the Garden of Eden. So here we are, still, in our “fallen state” and we then make a machine out of what God has given us and then calculate terms into it, that are directly against those of God’s Holy Word? And they like to say I am foolish!!

They also do not see that Satan is a spirit as well and has used his spiritual power against man, because satan hates mankind. But just to add a particularly pointed barb here, using anything to profess there is no God is exactly what got Satan and his ilk thrown out of heaven! And why is that? Because Satan wanted to place his throne above that of God’s throne….and Satan failed miserably, he doesn’t like you knowing that about him, either. So in this context….WHY would man even think of listening to someone like satan?

We are presently seeing the majority of man following in the steps of Satan, just look all around you. Satan failed, then he influenced man and man failed and that continues right up to today. You would think that with education, man would look at this and say, “Wow…I need to leave Satan and his ilk alone, they continually fail at everything and the Bible states that Satan and his ilk will end-up in the lake of fire.

I don’t want to die and then nothing, I want to live for eternity! I want to LIVE! Nope…man continually follows that super idiot Satan and his ilk and so they are headed for eternal death in the lake of fire….What’s worse, they “choose” to do so. And they still continue to call born-again Christians stupid, haters, and the like. Tell me what I see in this world is incorrect..PLEASE!

I am going to say it again and again….people…this is NOT rocket science!! It is as plain as the nose that sits in the middle of your face and beats you everywhere you go by at least a milli-second. The vast majority of man can’t see past their nose, that is the reason they are going to go to hellfire, instead of heaven and the presence of God! They already KNOW inatelythat there is a God.

God shows himself all the time, in the changing of the seasons, through plantlife, that we humans can’t anything make anything grow unless God okays it. The fact is we have a sun to warm us and give us light and a moon at night, a breeze to cool our skin and a beautiful earth. We know of all the beautiful places and in the end we destroy them, why? Because we are fallen, we have no real direction or ability to preserve anything.

SIN destroys everything!! SIN has brought us death and destruction, pestilence and misery, hunger and disease…and then we turn around and say it is God’s fault? It is NOT God’s fault that anyone is not able to find their own backside with the help of the two arms God created you with. We humans are fallen because we do NOT want to acknowledge the God that created us! And then we use that same fault finding with other. Who is anyone to point a finger at another?!

Each and everyone of us who are born-again Christians are lonely in this world! This the reason why Jesus Christ told us, “If they hate you, know that they hated Me first!” And then HE…My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, told us to remember, “I am with you always, even until the end of time.” My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is EVERYTHING AND ALL THINGS to me! And then I ask my Lord, why is it that they won’t listen and learn and believe in you?

He said, “Do you remember the story about the Tower of Babel?” And I replied that I remembered it. He then said, “Everyone is trying to make their own Tower of Babel and they will fail, because, “I am the ONLY way to the Father and they won’t listen and learn.” I felt so sad at that and I know HE knew I was sad.

Then He said, “In my Fathers house are many mansions and I go there now to prepare one for you.” My face lit up like a candle!! He held my shoulder, smiled at me and laughed out loud, “See? What have you to be afraid of ?” And so we stepped along the path and we continued to talk together, laughing and smiling like two brothers would do. The undertaker was left with only my body and nothing else.

Jesus Christ is my everything!


[1]2007-2008 Global Media Outreach