How Far Have We Fallen? :: by Don Twobears

How odd, in these days of crisis and difficulty, like those of the Boston Marathon terrorist attack, that few understand that life has not changed since Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden of Eden. Life is tough, difficult at best and peculiar in strange ways that we do not understand, but it is always through our SIN.

King Solomon said it best in Ecclesiastes 1.1-4:

“The words of the Preacher, the son of David, king in Jerusalem. Vanity of vanities, saith the Preacher, vanity of vanities; all is vanity. What profit hath a man of all his labour which he taketh under the sun? One generation passeth away, and another generation cometh: but the earth abideth for ever.”

For whatever reason, we simply can not see past ourselves! For a number of years, King Soloman tried to find contentment or purpose of this life, in every imaginable way there is and yet, he failed, as does every person who endeavors to live without Jesus Christ in their lives. Albert Einstein once said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome each time?” How unusual is it, that we never learn the same thing?

We go about killing each other and over the years since Adam and Eve, we have done nothing more than to learn how to kill in a more surgical manner. It must be that it is easier for us to accept someone dying in a more clinical manner, as if that would make it alright to do so. Take for example abortions, which we commit in a surgical manner, thinking that because we are so careful and so clean in the effort, no one is harmed (Except for the baby!). Since it is within the confines of a surgical “suite” performed by someone who is a physician, then it’s just another medical “event.” Nothing to worry about and no one got their hands dirty, right? WRONG!

Who are we, that we should flip our collective noses at the one and only God that created the baby to begin with? Who are we, that we should fire rockets at a house, where such and such are and care so little as to the outcome of everyone in that house, whom God Almighty created? Who are we, to think we have the authority to commit euthanasia of our elderly?! Who are we, to that we think we have the ability to do such thingswith impunity, never once considering the ultimate authority of God Almighty or HIS Holy Word─the Bible? The ARROGANCE!

We have pictures and video, showing the pain and suffering of an unborn baby, in the midst of an abortion and we arrogantly call ourselves civilized. We have laws that define when a baby is a person and when they are not, therefore we can exterminate that life accordingly. Snipping the spine of an unborn baby or tearing the limbs of a baby apart with saline under pressure, is okay, it’s a professional medical procedure, right?

And then we have clinics and funds available from our taxes that will pay for this “unwanted fetus” to be destroyed. Notice the words, please: Fetus, unwanted, destroyed, terminated pregnancy — and the list goes on and on. We like those kind of words, simply because they keep us from having to declare we are committing “premeditated murder.” How horrible of us to have to admit to committing such a heinous act, as murder.That way we don’t have to think about killing someone that does not have the ability to defend themselves! Yuppers, we are so very civilized, we are so very thoughtful and caring!

Someone jumps in bed with whomever and has unprotected sex, because of a lack of self-control and because there is no God, no Bible, nothing that tells them they are allowed to do this but not that! Next thing you know, there is a  pregnanacy! “Lord have mercy! We can’t have that, “It will ruin my figure or cause me undue stress and difficulty in life!”

So there ya go, an abortion is so easy, so clean, best of all…no one has to know, right?

What is so wrong with that? The daddy doesn’t have to get all involved or pay out a bunch of money. Momma does not loose her figure, no one has to spend their life raising some brat! And what’s more? She can get it done and not pay out a single penny for it! Oh, wow, doesn’t that sound just wonderful? One day, the girl passes away…dies. What is going to be her excuse if she faces that child for the first time, in eternity? Even worse, how will she explain that abortion, as she stands before the all-knowing, all righteous God?!

Now we are not going to let that girl stand alone for the pregnancy. It’s true she must carry that child for nine months and then deliver it, usually in a painful manner. What about the daddy? One day he dies, passes on, maybe years have gone by. What is he to say to the child if he meets that child for the very first time? What if the child was a little girl? “Where were you daddy when they killed me? Why didn’t you rush to save me and let me live? Where was your love for me, why didn’t you protect me?” (I guess I am saying this because I am a daddy to two daughters.) It should be said for a boy and a girl! How does the daddy explain to the child, that he just didn’t love the child? Oh…the heartbreak of it all!

This is the way life is here on earth these days! You ask the individual and it will always come back to you as, “well I wanted a life too!” Brothers and Sisters, I am going to say it again:

“It’s all about ME!”

And the abortions go on and on…and NO ONE CARES! BUT…we are so civilized, right? And it is not always about abortions, there are so many other ways that we have learned to kill others. The Bible says that the Lord sees the heart. It is the intent of the heart that matters. Why is this such a difficult thing for everyone to understand?

Let’s lay things out as the Bible does─in your face, so to speak. If a man looks at a woman with lust in his eyes, he has already committed fornication, or adultery, with her If anyone thinks of killing another in their heart, they have already committed murder! Is it obvious enough, that ANY Intent of the heart is an act already committed! I have paraphrased the verses but that is exactly what the Bible means and these are the words from God’s own mouth to our ears! My Mom and Dad used to enjoy putting 50 cent words together in a saying. Example: “My sufficiency is quite surrencified, any more would be obnoxious to my superfluidity.” Yeah, I know. WHAT? It simply means, “I am full — any more and I’ll be sick.”

They just enjoyed doing this, besides that they were excellent Scrabble players, too. My point is, it doesn’t matter what words you use to define something, anything actually, there is always a basic way of saying it, call it what it really is. This is not how we do things in this day and age, we are way too busy being “politically correct” in our verbiage and it’s usually just a way of covering up some act that we don’t want anyone else to take any notice of. “Well, I am not really lying, I am simply saying things in a slightly different manner!” Nope! That is not what you’re doing…You are telling a lie! Call it what it really is, a LIE! Can you imagine for a moment, how things would be, if the “powers that be,” actually told the truth?

I tell others that “I do NOT lie, I do NOT cheat and I do NOT steal!” Is this the truth? In all honesty, it is not true! I pay my taxes, just like everyone else does, but I also know in my heart that some of my taxes go to pay for abortions. Therefore, I have a hand in committing murder of unborn babies! How horrible to be forced to know this…My Lord and Savior, please forgive me of my SIN!

Our SIN separates us from the Lord! It is HIS blood that brings us back to HIM!