Do YOU Understand the Question? :: by Don Twobears

For quite some time now I have been writing and making reference to a “big black line.” And along with that I have also endeavored to show that our lives are ALWAYS one way or the other. The basis for this comes from salvation through Jesus Christ. Simplified: You are either SAVED or You AIN’T!

It surprises me when I look at the world and note that some people are so intelligent, when we know the Lord calls our intelligence, foolishness. Do you see life is one way or the other? You can’t out run from it, you can’t hide from it, it’s always there; what is more deviant there are those that love to use the Word of God for their own means, bastardizing what is HOLY. They enjoy making everything work for them selves when the Word of God says we are to be servants to each other. But some see it as still one way or the other. These educated idiots, skew the Word of God for their own gain. They are self-serving, an abomination of the worst sort.

What is even more surprising to me is that so many others CHOOSE to listen to their own garbage and then BELIEVE it as IF it is God inspired. Again we see that it is one way or the other, right? It is either RIGHTEOUS or IT IS NOT! What these people are preaching and teaching is anything but righteousness, according to Jesus Christ. Instead they are pushing them selves ahead─more wealth and prosperity for themselves, but the flip side of the same side of the coin is this…they don’t care that they are preaching and teaching spiritual and eternal destruction to their followers! Our Lord and Savior is everything about providing for all, not a select few, quite the opposite, right? So then the question is this: Why do so many follow these mega-idiots? Again, it comes down to the here and now thinking of people! They want “stuff” for themselves and to hell with everyone else, kind of the “I got mine, you get yours” thinking!

When I was home in Kenai Alaska, I saw ravens─huge birds─to say the least and there is one thing these birds cannot resist: a sparkly object. They will take anything that is shiny and bright, they like the look and are mesmerized by it. How odd that so many humans are the exact same way, as these birds! One thing is for sure, if you put food down beside the sparkly object the birds will endeavor to take both. One will ensure continued life, the other is just a prêt object, but for the birds they want both at the same time. Sounds like some humans I have met. They want the whole ball of wax, they want to have all that is good and pretty, but they always choose the wrong one when it comes to continued life because they are more interested in what is pretty. You see, it’s one-way or the other!

Now the Lord God comes along and tells them that they must choose between what is pretty and what will maintain life. What does the majority choose? The pretty, of course! Understanding what we have been discussing here, doesn’t that sound pretty incredible to you? It makes you wonder how these individuals make it from one day to the next. I have kept trying to get the idea across to all who read this that 70-80 years is NOT a very long a time. Most have said they understand, but the question is then: What is wrong with the majority of the world?

The world wants the 70-80 years in full, so do the born-again believer! The world wants to be rich, famous, without end…ever! The born-again believers want Jesus Christ! Again we see there is one way or the other here. One gets you wealth and prosperity for 70-80 years, in the here and now. The other gets you 70-80 years here and then life for eternity afterward! By using simple math─which do you suppose is better in the end?? The second one, duh!

What is wrong with the majority then? They keep listening to their father, Satan, and he lies to them at every turn and then sits and laughs at them when they struggle and die!

Jesus Christ says HE loves us and has proven this by dying on the Roman cross for each of us and HE is in heaven creating a place for each of us to live for eternity. The other side says that you get whatever you are able to get, right here for the next 70-80 years and then it’s all over! And the majority of the world…chooses the second one? Did I miss something here? I may not be a math wizard, but I KNOW when things don’t add up correctly! And that the second choice does NOT fit the bill…by any stretch!


1.Choose Jesus Christ, live a peaceful life 70-80 years and die. Then spend eternal life in heaven with HIM.

2.Go with Satan, live a stressed out life of pain and suffering for 70-80 years, die, then burn in hell and later in the lake of fire─eternally.

Are we missing anything here?

And then to think that born-again believers are called…haters…misguided…uneducated simpletons, Bible thumpers, fundamentalists and anything else negative. The lost get 70-80 years (if that) and then WHAT? HELL. And I do mean HELL in the worst of ways. What is so incredible…everyone has every choice just like you and me…but they CHOOSE hell. It would appear they are too busy with everything else to take a few moments and seriously consider their present position according to God, the CREATOR!

If you stand before a window in your house and one side seems a little skewed, you grab a “square” and place it in every corner and consider the measurement, one side is off. You “square” the incorrect side of the window and now everything looks correct. If you look at your house and it seems to lean to one side, you call a person that levels houses and then it looks correct. If you are sick, you go to a physician and talk with him about it and he prescribes medicine for you and you get better. If your washer does not work you call a technician that knows your machine and he fixes it and you able to wash again.

Everything is one way or the other. If your life is a mess, call Jesus Christ. HE created you and HE can fix you! Not only that, just like a tire on your car, when your body gives up and no longer works, Jesus Christ…will give you a new one…IF…You follow HIM!!

One way is…LIFE! The other way is…DEATH!


There is no better way to make this simple…for anyone! It is as simple as that and all the answers are in the Bible. Read it…use it…live by it. If you don’t, you will surely die by it. Every single person that has ever lived on this planet gets the exact same choice to make! You must make that decision BEFORE you die!

Follow Jesus Christ or Satan, one gets you Eternal Life…the other gets you Eternal Death! It’s as simple as that…YOU CHOOSE.

“As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord!”

I choose eternal life!