A Prophetic Dream? :: By Pete Rose

“Surely the Lord does nothing unless He first reveals it to his servants the prophets” (Amos 3:7).

“And it will come to pass after this that I will pour out My Spirit upon all mankind, And your sons and daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, and your young men shall see visions”(Joel 2:28).

I had an odd dream a few weeks ago. In this dream it seemed I was suspended in the sky at a considerable altitude, and I could see below me a wide expanse of water with three islands widely separated, two to the left and one to the right, with a black line separating the one on the right from the two on the left, and the one on the right closest from my viewpoint.

Then it seemed I heard a voice saying something about dropping bombs on one of the islands. It seemed something was happening to the island to my right, and I was able to zoom in on it as one would with a camera, and saw what I took to be Jesus sitting on top of a pile of rubble, looking disgusted. And the dream ended.

I woke up wondering if this dream had any prophetic significance, or was it just another crazy dream. The more I think about it the more I believe it does have some significance. I don’t consider myself to be a prophet, I have never operated in that office, but I do know enough about Bible prophecy to recognize something that ties in with it, and I believe this does.

Our pastor this past Sunday was preaching from Habakkuk, along the lines of how God deals with unrepentant sin, and particularly, national sin. First he will send warnings by His prophets, warning of calamity to come if they don’t repent. If they repent, God will withdraw his judgment. If they don’t, calamity will come, for the purpose of correction.

A good case in point for this is Nineveh. God sent Jonah to the Ninevites with one very simple message, “Yet 40 days and Nineveh will be destroyed.” The Ninevites to a one repented in sackcloth and ashes, and God withheld his judgment. However, the people of Nineveh went back into sin, and a hundred years or so later it was destroyed.

The book of Judges tells a story of the early history of Israel in the Promised Land, a continual cycle of disobedience, judgment, repentance, deliverance; then right back into sin and disobedience again. God wanted the Israelites to be a nation separated unto Him, a special nation to be an example to the other nations, to turn them to God. Instead, Israel turned to worshiping idols, and imitating the practices of all the wicked people around them.

God would send warning after warning by His prophets, the people would ignore the prophets-even kill them in some instances-then God would bring calamity on them. He would remove His hand of protection and allow foreign nations to invade and oppress Israel for years, until the people repented. Then he would send a judge who would deliver the Israelites from their oppressors.

When the Israelites went into sin again, He sent another hostile nation to attack and occupy Israel. After so much of this the whole nation was sent into captivity with most of the people forcibly moved to a foreign nation. Eventually God sent the Romans to destroy Jerusalem and scatter the Jews to all the nations of the earth.

America was founded on godly Christian principles and has been blessed as no other nation on earth in modern history. As an ally and supporter of Israel the USA has been doubly blessed. But in recent years this nation has changed, much for the worse. We have kicked God out of our public schools, out of our government, and out of pretty much all public life.

In some schools you are not allowed to mention the name of Jesus. Homosexual behavior and activity, once a hush-hush subject you didn’t talk about in mixed company, is now being taught in government schools as normal and healthy. God has condemned it as worthy of death. Romans 1:18-32 describes very well the downward path this nation has been on for the past 50 years or so.

· They [wicked people] suppress the truth in their sinfulness.

· Knowing Who God is, they refuse to worship Him and are unthankful.

· Their minds become muddled and confused.

· Professing to be wise they become fools.

· They worship idols made to look like beasts and birds and creeping things.

· God leaves them to their evil desires, to do vile things with each other.

· The people choose to believe lies instead of God’s truth.

· God turns them over to their shameful desires.

· Women abandon normal sex and indulge in sex with each other.

· Men do shameful things with each other, suffering the penalty they richly deserve [they get many diseases other people rarely get, and on average die about 30 years younger than people who don’t do such things.]

· God abandons them to their evil minds to do unmentionable things.

· They become filled with every kind of wickedness, greed, hate, envy… and a long list of other evils.

· Knowing such things are worthy of death, they go on doing them and take pleasure in others doing them.

And that is about where America is now. Homosexuals are parading their shame in the streets. Mothers are having their unborn babies murdered in their wombs, sacrificing them on the altar of convenience, either because they are the fruits of illegitimate activity or they just can’t be bothered with bringing the baby to term and raising it.

Greed is running rampant, pharmaceutical companies pushing dangerous and sometimes ineffective drugs and charging exorbitant prices for them while using strong arm tactics in an attempt to suppress competing natural products to boost their own profits. An illegitimate president sits in office leading this nation down the road to ruin.

Greedy corporations like Monsanto are pushing genetically engineered products devoid of nutrition and growing toxic chemicals on farmers, even allowing them to be planted near natural crops where they can cross pollinate and contaminate those fields, then suing the owner(s) into bankruptcy for violating their patents. And there are reports in alternative media that our government is engaged in experimenting with animal-human hybrids, in the quest to create a super soldier without the limitations of a natural human.

If God did not spare His own people Israel when they sinned, do you think He is going to spare America when we are doing the same sins they did and worse? I think not. There are many reports of foreign troops including Russians who are training in America, which could well become an occupying force if our illegitimate president decides to pull off a big false flag attack and declare martial law. There have even been reports that nuclear bombs have been planted around the country to be detonated at an opportune time. I cannot verify the credibility of these reports, they may be just speculation, and again, they may be true. But either way, we are living in very perilous times.

I believe this dream could well be a warning of what is going to happen to America if this nation doesn’t repent and turn back to God. As for Jesus’ disgust in the dream, God takes no pleasure in the death of the wicked, and His disgust may be that America refused to repent and so He had to carry through with this destruction.

How about you? What is your relationship with God? Have you ever received Jesus into your life as your Lord and Savior?

Jesus is coming back very soon to take those who are His back to heaven with Him, to a safe place of refuge while the rest of the world will go through seven years of hell on earth. God’s wrath is going to be poured out on this world during this time, and if you haven’t trusted Jesus into your life, you are going to be left behind to go through this time of horror.

I urge you, I beg you to turn to Jesus, to receive Him into your heart and life today, right now, if you haven’t already. The evacuation of all true Christians could take place literally at any minute. Do it now, before it’s too late. Where you go in eternity depends on what you do with this.

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