Poisoning the Body :: By Patrick Wyett

Something’s been happening to you all of your life. Look around, do you see it? No? Look again. It’s everywhere, in various forms, inundating both body and soul: Poison.

In the physical context poison encompasses many things. It’s in the air you breathe, the water you drink, the food you eat and the non-foodstuffs that you smoke, inhale, apply topically, ingest or inject. These temporary physical constructs that we inhabit, our bodies, are susceptible to the ravages of poisons. They dull the mind, make us sick, weak and susceptible to evil indoctrination. Lacking discernment, we’re worn down to the point that we won’t fight for ourselves, our children, our nation or God.

The scale of war being waged against you and your family is broad and well-planned. In the physical, it’s quite impressive; impressive for the fact that it’s happening and few even realize it. Everything appears “normal.” You’re assured that all is in order and everything being done is for your own good. After all, what you eat looks and tastes like food, water appears to be just that and the air is breathable. What more can you ask for?

How about the truth?

Most developed nations don’t fluoridate their water supplies, yet the US does. The industrial chemical, fluoride, is recognized by the FDA as a drug. Did you know that? As such, it’s a substance that can cause or contribute to arthritis, reduce thyroid function and lower IQs by damaging developing brains. Know anybody with arthritis or thyroid problems? You probably do. I won’t ask about brain damage as that answer is evident by the results of our past several elections. Here’s a surprise: Fluoride in water doesn’t prevent or lessen tooth decay. I know what you’ve been told, I’m telling you different.

Speaking of drugs in water, there are so many women on oral contraceptives, so many people on painkillers and psychotropic drugs that the simple act of human waste elimination is flushing these adulterating substances into our water supplies. Yeah, but our water’s treated, you might say. Yes it is, by a chemical cocktail that does eliminate certain biological hazards, yet the pharmaceuticals remain. These various substances by necessity have profound physiological and psychological effects; none for the good.

How about the food you’re eating? More and more of it isn’t food, its genetically modified organisms or GMOs. The basic DNA of vegetables like corn, are being altered, other genes being spliced in. Officially we’re told that such tampering increases farming yields (it doesn’t) and cuts down on the need for pesticides. You know why pesticides are lessened? Because the plant itself is producing the pesticide; bugs eat the crop/poison and die. Does that sound safe for you to consume? You’re getting a double-dose; GMOs are being fed to the livestock that you eat too.

Many nations have outlawed GMOs. Not the US, even though animal studies show organ failure, gastrointestinal and immune system disorders, infertility, accelerated aging, increase in food allergies and increased risk of cancer as the results of ingesting GMOs. Why in the world are we being subjected to this poisoning? Because “We the People” are an obstacle to one world government through what’s left of our Constitution and a Christian percentage of our population that will still say “no” to global governance.

Other nations have common sense and a self-survival instinct. We have Monsanto and the politicians that are willing to be bought by them. Pass the poison, please.

Ever heard the song that states, “All I need is the air that I breathe?” It’s time to change that tune. Do you know what chemtrails are? They are s a type of high tech crop-dusting except there’s no crop to dust, just infestations to neutralize. You and I are the infestations. Ingredients in chemtrails have included aluminum (implicated in Alzheimer’s and dementia), barium (a carcinogen), virally mutated molds, virally mutated fungi and even sedatives, amongst other things.

You might be thinking that targeted airborne spraying is too diabolical; who would do such a thing? Remember who your politicians are and what their agenda is. So too, government has a history of past “experiments” using unsuspecting populations as guinea pigs. This time though, chemtrails aren’t experiments, they’re the means to a desired outcome. Understand that elitists are carrying out Satan’s bidding and have no regard for human life, other than their own. You are a useless eater to them. Question answered?

Let’s not forget about Fukushima. Massive amounts of radiation are still being spewed into the air and ocean from three melted nuclear reactors with no end in sight. In fact the situation cannot get better, only worse; much, much worse. If and when stored fuel rods go critical, a massive unstoppable chain reaction will occur. This will be the top story that can no longer be ignored; a perpetual death generator of worldwide effects. Even now, radiation levels in the US are rising and animal die-offs are happening en masse around the globe. But since you can’t see radiation and since the government and its media lackeys aren’t raising an alarm, everything must be okay, right?

Recently I saw a Fukushima response piece on ABC while eating at a restaurant. I say “response piece” because the story was designed to assure us that everything in Japan is under control. The mere fact that they even ran a story on Fukushima is telling. Here’ a gem from the broadcast that sums up their “don’t worry, be happy” agenda. “While radiation in the ocean around Fukushima is a thousand times above normal levels, such water is still safe to drink and bathe in.”


As grim as things are, I had to chuckle, incredulous that anyone could spew such idiocy with a straight face. I mean it’s only radiation, working its way into water sources and the food chain. What possible harm could come from levels a thousand times over normal, and higher, other than cancer, tissue destruction and death? For crying out loud, it’s just radiation poisoning!

Be aware; Fukushima is an exponentially increasing catastrophe.

The next few paragraphs are going to needle some of you. Yes, I’m talking about vaccines. No, I’m not going to paint all vaccinations as unnecessary. Polio and Small Pox have been eliminated by inoculations. Incidences of Malaria and Dengue Fever have been reduced due to vaccines. Yet this yearly push to scare people into getting a flu shot is a lot more risk than reward. For starters, it’s only effective 6% of the time. Many get sick anyway, either from the vaccine itself or from the flu that you were supposedly vaccinated against. You see, viruses mutate, often into strains that the vaccine, even at its best, won’t protect against.

But that doesn’t seem to matter. The point is, to get the vaccines into your body any way possible. And because asking just isn’t enough anymore, vaccinations are becoming increasingly mandatory, such as with HPV in middle school girls or flu shots in certain medical fields. That’s right, a foreign, damaging substance being invasively introduced into your body through threat of imprisonment or loss of employment. Ask yourself this: Are you a person or a sheep? Respect the answer you just gave yourself.

Wait a minute. Did I just hear a bleat?

If a pandemic is declared, real, imagined or manufactured, laws are in place to physically force you to take a vaccination. What kind of force? At the muzzle of a gun, force.

Some byproducts of vaccines are autism, Guillain–Barré syndrome and other neurological and developmental problems. It’s important to note, all vaccines reduce immune function and cause genetic damage— all vaccines. How many veterans have returned from the Middle East with debilitating health issues caused by forced vaccinations? Add to their misery the resultant birth defects amongst their newborn children, which are horrific.

Want to know how much the powers-that-be care about you? Mercury is a known carcinogen and neurotoxin. Mercury is a preservative used in vaccines. What else could be in vaccines? Aluminum, squalene, ethylene glycol (antifreeze), formaldehyde and phenol (carbolic acid).

As bad as the “cure” is, the disease can be even worse. I just mentioned pandemics. Ever heard of biological weapons? These are natural pathogens that are genetically altered and or combined in laboratories to make them extraordinarily lethal and contagious. The former Soviet Union was a particular master at creating these super-killers, viruses that are one hundred percent fatal and to which there are no known antidotes. Many other nations, including the US, have their own expertise and stockpiles as well. Could such a weapon be released on humanity? Certainly.

Might some of the newer diseases and maladies we currently face have originated in labs? Quite likely but fear not.

“And I say unto you my friends, be not afraid of them that kill the body, and after that have no more that they can do. But I will forewarn you whom ye shall fear: Fear him, which after he hath killed hath power to cast into hell; yea, I say unto you, Fear him” (Luke 12:4-5).

Not all poisons act quickly. Some do their damage over time, breaking down minds and bodies in a thorough, incremental process of destruction. Sin is to the soul what poison is to the body. Of the two, sin is infinitely worse because its consequences are eternal.

“For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord” (Romans 6:23).

What I’ve described are some of the wages of sin. Humanity has earned these wages and Satan, within the confines of his power, is killing to pay them to us. God’s loving gift of His son is Jesus, which you and I haven’t earned. We don’t deserve it. What we deserve is justice which demands eternal damnation. Instead of that, God, through Jesus, offers us mercy and eternal life. But you must accept the gift of Christ’s atoning blood. It’s a choice you have to make.

“And if it seem evil unto you to serve the Lord, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord” (Joshua 24:15).

If you’ve made the choice to serve the Lord, maybe it’s time to validate that choice by going all in and make Jesus the top priority in your life. No more excuses. If you haven’t yet chose to serve the Lord, that’s also a choice that you’ve made.

Isn’t it?