Jesus Is the Jugular :: By Debbie Ruffini

First, I AM A SINNER! Everyone is born one; no getting around it. I deserve to burn in hell, sometimes I think more than anyone. The ONLY difference between me and another is that I have a Savior. And WE have a story to get out. No, HE has a message to get out. The same one He’s been telling for millennia.

But for some reason HE wants to use me, maybe because I’m not afraid to tell it like it is. I’m a witness warrior. When HE called this backslidden sinner back a few years ago I wondered, “What is going on?”

You see, I knew very little about this man named, Jesus, who died on a cross and arose three days later. But the Lord was drawing me to Him. I’d go to bed at night and all I could say was, “Lord, don’t give up on me!”

I got out the old dusty Bible my mom had given me for my birthday one year, and started reading. I tend to start at the ending, and I must have read the book of Revelation at least twenty times before I started Genesis!

During this time, I happened to catch the Left Behind movies on TBN. I wanted to know more and more. I had never been into computers, never turned one on, but I knew the best way to research was to get on the Web.

My uncle, whose job was IN computers, gave me an old laptop and set it up with a password. I had the Internet hooked-up and taught myself how to use Google. Within a day I found Rapture Ready!

I must have read for twelve plus hours a day! I was like a sponge. So, I read and read and read some more, and like Terry and Todd recommended, I had my Bible right there the whole time checking and cross checking. It took me four months to read all the back articles. Since then, my life hasn’t been the same.

However, during that time my health started declining. I was extremely stressed due to losing a series of jobs because the economy had forced them to go out of business. After five years of this, my nerves were shot!

In March of 2009, I started having terrible stomach pain which I attributed to stress. At first it happened about once a month, but then started to get closer and closer together. Around June, the pain had become so intense at time, I just wanted to die!

My prayer closet time is when I crawl into bed and just talk to Jesus. I was frustrated about the reactions I received when I tried to witness, so I told Him, “You’re going to have to do something drastic to get people to listen to me! And if Abraham trusted You enough to sacrifice his son when You had promised him a nation, then I trust You!”

Mind you, I didn’t even think about my abdominal pain or what the cause could be, but God had a plan.

The next Sunday was my grandson’s birthday dinner. I brought my own food to avoid things that would set my stomach pain off. As I indulged in a little homemade ice cream, I instantly felt an attack coming on, so I went into another room while he was opening his gifts. This pain was full blown!

My daughter, who is an RN, took one look at me and insisted we go to the emergency room. After tests were performed, I was told I had gallbladder stones and would need surgery. After giving me the name of a surgeon, we went home and I immediately started researching gall stones on my laptop. When I got up about 10 p.m. to take a break, I looked in the mirror and saw I was a bizarre shade of yellow!

Since I wasn’t in distress, I met my daughter in the E.R. the next morning, and explained my history. When my blood test came back the doctor was very alarmed at the results of my liver function.

He told us he called an ambulance to transfer me to a bigger hospital which could provide the emergency care I needed. He wouldn’t allow my daughter to drive me because my gallbladder could rupture on the way.

When I arrived, I was told that I was on standby for surgery and they would fit me in as soon as they could. I was to have two surgeries; the first to remove all the infection in my belly, as well as the stones. The next one would remove the gallbladder.

Simple, right? Well, again, the Lord had His own plans. I need to stop here and tell you throughout all of this, I was calm, cool, and collected. I knew the Lord was with me.

While I was waiting for surgery, I signed the usual consent forms. When I got to the part asking if you want to be resuscitated, I almost checked the box “no” but something stopped me. Just then, the surgeon came in, introduced himself and told me, “I’m not God, but I take Jesus in the operating room with me every time.” AND I JUST SMILED! I knew then, I was not alone.

So into the operating room we went. They started the anesthesia and I disappeared. All of a sudden, I opened my “eyes” to the brightest light I have ever seen or ever will until I’m back in heaven. I heard the doctors yell at me to, “Come back Debbie,” and “Don’t do this Debbie!” I tried to move but my body was paralyzed by the drugs.

Then, I headed out toward this gold something, off to my left. And I am up and over the most beautiful golden road, with flowers to the side of it. Then, just as fast, I was back in the O.R. but I sensed Jesus beside me! I can testify that when you take your final breath, you’re immediately with Him!

I didn’t get to see His face or touch Him, but I knew it was Him when He spoke to my heart. It’s rather difficult to explain, but He sent me back with a message and I’m going to tell it.

Just then, I saw the doctors shove my head to the left, and using a big piece of gauze, they shoved a huge syringe into my neck! I turned to Jesus and asked what they were doing. He spoke to my heart and I was satisfied with the answer. Then I heard a nurse say, “I’ve got to call her girls!” I turned to Him and said, “What girls?”

He answered and again, I was satisfied enough to shrug my shoulders. Then I asked Him, “Can we go home now?” You see, I didn’t remember anything about my earthly life. Nothing! Not even that I have three wonderful daughters or grandchildren. I just wanted to go home to heaven!

Well, of course He said, “NO! You have more work to do!” Since I knew there’s no point arguing with the Lord, I bowed my head and…I disappeared under anesthesia again. When I woke-up, all my girls, sons-in-law, grandchildren and aunt were in the room.

I couldn’t move or swallow due to the tube down my throat. I had been in a medically induced coma for two days, but when I awoke, my mind was crisp and clear and I could hear everything said. I was giggling inside because they were acting like I was dying, or, like I just did!

My youngest daughter was holding my hand and crying, promising to give me the haircut I had been wanting, if I’d just get better! I was busting a gut at this time laughing! Anyway, I needed some way to let them know I was okay, so I raised my arm and began making writing motions with my hand.

They got me a pen and an envelope to write on and among other things, I wrote the name of Jesus. I still keep that ragged envelope in my purse because it’s precious to me.

Later, as I was being readied to move into my hospital room, my youngest daughter and son-in-law came to see me. He is an EMT, so I started telling him everything I saw and heard while I was technically dead. He looked at me with his little amused smile and said, “Well, I can tell you what they were doing, but there’s no way you could have seen that!”

I shot back, “I just told you what I saw!” He went on to explain that when a person’s heart stops, their veins begin to collapse like dominoes, starting with the smallest to the largest, which is the jugular in your neck.

He continued, “If they don’t get the jugular secured open before it collapses, there’s no amount of anything they can do to bring you back. No shocking, no nada. You’re gone.”

I turned to my daughter and said, “By the way, I’m taking you up on that haircut!” Her jaw dropped as her husband laughed and told her, “I told you to be careful what you said because she could probably hear you.”

Folks, if you have a loved one that is unconscious, go ahead and talk to them. Chances are high they can hear and understand you, even though they can’t respond. Tell them about Jesus.

I later found out that I had gone into septic shock due to the severe infection, and the doctors had to use the defibrillator four times to get me back! The doctors stated they didn’t know why I’m still here. What should have been a two day hospital stay turned into ten.

After my scheduled stress test was normal—proving I had suffered no heart damage. I was waiting to be discharged when a nurse came running in the room. She was surprised I was going home so soon, and wanted to see how I was doing.

I looked at her and said, “You’re the voice! You’re the one who had to go call my girls” She looked wide-eyed at me and nodded…I just smiled at her.

I later found out the floor nurses who cared for me had assigned me a nickname. They called me: “The lady who walked with Jesus.” I hope and pray they’ll remember and do their own search to find out more about Him.

I have to finish my story by giving you some final details because everything the Lord showed me had a purpose.

The golden road was for a dear friend who has Down’s syndrome. When he comes to see me, we talk about Jesus; he was so worried when I was in the hospital. When I got out, he visited.

As we talked, he just kind of bowed his head and whispered, “I wonder if there are really gold roads in heaven?” I got to say, “YES DAVID! THERE ARE GOLD ROADS IN HEAVEN!” What a joy that was!

Another thing I want to say is this: When a loved one dies, they don’t come back and watch over you. If they had Jesus, they really don’t remember anything of this world. Remember I asked the Lord, “What girls?” I would have cried leaving my daughters, but there are no tears in heaven!

Finally, I want to mention the “life line,” our Jugular! Have you secured yours? HIS NAME IS JESUS! Let me testify that once you take your last breath, you’re in eternity either in heaven or hell. I know where I’m going, deserving or not. There’s not one thing I can do on my own to get there.

See, when my Savior said, “It is finished,” He already knew what I would be like. He died for ALL my sins, but you know, He Still loves me and He still wants me, warts and all! He loves you too.

I’m convinced the Lord planned my heavenly experience. If my son-in-law had not been an EMT, I would never have gotten the explanation of the importance of securing the jugular—the life line!

Like I said folks, I’m a sinner. I don’t deserve to go to heaven (especially lately.) I’ve been so angry with God for sending me back. I’m tired. I’m weary. But if the Lord can forgive this sinner, He can forgive anyone. All you have to do is cry out to Him! Ask Him to come into your heart. Things will never be the same, believe me!

Look around at this world. It’s obvious we’re running out of time. Where are you headed? Me? I’m going HOME!


Thank you to Donna Wasson for writing the article titled, “The Sheep are His.” That got me fired up enough to finally tell my story, and for all of her help in posting this!