A Primer on Islam – Part Two :: By Patrick Wyett

Warning: Some may find the content of this article offensive. Godly discretion and discernment is advised.

“And he [Ishmael, father of the Arabs] will be a wild man; his hand will be against every man, and every man’s hand against him; and he shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren” (Genesis 16:11).

In line with this prophecy and heritage, came Islam. It should be no surprise that Islam today functions exactly as Mohammed envisioned; a call for terrorism against non-Muslims. If you haven’t gotten it yet, understand it now, the words “Islamic” and “terrorist” are synonymous. You rarely find one without the other.

“We will cast terror into the hearts of those who became infidels (non-Muslims) because they partner [other gods, specifically Jesus] with Allah which he did not send down with any sultan [authority]. And their abode is the fire, and evil is the place of the unjust” (Surah 3:151).

According to Mohammed, all babies are born Muslim. If you’re not currently Muslim, then you became an infidel. Isn’t that convenient? At this early juncture, I want to familiarize you with some words and their meanings that will help you understand: “The great religion that preaches peace,” as President Bush shamefully described Islam.

The first word is “taqiyya” which is the Islamic principle that allows for lying. Taqiyya is useful to keep the peace, as in lying to your wife, or to further Islam by lying to enemies. Since lying isn’t morally wrong for a Muslim, traditional lie detector tests can be ineffective against them. They simply have no conscience against lying. As a non-Muslim, Bush wasn’t talking taqiyya (stupidity or ignorance maybe but not taqiyya).

The word “hudna” is an Islamic word meaning, a temporary peace treaty or truce for a specified period of time when Muslims are in an inferior military position and are being beaten. Strange, that this would ever happen as Mohammed assured Muslims that they will always prevail if Allah is with them. Yet since the rebirth of Israel in 1948, the numerically superior Muslims have been routinely trounced by the Israelis in every conflict. This is a very sore point of conversation amongst Muslims. Me, I find it humorous.

Using Israeli experience as an example; Muslims attack, the Israelis respond and get the upper hand in battle, the Muslims beg for peace. A truce is declared and the Muslims, despite great losses, declare victory. Here’s the victory; they’ve survived to fight another day. They use the peace to reorganize, re-arm and plan the next attack. There is no lasting peace with Muslims, only vigilant military strength to keep them at bay.

The word “hudna” originates from the Treaty of Hudaybiyyah which Mohammed signed with the defenders of Mecca. Being outnumbered and humiliated, Mohammed agreed to a ten year peace treaty with the Quraish tribe. He broke that treaty two years later when he had superior numbers and utterly conquered his enemies. Every peace treaty signed with infidels is hudna. Such treaties, truces and accords are not worth the paper they’re written on. As you can see, lying in various forms is a big part of Islam, which is not surprising as Jesus declared Satan to be “the father of all lies.” In that vein his “prophet” Mohammed is a worthy adopted son.

But what about when Muslims are winning, in battle?

“So do not be weak and do not call for peace when you have the upper hand. And Allah is with you and he will not leave from you your work” (Surah 47:35).

No mercy to the vanquished.

“They (non-Muslims) are cursed wherever they are caught, seized and killed, slaughtering” (Surah 33:61).

There is no way to overstate the inhumanity and barbarity of Islam. It is evil at a level most can’t fathom until they experience it firsthand.

“So when you meet those who became infidels, so strike the necks (beheading) until you make a great slaughter among them. So firmly bind them” (Surah 47:4A).

This sort of grisly admonition, as shown, is one of the few consistencies in the Quran and occurs throughout it. In staying with this theme, you’ve no doubt heard of “jihad.” Some taqiyya-practicing Muslim may have told you that jihad refers merely to a Muslim’s internal struggle. Sure it does. Perhaps the Quran can give us a more accurate definition of the word, you know, the one that Muslims abide by.

“Those believers [Muslims] who stay [do not fight] other than those who are substantially injured are not equal to those who perform jihad for the sake of Allah with their money and their lives. Allah favors those who perform jihad with their money and lives above those who stay [do not fight] to a higher degree” (Surah 4:95a, emphasis mine).

Performing jihad is obviously a call to wage holy war against infidels. A man physically unable to perform jihad must contribute money to jihad. We’re told elsewhere in the Quran that he who neither performs jihad nor contributes money to those that do will go to hell. Dying in jihad is the only sure way to get to the Garden; the Muslim paradise. In the Garden, Muslims will have their choice of perpetual virgin women and handsome young boys. Yes, I said young boys. I’ll get to that in more detail a bit later.

Unless you’re a martyr in Islam, you have no assurance of getting to the Garden. For such a Muslim, Allah will lay out two scrolls, one of your good deeds and one of your sins. The longer list determines either the Garden or hell for you.

Another word to be aware of is: fatwa. A fatwa is an Islamic religious ruling that can be issued by any recognized Islamic religious authority. Even your local Imam can issue a fatwa, which carries the weight of Islamic jurisprudence with it. An example of a fatwa, is a death sentence issued against those who insult Mohammed, Allah or Islam, such as the one issued against Salman Rushdie. A couple of disturbing fatwas have recently come out of Egypt. One allows a husband to have sex with his dead wife for up to six hours after her death. The other allows a man to have sex with animals as long as the animal is killed afterwards and the meat, if applicable, isn’t sold in his own village.

Might I suggest a vegetarian dish if visiting a Muslim country?

Sexual perversity is an integral part of Islam. This is going to be somewhat straightforward and graphic:

You’ve probably heard that homosexuality is forbidden. Well, yes and no. The key here is defining who is homosexual. Pardon my bluntness but the man giving “it” is not the homosexual, according to Muslim theory, just the man taking it. Boys are another matter. Young boys epitomize the ultimate sexual object in Islam. In Afghanistan young boys are dressed up like women and made to dance in front of rich and powerful degenerates in a ceremony known as Bacha Bazi. The boys are then sold to these perverts for sex. Remember the choices a Muslim gets in the Garden?

I was told of a Muslim saying while living in Kuwait, “Women are for babies, men (or boys) are for fun.” I was also told that many Middle Eastern Muslim men are bisexual. Now couple this demonic sexual appetite with a madrasa, or Muslim school of learning for boys. The pedophile clerics who run these madrasas routinely prey on the boys sent there, with nothing and no one to stop them. Don’t believe me? Look it up.

What about girls and women in the Muslim world?

Taking a child bride was legitimized by Mohammed himself. As a result, this debauchery is standard operating procedure in Islam. Recently an eight-year old in Yemen died on her wedding night from sexual trauma inflicted by her forty-year old husband. There had been a law passed to place the minimum age to marry at age 17. It was repealed because it was “un-Islamic.”

Throughout the Quran, females are degraded, insulted and subjugated. Women are said to have only half the intelligence of men, and only get half the inheritance and it takes the testimony of two women to equal one man. Women must be covered. Their husbands can beat them. Women can be murdered in an honor killing for suspected infidelity, apostasy, disobedience and a variety of other things. A Pakistani girl recently ran away from home after years of being raped by her father. She was convinced to return by relatives, promising her no harm would come to her.

She died two days later, poisoned to death by her brother for alleged “immoral and suspicious activities.” (In other words, an Islamic-sanctioned, honor killing on behalf of this incestuous, rapist father.)

In yet another instance of Islamic justice for women; a thirteen-year old girl in Somalia was gang-raped by three men in 2008. She reported this to her Muslim tribal chief. The girl was charged with adultery and publicly stoned to death in a soccer stadium by 50 men. Her rapists were not charged. This is Islam.

Mohammed was first married at age 25 to Khadija, a wealthy 40 year-old woman who also was his employer. I don’t know the details, but I’m guessing Mohammed didn’t like being in subjection to a woman. I say this because the Quran and Hadith support misogyny in every instance.

Be warned, the next two paragraphs are graphic.

There’s a practice that Muslims refer to as “female circumcision” (more commonly known as female genital mutilation). Some Muslim scholars say that it’s permissible, others say that it’s obligatory (legally and religiously required). What is it? The female, anywhere from infancy to age 15, is forcibly held down. The clitoris is cut out with a razor or knife, no anesthesia administered, no medical setting. The labia can also be cut off or left in place. Whichever, the opening to the vagina is sewn closed, leaving only a small opening near the rectum for menstruation, urination and intercourse. When a pregnancy occurs, the mutilated female is cut open for the birthing process then sewn back up.

Why, you ask? So a woman can get no pleasure from sex. It makes her less likely to commit adultery and it emphasizes who’s in charge. It’s all about the man. Also that smaller opening more closely approximates the size of boy’s anus. You now know more than you want to. But you need to know it. There needs to be no doubt in your mind what Islam is.

What is the goal of Islam? Nothing less than world domination: The entire world, everyone, everywhere.

On this centuries-long quest, Islam has dominated the Middle East, northern Africa, western Asia and made deep forays into Europe during its rise to power. Mohammed founded Islam in 610 AD. In 734 the advancing Muslim army was finally repulsed at Tours France, just south of Paris. Between the 11th and 16th centuries, it’s estimated that over 100 million Indians died in the ensuing wars when jihad reached the Indian sub-continent. A second great European conquest was initially and finally stopped in 1529 at Vienna, Austria and permanently driven back from there in 1683. Yet despite military defeats, the stated goal hasn’t changed. Muslims, like Satan, are relentless.

In a moment of unusual candor, Omar M. Ahmad, founder of CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, stated, “Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith but to become dominant. The Quran, the Muslim book of scriptures should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on earth.” There you have it. I’ve told you what Islam is, Omar Ahmad has told you what it wants.

You have seen jihad in America during 9/11 and the mass shooting at Fort Hood by admitted Muslim jihadist Major Hasan Nadal (the White House claims it was ‘workplace violence” not a terrorist attack).Yet there is another form of jihad, a more subtle, insidious version called: Cultural Jihad.

It’s exactly as it sounds, waging holy war against an infidel’s culture; destroying that society and nation from within. This is accomplished by Muslim immigration (infiltration), both legal and illegal, into non-Muslim countries. These immigrants are called “settlers.” They are not relocating to assimilate into the host population. They are there to destroy the values and laws of the host population and assimilate them into Islam and Sharia Law. In Star Trek parlance, Muslims are the Borg.

Once allowed into a nation, Muslims aggressively outbreed the native population. It becomes only a matter of numbers and time. In Europe, Islam is spreading through immigration, high birthrates and active recruitment. The results? Violent, Muslim rioting in France and Sweden. In Norway, 70% of all rapes are committed by Muslim immigrants. To the Muslim mind, an unveiled woman is asking to be raped, such women even being called “uncovered meat” by an Australian Muslim cleric.

In Britain, a soldier was simply walking to his barracks. Two Somali Muslims ran him down from behind in their car, then got out and attempted to behead him with knives and a meat cleaver. The soldier died this way in broad daylight, as shocked pedestrians looked on. Surprised? Why would you be? This is Islam.

Some projections have Europe becoming majority Islam, by population, within decades using current growth projections. Before then, infected nations will either acquiesce to Muslim demands, as some are doing now, or be forced to fight for their survival, while they still can. It must be noted, any land that falls under Islamic control is forever considered Muslim land. Retaking lost lands from the “occupying” infidel is of the highest priority by every means at the Muslim’s disposal, whether it be chemical, biological or nuclear.

What about the US? There are, at best estimate, three million Muslims living in the US right now. As of 2010, there were 2106 mosques, a number that has increased since then. See them for what they are: Terrorist recruitment and training centers. So too, Islam is the fastest growing religion in our penal system. You can watch videos of Muslims performing their blood ritual, Ashoura, on American soil. The Quran, history and current events show us where all of this is leading.

Trivia question: What does our current president, U.S. Congressman Keith Ellison, CIA Director John Brennan, Homeland Security Advisor, Mohammed Elbiary and former Chief of Staff Hillary Clinton aide, Huma Abdelin, all have in common? They’re all Muslims or Muslim sympathizers. Why don’t people know or care?

Islam has a well-funded, well-organized public relations campaign that is ongoing; websites, media and paid-for apologists. Combine this with generous Saudi and Turkish donations to various institutions of higher learning and hundreds of millions of dollars for Islamic cultural centers. Yes, cultural jihad at its most sophisticated, all in preparation for real jihad. Don’t be fooled. Don’t pretend it’s not happening.

Muslims are murdering Christians, systematically exterminating them in the Middle East and elsewhere. A persecuted Christian in Central African Republic recently said, “They’re (Muslims) slaughtering us like chickens.”

The answer here and everywhere is simple but requires fortitude and resolve: Deport all foreign-born Muslims. Ban converts from politics, the judiciary and law enforcement/military service as domestic terrorists (which by the declarations of their “faith” makes them). Tear down all mosques. Does this sound radical? You’ve been conditioned to the detriment of your own faith, family and nation to think so. The First Amendment does not protect a totalitarian system of governance masquerading as a religion that seeks to overthrow our Constitution. Islam is sedition against God and country. Take a stand or do nothing.

Ignore the information presented and consider me paranoid, delusional and an islamophobe. Pretend the horrific slaughter and torture against Christians around the world at the bloody hands of Muslims isn’t really happening. And by all means, tell yourself it can’t happen to you. Not here. Not now. Not ever.

“Who will rise up for me against the evildoers? Or who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity?” (Psalm 94:16)

Friends, will you stand for the one true God of the Bible against this blasphemy or will you kneel, literally, before the sword of Islam?