How Close Are We, Really? :: By Camilla Smith

It was one of those brisk, gloomy November days today. The clouds were thick and oppressive and the leaves were blowing and the wind was gusting. Can you stand yet another walking while listening to gospel music story? As the blustery breeze chilled my bones, the song “Midnight Cry” by Jason Crabb, came on the player. The first lines, “I hear the sound of a mighty rushing wind…” overtook me and the tears welled up. But more on that later.

First, I don’t know how many of you caught the debate/forum on TBN this past weekend, including Dr. David Reagan, Bill Salus, Gary Stearman and Pastor John Hagee. If you missed it, two words—Google it. After a very detailed discussion about the coming four blood moons, their significance and what may revolve around this historic “signal” from God, the debate turned into an all-out declaration that “Jesus Is Coming Soon!” The panelists each spoke of why they believe we are in the season of Jesus’ return and the decision was unanimous—we are there!

Second, if you did not catch The Hal Lindsey Report this weekend, featuring Hal’s interview with the late, great Jack Kinsella, I have three words for you—Google that too. Mr. Lindsey and his “spiritual son” carried on a fascinating tete-a-tete about the times we are living in and the difference between other “end times” scenarios of history and our present generation. The conclusion: We are the generation. Chilling, thrilling, absolutely exhilarating!

Now to the purpose of this article. Once again, I am writing this after feeling much distress regarding the condition of our nation’s psyche. Dr. Jeremiah in his message on depression yesterday, stated that 1 in 20 adults in America are being treated for depression. He said it is epidemic. I don’t know the statistics, but in my line of work, I would say it is more like 10 in 20. Maybe higher. The age group: 18 to 44-year-olds, although to my astonishment, I typed a report on a five-year-old with anxiety today. And the age group obviously extends into middle-aged and senior adults as well.

Why? What is the foreboding feeling that is invading our minds and dragging us down to the depths of despair? I believe it is a multitude of things. First and foremost, Satan has attacked this earth with his last-ditch effort to take souls to hell with him when he is ultimately defeated by God. Here in this world, political maneuvering is bringing us to the brink of government control in more ways than one, and people are sensing this. IF there ever was any security in government, it is gone now. That has to take a toll on the affect of the average person.

We don’t have anyone to depend on. Oh sure, the government will “take care” of us, but is that really what we want? When the trust is gone, what is left? Our worldly security blanket is gone. You can’t even count on your retirement funds. You can’t even rely on your savings. You can’t feel secure in your job. Food, gas, insurance, taxes and other cost of living prices are through the roof and income and investments are down (well there’s the stock market but who can bank on that?).

I don’t know how people who don’t have the promise of a risen Savior even make it through one day. It is hard enough when you do have the comfort and shelter that comes with the promise of redemption through Jesus Christ.

But here is the reason for my waterworks today. As Christians, we are being pried from this world on a daily basis by God Almighty, and as we are being mentally, emotionally and spiritually detached, we are bound to feel some sense of loss. Loss of friends, loss of family members of whose salvation we are not assured. Okay, I will say it, loss of pets. I know, that’s ridiculous, but while I was walking around our yard today with my two collies, I felt a great sense of grief come over me while thinking about the souls who will be left here after the Rapture…and my dogs. I know God provides for His own. I know some kind person will take care my pups, although I would rather they just have a coronary after they notice I am gone, and be gone too. Somebody has to say it. It is ludicrous to think about, but I think about it. Some of you do too.

But even so, the REAL tragedy is the fact that we will not be able to lead some of those around us to Jesus before it is too late. And that is all there is to it. It is a cause for great anguish and lamentation and sometimes it is nearly physically painful. It is natural to mourn, I suppose.

I came across a young teenaged girl the other day who flat out told me she did not believe in God. It broke my heart and I have been haunted by it ever since. She talked about wizard and witch TV shows that she likes to watch, fantasy and fairytale books that she likes to read, supernatural games that she likes to play and a pair of 13-year-old lesbians in her class. None of this shocked me. But when she said she did not believe in God, I was crushed. I put my arm around her and told her that there is a God and He loves her very much. Stay tuned for an update on that one.

All these things cross my mind while I am outdoors exercising. I suppose it is therapeutic. I know it is physically therapeutic, but sometimes it is mentally and emotionally draining. Are we just going to live in this limbo until Jesus returns? Well I guess we are and I guess we will have to fall on our knees and ask God for strength and wisdom when these times of sorrow and bereavement overcome us. I was nearly overcome with it today. But then a funny thing happened. The music touched my soul again. First, as I was winding down my walk it was “Until Then”…and the words “Until then, my heart will go on singing…” All right, I am beginning to cheer up now.

But it was on the last lap of my walk, when one of the three secular songs I have on my music player began playing. There is that smile…it was R.E.O. Speedwagon’s, “Roll With The Changes” which came blaring through the ear buds like a sweet drink of water. Oh yes it did. Now I am not saying that God would send me a 1970s classic rock and roll song to alleviate my somber mood (but then I’m not saying He didn’t). God knows when we just can’t take any more, doesn’t He? His timing is always impeccable.

And so I jogged, not walked, that last lap. Oh yes I did. And in my mind, I thought, “Keep on rollin’ ” people…He is coming soon!”