Discouraged? :: By Donna Wasson

Boy, oh boy, do I wish I could have my eyes opened to see the spiritual activity that’s happening in the world these days. The overwhelming attacks against Christians the past few weeks are evidence demons are bouncing off the proverbial walls in some kind of frenzy. I can’t tell you the number of emails I’ve received from folks whose lives and circumstances suddenly seem to be falling apart around them.

It’s even occurring in my own family. These past three weeks have been, quite frankly, hell! Some of the incidences are serious, but a lot of what’s happening is little, niggling, irritating stuff that makes you want to pull your hair out and go hide under the covers! I’ve been around long enough to recognize the difference between the normal stuff that goes wrong as a result of living on this fallen earth and a demonically inspired attack, and these are blatant attacks.

The filthy little minions of lucifer are working overtime not only against us, but from what I can surmise, Christians in general. The sense I get is, they know the time they’ve looked forward to for thousands of years is finally here, and they’re eager to get the party started! Satan is this close to enjoying his heyday with his perverted trinity, he can hardly stand it! Only problem is, we’re still here!

The evil is palpable now and increasing exponentially every day, but the Tribulation can’t officially break open until Holy Spirit filled Christians are out of the way. And MAN, is that making the kingdom of darkness crazy! There is no doubt in my mind that the antichrist is waiting in the wings to be revealed. The False Prophet is already parading around in his churchy-royal robes and funny hat, blabbing the ecumenical, pluralistic lie that God is whatever you believe He is.

Our monetary system is being propped up artificially with the Federal Reserve printing money as fast as their little machines can spit it out. Every country in the world blames Israel for all the tension in the Middle East, including the United States government. It seems that Netanyahu is finally getting the message that Israel stands alone and cannot count on America to have her back.

The continuous radioactive fallout from Fukushima is literally poisoning the Pacific Ocean, with the damage spreading all the way to the West Coast of the U.S. Of course, Japan’s government and our Environmental Protection Agency don’t want people to freak out, so they kindly decided to redefine how much radiation is damaging for human beings to come in contact with. It appears we’re much heartier now days because the levels they specify as safe, keeps climbing. I guess they’ll get concerned when we start giving birth to children with three eyes.

Dr. Arjun Srinivasan, Associate Director of the Centers for Disease Control, recently stated that the world is officially in the “post antibiotics era.” This is because people and animals have been overmedicated for so long, the bacteria we have now are resistant to these lifesaving drugs. He said “There are patients for whom we have no therapy, and we are literally in a position of having a patient in bed who has an infection, something that five years ago, even we could have treated, but now we can’t.” This, my friends, is horrifying!

We’re all aware that nature is convulsing; the weather is crazy. Earthquakes are occurring every day, and volcanoes all over the earth have awakened with some rumbling threats and others spewing their temper tantrums high into the air. Innumerable animals and aquatic life are dying off, with little to no explanation.

The economies of the world are in shambles with people wildly rioting in the streets when their government goodies are cut off. Just a week or so ago, EBT or food stamp cards, went offline for several hours, prompting near riots and the mass looting of a couple of Walmart stores in Louisiana. Scary thing is people reacted like that after only a few hours!

It’s my understanding that the amount of money to be credited to these cards will be cut by as much as 36% on November 1st. No doubt, there are going to be some mighty hacked off people when they realize their food stamps have been cut. Imagine what will happen when the Powers That Be turn those cards off for good! People get crazy and violent when they don’t receive what they feel they’re entitled to, and all the more so when they start getting hungry.

Weird sounds are still being heard all over the earth. Loud, bizarre metallic scraping sounds or hammering noises are being recorded on You Tube, and thus far, NO one has been able to isolate what the sounds are or where they are coming from. In my opinion, these sounds are a physical manifestation of battles being fought in the spiritual dimension, with the noise bleeding over into our world.

Then, there’s that huge comet ISON, with a debris field eight times the size of earth that will pass by in late November. Scientists are not able to accurately predict the possible effect the gravitational pull of this comet will have on earth, nor the consequences we’ll endure when the debris in its tail begins to hit us. After all, it only passes by every 3600 years or so. Regardless of the ramifications, it will be one heck of a show!

Do I really need to detail the insanity coming out of Washington D.C. these days? If the occupant of the White House can possibly make a decision that is against the best interests of the American people, he’ll do it. I can say with all honestly that I cannot think of ONE policy or foreign relations move he’s made that has been positive for this country and our citizens. He is hell-bent on destroying this republic and our way of life, and our elected representatives are doing little more than spinning on their thumbs as they enable him to “fundamentally transform this country.”

Despite its name, the (Un) Affordable Care Act, A/K/A, Obamacare, has very little to do with health care. It will destroy what has been a source of pride for America; inarguably the finest, cutting edge medical knowledge and technology in the world. The sheeple who voted for this New World Order destroyer-puppet are finally beginning to snap out of their Obama-zombie-love-trance, as they personally suffer the repercussions of the lies he sold them. They aren’t going to get ‘free’ healthcare, as was their impression. Au contraire. Their costs will triple and quadruple, and their deductibles will follow suit. How’s that “hope and change” working out for you folks?

Obamacare is all about control of the masses; the confiscation of highly detailed, personal information on every American, which will be stored and used against citizens in the future. During the Tribulation, the antichrist will have access to every aspect of people’s lives. Those who don’t toe the New World Order line will be eliminated. Patriotic, Constitution loving Christians will be enemy number one.

We are already being castigated and maligned every day in the military. Highly decorated Generals, along with other high ranking officers from all branches of the service, are currently being fired or forced into retirement by this administration. Contrary to the trumped up charges against them, the real reason they are being culled is the Powers That Be know they will remain loyal to the American people in the event the military were ordered to fire on its own citizens. The ranks are being filled with ignorant, gung-ho, government myrmidons who won’t question orders or buck authority when they receive an unconstitutional dictate to invade private homes, and disarm the citizens.

We can see how the New World Order society is shaping up. After the rapture of the Bride, those who turn to Christ and refuse to give their allegiance to the antichrist, will be hunted down and exterminated under the excuse that they are unloving, bigoted, homophobic and dangerous. Because they’ll steadfastly adhere to the fact that Jesus is the ONLY way to the Father, they will be seen as hateful and divisive, and considered to be a threat to the peaceful new society and therefore, worthy of death.

The attitude that people of excellent moral character should be punished is pervasive even now within the military and our universities. As time goes on, that sentiment will only grow stronger.

OK, enough doom and gloom. We who are watching and waiting for our Lord to call us home can feel in our gut that our time on this miserable earth is winding down, and many of us even sense a major game-changer coming soon. However the increasing evil pressing us down every day is excruciating and the satanic attacks are extremely discouraging. As I said before, the minions of satan are busy little beavers right now, getting ready for the dragon, beast and false prophet to exert their full influence and authority on this earth.

There are those of us who want nothing more than to complete our task here and vamoose to heaven. There is nothing on this earth that holds any enchantment or power over our hearts now. We’re ready to lay everything in this life down and walk away; the rest of the world can have it all. We just want to go home but again, we’re in the way.

And that, my friends, is the very reason we’re being attacked personally. While we remain on this earth, these demonic attacks are highly likely to increase in number and severity because we’re tinkling on satan’s parade. Funny thing is, I can assure the forces of evil the doorknob won’t be hitting any of us in the back when Jesus calls us up!

There are times I get discouraged and disgusted and am tempted to throw in the towel, but then I think, “Where else would I go? Who else would I serve??” Although I am beyond weary of waiting, there IS no alternative for those who’ve been made into new creatures. Paul understood this kind of discouragement.

In 2 Corinthians 4:8-9, he states “We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed; we are perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down, but not destroyed…”

What we’re experiencing isn’t new to believers throughout the ages, so while we continue to wait we MUST discipline ourselves to move our gaze away from the things of this life, to the promises and reality of heaven. That’s the only way we’ll survive and flourish until our Groom snatches us home.

Remember what 2 Corinthians 4:16-18 says: “For which cause we faint not, but though our outward man perish, yet the inward man is renewed day by day. For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, worketh for us a far exceeding and eternal weight of glory; while we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are temporal; the things which are not seen are eternal.”

I’m confident that all the disappointments and burdens we carry in this life will be quickly forgotten when we get our first glimpse of our heavenly home. These days sometimes feel endless and quite frankly, I’m really sick of this life.

However, I can feel in my bones that our time here is almost done. We can’t allow fatigue and discouragement to cause us to give up, right before our reward is about to come to fruition. Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus. Seriously. Hurry up, please!

author: bensmomi99@gmail.com