My Plea to Be Set Free! :: By Lucie Kirouac

When looms distress, in you must I rest.

Close… to Emmanuel, I can remain well.

As my dear Companion, from you I learn.

Your wonderful grace gives me courage.

In your tender care, I should not despair.

At your altar, I feel near you, my Father.


Speak… your Word, I will move forward.

Your great light…in me remains bright.

At your feet, should I never know, defeat.

In my sorrows, show me your rainbows!

As all my weaves die, I look up to your sky.

In deep loneliness, you are my nearness.


As humans fail me, please reassure me.

Bring to my entire being…your healing.

In my life’s seasons, I need compassion.

Your warm embrace helps me to face.

When sheep hurt me…comfort me.

When I cry, please, wipe my tears dry.


As your creature, bright is my future.

In your great justice abides peace.

You yearn to erase painful emotions.

When I’m vulnerable, you are able.

Allow all…defeat to fall at your feet.

If I fear men, all of my heart you amend.


Born was I to often death defy.

In your love, I was your dove!

Sadness was always relentless.

My broken heart was my part.


Your creations speak of heaven.

Your great mercy touches me.

In all your truth do I have root.

From error, you’re my Protector.

As we fail, always…you prevail.

Your pardon…is my salvation.


By your mercy, I’m now set free.

At your…side, will I ever abide!

Thank you Father, be honored.

Make your bride worthy of your pride.