Let’s Get Real :: By Camilla Smith

Soul searching time. Time to really get down to the bare bones about a subject that we know as “The Rapture.” True believers are anxiously anticipating the return of Jesus. Why? That is a good question. Let’s elaborate on that a little bit. Let’s have a dialogue. I have come across some rather disturbing comments, suggestions and unnerving conversations about this very subject that is supposed to bind believers together. I guess it bothered me enough to jot it down and think it through.

This is a tough subject to write about. It is complex. When we really dig deep and circumvent the obvious, some of the undertones of the subject are not so pleasant. So let’s just lay it out there.

Why are you excited about Christ’s return?

Do you long to see your loved ones who have passed away? Are you desperate to escape the daily toils and burdens of this world? Are you so excited to see the perfection of Heaven you can hardly stand it? Are you desiring absolute peace? No sadness, no pain? Are you just tired of it all?

Are you anxious to see the wicked punished? Do you want to be proven right? Finally, everyone will know. We were right. Oh my. I hope that is not the answer.

Here is the answer. Justice. Justice for Jesus. Justice for our sweet, precious Lord and Savior who lived a perfect, sinless, redemptive life. Redemptive for us! Then, He went through the unimaginable agony of an excruciating death, nailed to a gnarled piece of tattered tree and limb. Pierced through his hands, punctured through his feet. All this after He was mercilessly beaten, whipped and scourged. Fathom that for a moment or two. Think on the misery, the battering, the cruel, inhumane, and utterly unjust punishment that Jesus endured before His life slipped away, hanging on that cross.

His name has been maligned, vilified, twisted, tortured, blasphemed, defamed, taken in vain, stomped on and stamped out until we have put His suffering and death at the bottom of the list of the reasons for which we await His return. For His church, the pain, the humiliation, the anguish and the sacrifice that Jesus Christ endured as a Lamb should be the single most important motive we have for eagerly awaiting His return as a Lion! Justice—finally, for Jesus. Evil defeated. Jesus exalted. Satan is bound. Jesus is Master. Prince of darkness eradicated. Prince of Peace Reigns!

All these two thousand years, believers have looked up as their redemption draweth near. Now that our Lord is standing at the cusp of the greatest moment in history, waiting to gather His Church home, we need to examine our souls and collect our thoughts about why we really look forward to His return. For us, my friends, I believe it should tug on our heartstrings and convict us like never before. His sacrifice. His mercy. His suffering. His death. His resurrection. Let me emphasize that again. Jesus’ resurrection was the first justice. His calling home of His church and subsequent second coming will gloriously be the final justice. And what can you say about that? There are not words. Simply justice. Full circle. Completeness. Utter joy.

There is nothing wrong with longing to be reunited with our loved ones. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be in Heaven in perfect peace and abundant beauty. We would not be human if we did not want to be free from the madness and insanity that is suffocating our world today. Who does not want a respite from the sorrow and pain that undermines us in this life? The darkness and oppression are smothering us, and I dare say, there is not one of us who does not want to see Satan meet his demise and procure never-ending destruction in eternal torment. I feel confident about that one.

But for me, my heart sings and I want to weep and drop to my knees when I think of the most magnificent moment when Jesus is lifted up to His proper appointment. The appointment that will bring us all together in the end, knowing that yes, justice has been served, righteousness has won, and we as children of The King, can praise His name and glorify Him in righteous esteem and endless tribute.

His time has come. The end is near. Yearn for it. Pray for it. Weep for it. Make the most of it. We haven’t much time left to bring souls into His Kingdom. So utilize it. Draw closer to Him and pray for God to give you abounding opportunity to witness. Seek out those around you who do not know The Lord and tell them about the only path to eternal life. The Holy Spirit will lead you. Listen to Him.

If you do not know Jesus as your Lord, pray to Him. Ask Him to become your Savior and forgive you of your sins. He will take over your life and you will be changed forever. Peace will wash over you and you will desire to know Him fervently and exclusively. Follow Him and know that your eternity is now sealed with the promise of Heaven.

And look up, for justice is coming. Justice is coming soon.