A Kingdom without End, Amen :: By Pete Garcia

“Why do the nations rage, and the people plot a vain thing? The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the Lord and against His Anointed, saying, “Let us break their bonds in pieces and cast away their cords from us” (Psalm 2:1-3).

It has not been lost on me, that the United States is/was the greatest nation on the face of the planet and in the history of the world. Not even at the height of Rome’s imperial power, could she match the dedication to keeping a republic governed by laws, guarantor of personal liberties and to the standard of living we have achieved. As a nation of immigrants, we attracted the best and brightest this world had too offer, and in so doing, we became the unparalleled leader in education, technology, innovation and the arts.

So, are we to believe that a nation that split the atom and broke the sound barrier, sent a man to the moon and created the Internet can’t somehow solve the issues that seemingly are unfixable today? Solving illegal immigration is a bridge too far? Balancing the budget now is on the same equivalent as putting a man on Jupiter? We know how to fix the problems; those who have the ability to fix them aren’t brave enough. We KNOW what to do to fix the problems, but we just refuse to do it. As I said, these problems aren’t by chance, but were designed to put us into an unwinnable situation.

It’s a Small World…After All

Imagine that you think that all empires are intrinsically bad, and the only way to fix starvation, pestilence, wars, and other global problems facing our planet, is to first rid the world of competing interests, which all nations and empires have. Every nation wants to be on top and that is the problem. If you had just one system, then you would remove nationalism, and by default, remove wars and other afflictions competing empires have. That is the rub with globalists, in that they really believe that what they are doing—is for the better good.

I don’t think they are sitting behind closed doors, smoking cigars, twiddling their fingers while devilishly laughing trying to figure out how they can dominate the huddled masses…Well, maybe George Soros but as for the rest of them, I think they have good intentions. But we all know what lines the path to hell.

Our enemies know that they can’t go toe to toe with us militarily, so they have had to look for soft spots in our national armor. Going back as far as the middle of the 18th century, they (globalists) have sought to make us more European with a central bank. And so one after the other, attempts were made to bring a central bank online, which fortunately, Presidents Andrew Jackson through William McKinley, were able to keep at bay. The 1913 Federal Reserve Act, which was passed in Congress on Christmas Eve, had just enough members present to make a quorum to pass it.

European globalists have been seeking our demise ever since we became a nation in 1776. They hate our Constitution because first and foremost, we recognized that our rights didn’t come from men, but from God. They hated our Constitution because it brilliantly defeated their attempts at bringing us back under the thumb of the European powers from whence our founders had come out of. Many of our founders knew first hand what tyranny is. They knew because they had grown up under it. Their parents and grandparents grew up under it. They knew history and they knew that one tyranny after another had reared its ugly head in Europe, which is why they were able to specifically, pinpoint and articulate the powers our government could and could not have.

This is why a frontal assault would never prevail against us. European globalists, and later, American globalists had to work to redefine and reshape men’s understandings not just about political liberty, but religious and philosophical as well. Their “ace in the hole” if you will, was progressive-liberalism. They knew that the US Constitution was too powerful an argument to overcome by force, so they sought a backdoor to make inroads into the hearts and minds of American’s. Their liberalistic ideations came over the Atlantic to our universities and seminaries and began spreading like an ideological black plague in our most prestigious educational institutions (Harvard, Yale, Columbia). Since the founders were largely Christians, the Constitution is based both on the concept of Western (Greek-Roman) styled government, with Judeo-Christian values. This is what the globalists had to destroy first by relentlessly pursuing these three key agendas:

1. Attack the validity of the Bible. Promote ecumenicalism through existentialism, neo-orthodoxy, and the social gospel.

2. Replace Judeo-Christian philosophy with secular humanism, Biblical Creation with Darwinian Evolution, and Capitalism with Marxist-Socialism.

3. Control the message through media, academia, pulpits, and politics. Intimidate by political correctness, judicial legislation, ridicule, and violence.

Liberal leaders would later come that made economic entanglements that would later prove disastrous to our national defense (OPEC vs. Israel). We are at such a compromised state today, in so many ways and on so many levels, there no longer remains a viable option for us as a nation lead effectively. Which is why as of late, presidents insist on “coalitions” and “leading from behind” to cast off any sort of political responsibility that might be laid at their feet. To be blunt, we have too many competing interests to be able to see clearly anymore. If there is a cause out there, believe me, there are lobbyist for them. The removal of absolute truth, common morality, and a clear American agenda, meant this nation was ripe for the introduction of political correctness, which is choking the oxygen out of our sanity.

Welcome to 1984

If we actually followed the laws that are already in place, we wouldn’t have half the problems we currently have. In today’s America, you would need a militarized police force in order to combat the increasingly violent and disturbing crimes that are occurring with more and more frequency across the US. But the increasing violence due to drug cartels, gang activities, and organized crime serves a crucial role in the diminishing of freedoms we currently enjoy by those politicians who disable the existing laws that would have curtailed such illegal activities in the first place. So the need for militarization of police and federal agencies become a “necessary evil.”

That is why we have a creeping surveillance state because we have been sold on the notion that it is for our own good. Besides, we are trying to combat global terrorism, financial sabotage, and political subterfuge…at least, that is how it is being packaged for the average “low-information voter,” who ends up feeling good about trading their freedom for security.

That is why our borders will never be secured. That is why our “war on drugs” (depending on the state) will be just enough to warrant funding, but never enough to actually stomp out the problem. That is why government spending will remain unchecked and our debt will continue to skyrocket. The first groups of people who always get threatened first, when pay cuts are put on the table are: Police/firemen, teachers, and the military. Never are wasteful government programs like these brought up.

Never are politicians themselves willing to take pay cuts, or retirement/pension reductions. Prisons remain overcrowded with an increasingly violent population that can never be allowed back into a population…until the budget is on the line. You see, these things are created to invoke fear into the public’s mind, for the sole purpose of using that fear against the public at a later point.

Do you remember the anger at France at the beginning of the Iraq War for not supporting our efforts? I mean, we threatened to rename the “French fries” with “freedom fries”. Just think back for a moment, on how the government effectively (thru the media) directs our national anger over the last thirty years. In the late 70s, early 80s it was the Ayatollah Khomeini. In the 1980s it was Libya’s Moammar Qaddafi. In the 90s it was Saddam Hussein and Kim Jong Il. After 9/11, it was Al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden. We definitely love to hate—someone out there. As long as we have an enemy number one, the government has someone they can redirect our national anger toward.

It is by treachery that the US has ultimately fallen into permanent intentional disarray. Satan is after all, the architect behind men’s scheming over the millennia. He needs the US to decrease, so that the EU can increase. He cannot have his global one world order if the US remains on top, and still married to her Constitution. So, if he can’t destroy them outright, he will corrupt them from within. Having witnessed all the mighty empires who have either crumbled from within, or were betrayed to rival threats at the hands of traitors, Satan’s man, the Antichrist, will remove in one fell swoop, both “killers of empires” by instituting a permanent “mark” that dooms someone in this life for refusing it, but damns them in the next for taking it. Whatever the “mark of the beast” ends up being, it will be the ultimate mark of loyalty that can never be undone.


Despite what it appears, the Revived Roman Empire is on the rise. Economic turmoil has produced an incredibly high unemployment rate in Europe, particularly amongst the youth. We have seen historically that when nations are at this point, they get desperate. In their desperation they will turn to a man who usually ends up having ulterior motives. There is a wandering generation alive today, who are now ripe pickings for either drafts into compulsory military service, or who through the promise of a steady paycheck will fill the ranks of this man’s (future beast’s) army. The structure and leadership is in place already courtesy of 60 plus years in NATO, and more recently, the EUROGENDFOR. What is lacking is now, is the proper motivation.

Europeans largely feel unthreatened at the moment, and know that the US would never allow Islamic, Russian or Chinese forces to attack or invade without coming to the EUs aid.

But what if the US could not come? What if something happened to the US that removed us overnight from being the global protectorate of law and order on the planet? How quickly would the EU move to bolster its military ranks in order to fill the vacuum that was suddenly presented at our departure from the world’s stage?

A day is coming when both through the removal of His bride, the church and His passing of the tribulum over Israel and the earth, that He will institute His own kingdom here on planet Earth. Of this kingdom, Jesus Christ will reign (along with His bride) with an iron scepter. Justice will reign perfectly perfect, and nature will be restored to what it once was at the Garden of Eden. Those who make it into the Millennial Kingdom will enjoy long lives under the rule of a perfect King in a perfect environment (Isaiah 65:17-25).

Man, has long sought to create their own godless utopia here on earth, but it has failed time and time again. When God removes His bride, mankind’s first real chance to do as they please will get hijacked by Satan and will turn those last seven years into a hell on earth unlike any other in the history of mankind.

And in the days of these kings the God of heaven will set up a kingdom which shall never be destroyed; and the kingdom shall not be left to other people; it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand forever (Daniel 2:44).