Middle East War Alert! :: By Patrick Wyett

As I write this my spirit is troubled. I had not planned on writing again, so soon, but current events compel me to do so. The propaganda machine is in high gear seeking to justify direct US attacks on Syria. The trigger is an alleged chemical weapons attack in the ongoing Syrian civil war. The US, Britain, France, Turkey and several Sunni Arab countries are now pushing for full military involvement.

If chemical weapons were indeed used, it’s just as likely, even more likely, that the perpetrators are the US-backed Muslim terrorist groups—that we’ve been backing, directing, training and supplying with weapons for over a year now. This situation was likely planned precisely for how it’s being used—as a justification for the US and its allies attacking Syria in an overt act of war.

This is an extraordinarily dangerous evolution that won’t just stop with Syria. Syria has allies, namely Iran, China and Russia. There’s a high probability that any US attack in Syria will draw a response from Syria’s allies. If the response is military in nature, the ensuing conflagration could rapidly escalate to World War III.

World War III will involve nuclear weapons.

The current US administration has taken the normally volatile Middle East, and dangerously destabilized it with its clueless policy of supporting Muslim terrorists and betraying, if not allies, at least benign countries who were keeping the relative peace and posed no strategic threat.

Any military conflict will immediately spike oil prices. Gas could go to double digit pricing in response. That means everything goes up dramatically; food, clothes, everything. You think the economy’s bad now? Think, potential collapse.

Also Iran and others have terrorist cells in this country, on our soil. Intel reports estimate that any such war in the Middle East would precipitate a green light for these cells to initiate their pre-planned attacks. And of course, even a limited nuclear exchange has grave consequences for the entire world.

Of the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse, the first rides forth on a white horse as a conqueror. He has a bow and a crown but no arrows. He attempts to conquer through political and economic pressure (resolutions and sanctions, threats of force). This tactic leads to the second rider on a red horse, this rider being war.

Russia, China and Iran have warned against a US-led attack against Syria. They have pledged to defend Syria with military force. Obama thinks he’s playing poker, that the Russian coalition won’t call his bluff. What he’s really playing is chess, and the Russians are masters at chess.

There’s never a bad time to pray. But right now is an especially good time to do so. Be vigilant and aware. Perhaps this situation will pass without major escalation. Or perhaps the Lord’s timetable is at hand.

We have sown the wind. We will reap the whirlwind.

It’s just a question of when. Right now, it’s looking like sooner rather than later.

Prepare, as always, to meet thy Maker.

Your brother in Christ,