In Place and Waiting :: By Ron Hardin

While reading the Bible, have you ever noticed how God will cause events, examples and prophesies to be repeated? Take the book of Daniel, for instance. The end-times prophecy foretold there is repeated in the book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ. Also, the figure of Moses is a Christ like figure leading Israel out of the land of bondage as Christ leads us from the bondage of sin. Joseph saves his people through the trials prepared by God just as Christ has saved us while enduring the trials of the cross.

God has revealed Himself over and over again in His holy Word. He has revealed Himself over and over again in the Old Testament though the various leaders that saved His people to the One Stone who came but was rejected to become the cornerstone.

In Jonathan Chan’s book The Harbinger, this theme of repetition of warnings is detailed. My point here is God will repeat Himself to make His intentions known, as well as, demonstrate His desire that none should parish.

A well-known author and TV evangelist proposed via his DVD series on the end-times, that there exists a link between the seals, trumpets and bowl judgments with events that both HAVE and will occur. The evangelist claims that we are well into the trumpet judgments by linking the prophecy of Revelation 8:10-11 to the Chernobyl nuclear accident. I believe that this is a reasonable assertion, but falls short of the trumpet judgment described in those verses.

I began this short article by stating that God will repeat events, examples and prophecies to bring us to understanding and repentance. We are such a recalcitrant people need you wonder why? My proposal here is that the linkage between the Chernobyl accident and the verses of Revelation 8 is indeed valid, but is the first event that will be repeated in a similar fashion to what God prophesied through John in the book of Revelation. I encourage you to stop and read the article pointed to by the following link. See: Nuclear Apocalypse.

What this article makes clear is that we are nearing an event that could possibly result in a GSE, (a Gamma Shine Event), similar to the GRB generated by an imploding supernova, but not on the same scale. Yet, because of the amount of fissionable material present at the site, I have concluded that the mass to energy conversion would blast significant amounts of material into near earth orbit only to rain death down upon the planet.

Let me step back a minute. To summarize the article (for those who have not read it) the Fukushima nuclear accident is far worse and continues to get more severe than what has been previously disclosed or thought. The article makes it clear that the potential remedies for the degrading site can introduce a chain reaction of unknown strength. It also makes clear that to do nothing is not an option. And lastly, the author indicates that those currently addressing the problem are outside their depth and in uncharted territory.

My conclusion is this: The six reactors of Fukushima are the substance of the Wormwood prophecy. That there is enough fissionable material on site, (100 tons under building 4 plus 1300 spent fuel rods in the storage pools atop each of the six buildings) to supply an enormous nuclear explosion should they go critical. Just with the 100 tons of material that rest as a melted blob under building 4, the E=mc2 energy mass conversion equation yields an incomprehensible amount of energy. Sufficient, I believe to launch deadly material in near earth orbit. This material would appear as shooting stars to those who are positioned over the horizon from the blast. In effect, this is exactly what is prophesied in Revelation 8:10-11.

To continue with my conclusion, I believe the disaster is a certainty. I think that this disaster is in the very near future. And I believe that identifying it and linking it to the Revelation 8:10-11 prophesy indicates how near the Lord’s return is…I urge you to speak to those in your family, circle of friends, those whom you meet, those around you…about the Lord’s imminent return and the salvation that is found in accepting His sacrifice.