America Is Not Babylon :: by Joseph Chambers

The purity of Holy Scripture is a miracle of miracles.  Read any passage in the Bible and then do a little research.  You will find clear interpretation for that Scripture.  Words that the Spirit used can never be understood properly by pulling a meaning out of the air.  The word “water” when used as a type is always the Word of God.  When God says “Jerusalem,” He means the chosen of God.  It is either His chosen city or His chosen people.

Babylon is used in the Bible over 295 times.  When the Bible says “Mystery Babylon,” He speaks of a religion that has become evil and corrupt because “Babylon” is the seat of Satan.  When He says “Babylon” without a modifying adjective, He means Babylon the city, which was founded by Nimrod.  To try to identify America as Babylon is utterly contrary to Biblical interpretation.  Using that kind of method to study the Bible leads to all kinds of misunderstandings. Always let the Bible interpret itself.

Mystery Babylon is clearly the End Time apostasy of false Christianity.  The seventeenth chapter of Revelation is the most noted example.  A harlot woman is another Biblical type of corrupt Christianity.  A pure woman represents the pure faith of our Lord.  The harlot woman is the opposite.  When you put “Mystery Babylon” with the “harlot woman,” you have a double picture of the utter false religion of the Seven Years of Tribulation.  It is religion at its lowest manifestation in human history.  This is the church of the Antichrist.

Revelation chapter eighteen is the city of Babylon rebuilt in the Southern part of Iraq.  To try to superimpose this chapter into America is contrary to every Biblical principle.  There is not one basis for such transliterating of the Holy Bible.  The main reason this is often tried is because our nation has a preponderance of sins.  I certainly admit that, but it is not God’s method of understanding the Word of God.  What if we did that kind of twisting of all Scripture?  Think of the mess it would create with our Bible.

America has got a lot of sins for which we are going to pay. This nation will be subject to all the horrid calamities of the Seven Years of Tribulation.  These calamities are God’s instruments for cleansing the world of abortions, fornications, sodomy, and every unclean lifestyle.  Millions will die and the wicked will learn that sin is always accountable to the Heavenly Father.  Before the worst comes, the Saints will be raptured.  But, if the Lord tarries, you may think that the worst has already come even before the Rapture occurs.

Babylon is the city of Babylon and it must be rebuilt to be the capital of the Antichrist Kingdom.  It is fitting that His One World Religion that gives him their total worship is called Mystery Babylon.  The unity of the two entities is part of the mystery of wickedness.  For the early years of the Seven Years, the Antichrist and His false church will be bosom partners.  They will use each other.  So, calling one “Babylon” and the other one “Mystery Babylon” is perfect prophecy.

By the end of the Seven Years, the two Babylons will clash and the Antichrist will pour his fury upon Mystery Babylon and burn her with fire.  “And the ten horns which thou sawest upon the beast, these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire” (Revelation 17:16).  This truth also destroys the idea that both chapters are talking about Rome as Mystery Babylon.  How could the Antichrist from literal Babylon burn Mystery Babylon if both are the same Babylon?  Again, the Bible leaves little room for misunderstanding if you let Scripture interpret Scripture.

This totally destroys the thought that America is Babylon. The question is an unanswerable one when we try to put America in some cubbyhole of prophecy.  Much of the world is unnamed as you study the Bible.  Basically, the Bible’s prophecy picture is a Middle Eastern setting.  You may call us an “Isle of the Sea” and that would put us in the Gog and Magog event.  I personally believe that when the army of Russians and Islamic countries march towards Israel, we will either come to Israel’s defense or suffer great destruction in cities like New York and Washington, DC.  That is still uncertain and our defense of Israel should not be done just to save our own necks.

History, not the Bible, proves that the Great Creator puts America in her wealthy position to spread the Gospel to the four corners of the world.  He also ordained us to win the Second World War and be a partner in the development of the Nation of Israel.  Defending Israel since 1948, providing Israel with a faithful partnership, and being her ally right down to the end is absolutely God’s will for our great nation. Anyone that would undercut that purpose needs to remember that God is still the sole owner and keeper of this Universe. He can pull down an arrogant president just like He allowed Him to be elected.  I would suggest that any president or politician should watch his words and actions because God knows all things and Israel is His heartthrob.

America is not Babylon, but America is answerable to God for our grievous sins and for our responsibility to Israel.

Joseph R. Chambers