My Dream – A Visit from a Demon :: By Sandy Howard

It happened at deer camp this past November…

There is a cabin we go to every year for deer hunting that is on some land owned by friends and it is out in the woods…WAY out in the woods…WAY beyond the boonies…getting close to the twilight zone! LOL. So it’s extremely quiet there─no electricity, no plumbing and no running water, except the creek behind it. It’s a two-room cabin and the front room has a double bed, old wood-cook stove, kitchen table and a sink. The back room has a set of bunk beds, an old couch without the back or arms, and another double bed. We have another camp cook-stove set-up in the front room and cook on it (and the woodstove). Sometimes we use the old woodstove for heating-up the cabin too.

We have a big fire pit and usually sit out around the fire in the evenings and share our individual hunting stories and just visit and enjoy the outdoors. This place is probably my favorite place to be on the planet! In my opinion, it’s the most beautiful place in the world. It’s quiet, it’s peaceful, and it’s a stress-free environment that I love. And unless a plane flies overhead, it’s easy to forget the rest of the rat race world even exists. Usually it is myself and my husband, his best friend and my husband’s brother-in-law on the trip.

Occasionally a couple of others might be visiting for a night or two but the night I had the dream it was the usual four of us. Everything was normal, nothing out of the ordinary had happened that day or had been going on in the days and weeks before we went, other than the usual stuff that is. I say that to explain that I was not stressed, worried, depressed, angry or afraid. I was perfectly happy and content─more so than I had been at any other time or place.

We had been at the cabin for a couple of days and I think on about the third night, I had a dream and it was SO real that I can still remember it in vivid color, very clearly. Now, I know that according to those who study such things, we all dream every night but most of us don’t usually remember our dreams and are not usually even aware of them. If that is true, and if I do dream every night I don’t know, but if so, I hardly ever remember having a dream and even when I do, it’s very fleeting; few details and usually I can’t remember it beyond a few moments after I wake-up.

This night though, was different. I was dreaming that my husband and I were at some people’s house and were apparently staying the night. I did not “see” these people in the dream and have no idea who they were but had a sense that they were friends and we were spending the night with them for some reason. Although the room I was in during the dream was so vivid I could describe it easily, even now. I have no memory of being in this same house or that same room ever before or since.

I was in the bathroom, specifically, I was in the shower. The shower door was clear glass and right across from the shower door was a big mirror on the wall above the sink/counter top. While showering I glanced up and saw reflected in the mirror a woman standing behind me in the shower. She was fully dressed (in black), had on makeup and had long black hair. Except for her eyes she looked like a normal human woman. Our eyes met in the mirror and although I have no idea HOW I knew this, but I KNEW she was not really a woman…she was a demon.

She did not resemble anyone that I know or have ever known. I was so startled. I remember gasping and immediately turned around to face her but when I did, there was no one there in the shower with me! So, I quickly turned back around so I could see the mirror again. And, there she was again!

Only this time, she was bringing up her hands behind me as if she were getting ready to choke me from behind. I started screaming at the top of my lungs, “In the name of Jesus, get out of here and leave me alone!” While I was screaming that, about three times in a row, I think, I could see her reflection in the mirror, and she was giving me the most HATE filled EVIL look I have ever seen.

She obviously did not want to, but she was leaving! She was actually walking right through the back wall of the shower. As soon as I realized that she was leaving, I switched to screaming, “Thank you Jesus!” over and over again until she was almost completely gone. At this point my husband shook me awake and asked me what I was thanking Jesus for! I had screamed, “Thank you Jesus” several times and so loud that I woke everyone else up except: myself!
So, that is the demon dream story. I don’t know why this happened. I am not, spooked by being in the woods, I LOVE being in the woods. I’m not afraid of the dark or anything like that. I believe that Satan was trying to scare me for some reason but I don’t know why other than it’s a coincidence that I had just started writing articles and had submitted my first one to RR the day before we left for deer camp. I don’t know…maybe he wanted me to stop doing that. Or maybe there’s some other reason why that I am not yet aware of.

I know that I may receive some ridicule and I didn’t really want to tell this story to the whole world. Other than the other three people who were there in the cabin that night, I have only told four other people about it. But I’ve been thinking for the past few days that maybe this needs to be “out there” in case someone else needs to know that we Christians are able to rebuke Satan or his demons in the name of Jesus if they do try to terrorize us or distract us from our witnessing missions. And maybe unbelievers need to know that they too can be protected IF they choose to accept Jesus.

Please listen folks! This is going to happen: The USA is going down, as a sovereign nation─as are all other sovereign nations because a one-world government is going to happen. The Rapture of the church (all born again believers in Christ) is going to happen. A one-world religion is going to happen. The seven-year Tribulation wrath of God poured out on this earth, and its dwellers is going to happen. At this point, in my opinion, no amount of praying for God to heal our land is going to stop this process. These things must come to pass as they have been foretold since the beginning of time. No amount of wishing, hoping or ignoring the Rapture or the Tribulation will stop either from happening. These events too were foretold since the beginning and are set in stone─guaranteed─prophesied, and WILL happen! And soon!

So, if you think that we each get to have “our own reality” or “our individual truth” and therefore, you are able to change any of this just by not believing in it, you are sadly and very dangerously mistaken. And if you think that, after the Rapture happens, the folks left behind will have some serious heartache for a few days or weeks (similar to the short time of mourning that happened after 9-11), but then eventually things will basically “get back to normal,” you are again─very dangerously mistaken!

Jesus Himself said that it would be the worst time on earth imaginable─EVER! So, just think of all the horror movies you have ever seen or heard about, add them all together and multiply them by one gazillion…well, I think the human mind would probably go insane if we were actually able to see with our mind’s eye this level of horror. So, please, I beg you to not take this lightly. Because all of this is: REAL. And that includes Satan and his demons. They are real, they are evil, they are smarter than you, they are meaner than you and they are more powerful than you. Jesus is your only safeguard! They are NO MATCH for Him! So, please choose Jesus as your Savior today, right now.

If you are reading this after the Rapture has occurred, I am fairly certain that Satan and his demons are beginning to have a “hey day” on this earth, with the Christians (and the Restrainer) removed. So, here’s what you need to know in the immediate future: You CAN be protected from these demonic creatures! That is IF you choose to accept the offer of salvation, freely offered by Jesus Christ. You should DO THIS NOW! Even if you are not experiencing any sort of demonic or evil phenomena (yet), you still should do this now.

Romans 10:9 says, “That if you confess with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.”

You WILL be saved from eternal damnation─that is, eternal hell. Plus, you can be saved from eternal AND immediate satanic evil. I’m not promising that you won’t be physically tortured during the Tribulation time of wrath you now find yourself living in on this earth, or be even physically killed. Actually, you likely will experience both if you choose to reject Jesus and find yourself left behind after the Rapture. However, you will have the power to rebuke the devil and his demons because, as a believer in Christ, He Who lives in you is greater than he (Satan/demons) who live in this world!

So, remember this: Say out loud, “I rebuke you Satan in the Name of Jesus Christ” if you feel that you are encountering a demon in the form of an “alien,” a “monster” of some sort or a “hybrid human” (someone who appears to be human but you have a feeling they are not).