Becoming Holy :: By Camilla Smith

One of the most magnificent things about Bible prophecy is that when you come to the realization that Jesus could call for his church and you could be face to face with Him in a flash, you begin to change your entire outlook on your Christian life. Dr. David Reagan was speaking on this subject on his show: “Christ in Prophecy,” while discussing his Prophetic Manifesto, booklet. I would highly recommend it to every true believer in Jesus Christ and the end times. Dr. Reagan aptly lays it on the line—we are living on borrowed time on this planet.

It is imperative that we realize how short the time is, and I believe one of the most important reasons that he outlined is that you develop an extreme desire to become Christ-like and please God in every aspect of your life. You are about to MEET JESUS! Why would you not want to be able to present your most humble, as near perfect as possible, light-shining self to the One who died for you in that moment? That little voice inside you (better known as the Holy Spirit) works subtly but powerfully to convict you of what you should do and what you should avoid doing.

You will be amazed at how those little mean thoughts, little moments of jealousy, little tempting times to gossip, will fade away as your will to please God grows. It is possible that you could be in His presence before you finish reading this article, or this sentence for that matter. With that said, we don’t want to waste one minute of the precious time given to us to prove ourselves worthy to become the bride of Christ.

If you are truly a believer in salvation through the shed blood of Jesus Christ on the cross, and if you believe that we are living in the waning days of the Church Age, then I should hope you are hearing this conviction from the Holy Spirit on a regular basis. If you do not have a burden to speak to those around you and sound the trumpet that Christ is at the door, then something is amiss. Every believer at this stage in the game should be recognizing the signs of the times and be overcome with the desire to witness and share the promise of the return of our Redeemer, our Blessed Hope.

As a watchman on the wall, there is no way God is not convicting you and putting people in your life with whom he wants you to interact and advance His kingdom while there is still time; a family member, a co-worker, a mail carrier, a neighbor. We all have someone in our daily existence that is unsaved. If we don’t, then we definitely have someone who could be brought into the Bible prophecy circle so that they can be working on those around THEM who may not be saved. Do you sense an urgency, here? I hope you do!

In modern-day terms, it would be called: Networking. And while we are very good at networking (i.e. social media, texting, emailing, you name it), we need to prioritize. We need to open our hearts to what God is trying to tell us, and where He is trying to lead us rather than wasting time in front of another useless cable program or any of the other technological diversions that keep us apart from God. We need to surround ourselves with fellow believers who will strengthen us.

We need to be reading God’s Holy Word every day. We need to BEGIN our day in prayer and earnestly seek God’s will for our lives. We need to END our day in prayer and thankfulness for that direction and guidance that He has revealed to us. We need to unceasingly thank God Almighty for His mercy and grace and for His sacrifice in giving His Son to suffer and die for our sin-filled lives. We need to ask God for boldness and an unrelenting fire to share the Gospel. We need to be asking God for opportunity after opportunity to execute His great commission, so that we can get on to the next phase of the program—the twinkling of an eye part!

But back to the original theme: becoming holy. What exactly does that mean? This is probably different for each of us. This is where our spiritual gifts come in and this is where we need to recognize our own strengths—how to polish our own lives and become bright, shining lights in that wretched darkness of this world. God will give you direction if you respectfully, honestly and humbly seek it.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways, acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight” (Proverbs 3:5-6).

God has a specific purpose for each one of His children. He will provide the avenue that He wants you to take—all you have to do is follow His lead. With each day that passes, once you begin to immerse yourself in God’s Word, you will find yourself more drawn to become like Christ and the desire to please God will grow steadfastly. It is an amazing transformation, becoming holy. Although none of us is perfect or without sin, you will watch the defects in your life fade away like a sunset, as you redirect your focus on eternity. This life is fleeting. Waking up in the morning is not a given. However, believing in Almighty God and in His Son’s death and resurrection is a guaranteed passport to eternal life in His kingdom. And it doesn’t get any holier than that!