Chill Out, Mikey! :: By Donna Wasson

Every day, when I think I’ve seen and heard it all, I come across a story that blows my mind. That’s not good, because I don’t have much brain matter left unscathed. Today, a wonderful reader sent me a report from about one of the Pentagon’s new consultants, hired to help develop new policies on religious tolerance in the military.

This consultant’s name is Mikey Weinstein, founder of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF). He recently wrote a column for the Huffington Post in which he reveals his opinion of Christianity in general.

“Today, we face incredibly well-funded gangs of fundamentalist Christian monsters who terrorize their fellow Americans by forcing their weaponized and twisted version of Christianity upon their helpless subordinates in our nation’s armed forces.” Gee Mikey, why don’t you tell us how you really feel!

He whole heartedly endorses the Southern Poverty Law Center, who recently published a list of ‘hate groups’ which, along with groups like the KKK, included several Christian and Tea Party organizations due to their anti-gay marriage stance, and support for limited government.

He also salivates over Lt. Col. Jack Rich, who instructed subordinate officers that soldiers who hold traditional Christian beliefs, are incompatible with Army values, and should be carefully watched and excluded from military service. Mr. Winey-stein stated the following:

“We should as a nation effusively applaud Lt. Col. Rich. We MUST vigorously support the continuing efforts to expose pathologically anti-gay, Islamaphobic, and rabidly intolerant agitators for what they are: die-hard enemies of the United States Constitution. Monsters, one and all. To do anything less would be to roll out a red carpet to those who would usher in a blood-drenched, draconian era of persecutions, nationalistic militarism and superstitious theocracy.”

HAHAHAHAHA!! Oh…oh…hahaha! Sorry, I can’t help it! HAHAHA! The psychotic projection this guy is spewing is just amazing! HAHAHA!!! *sniff-sniff* Ahhhh…ahhh…Uh-hmm. Well now. I think he has us confused with a different group of people.

Sally Quinn, writer for the Washington Post, agrees with MRFF board member, Larry Wilkerson’s statement “Sexual assault and proselytizing are absolutely destructive of the bonds that keep soldiers together. This is a national security threat. What is happening is spiritual rape. And what the Pentagon needs is to understand is that it is sedition and treason. It should be punished.” This group wants the military to institute a policy for court-martialing military chaplains who share the Christian gospel during spiritual counseling of American troops!

Wait, wait, wait…OK, let me get this straight. These people at the ‘Military Religious Freedom Foundation’ think that sharing the gospel with someone is akin to RAPE, and is a ‘national security threat’ and ‘treason??’ How, pray tell, do they justify in their tiny little minds, that ‘religious freedom’ should include threatening chaplains with court-martial? Are they not familiar with the definition of ‘freedom?’ Webster’s states freedom is the “ability or capacity to act without undue hindrance or restraint.”

Perhaps they should rename their institute the “Military Religious Freedom for Every Religion Except Christianity Foundation.” Or, how about the “Psychotically Defective Anti-Christian League.” Or, they could call it the “Rabid Anger at God Society.” Any of those would more accurately describe this group of ingrates. “Religious Freedom,” my tookus!

The fact the Pentagon plans to seriously consider ANYTHING these people have to say is an alarming reflection of this administration. Where does such vitriolic, disproportionate, out-of-control, irrational, foaming-at-the-mouth, teeth gnashing hatred for Christians come from??

It’s very simple actually. Jesus warned us in John 15: 18-19 “If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you. If ye were of the world, the world would love his own; but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you.” In the Crown and Sickle Ministries April Newsletter, the article, Ignorance or Insurrection addresses this bizarre attitude.

“What many Christians do not understand, or refuse to believe, regarding their fellow-man is that a substantive number of people actually hate God. It is not that they are ignorant; it is not that they haven’t sensed His conviction; the simple fact is they have a visceral hatred of Him. It is instinctual, intuitive, primitive… call it what you want…they have chosen to carouse in the rottenness of their spiritually dead selves. And like disgusting carrion-feeders, the more their noxious and putrefying behavior flies in the face of God the more they like it.”

“Those people are not atheists, for they believe in God or gods. They are misotheists (Godaphobes?) in that they simply hate God for any number of reasons including blaming Him for all the bad in the world. They do not deny His existence. They simply hate His sovereignty which they view as cruelty.”

“The natural result of hating God is hating good, and there is judgment for that, too (Isaiah 5:20). Just as hatred for God is often superficially wrapped in a cloak of virtuous philosophy, so also is hatred for that which is good often concealed by the use of certain politically-correct words that falsely imply their user’s lawful pursuit of justice and their innocent expression of love. Words like, “a woman’s right to choose”, “greedy capitalist” “homophobia”, “committed relationship”, “religious extremists”, etc. It seems there is no end to what decadence can be practiced and even forcibly imposed upon a society under color of law and love. They have misrepresented law as license and love as debauchery.”

“There can be no doubt that the world’s rejection of God is not a matter of ignorance for perhaps any number of reasons, with two standing out very prominently. First, God has not left the world without the witness of conscience whether the motive for having conscience is self-centered or communal. Second, there is the witness of history. If, after thousands of years of human history, no one possessing any degree of rationality and integrity can honestly suggest any society has ever benefited by the murder of innocents, by the welcoming of sexual perversion, by the imposition of socialism, etc., then the only conclusion is that humanity is where it is presently by reason of choice and not by ignorance.”

I think someone needs to buy Mr. Mikey a dictionary. He’s showing just how ignorant he really is. For instance, he states that fundamentalist Christians are “monsters” who “terrorize” others by “forcing” their “weaponized and twisted” version of Christianity upon “helpless” subordinates.

Mikey, Mikey, Mikey…you didn’t do well in English, did you sweetie? Here, let me help you. You equate Christians with monsters; a monster is, according to Webster, an extremely ugly, wicked or cruel person. Mikey, who blew a hole in the U.S.S. Cole, killing 17 American sailors and injuring 39? It wasn’t Christians. It was…wait for it…Muslims!

You say Christians terrorize others. Mikey, you’re making this much too easy here. Terrorize means to coerce by threat or violence; to horrify, panic, shock, alarm. Honey-boo, which religion clearly teaches its followers to either enslave or behead anyone who refuses to convert to their beliefs? It ain’t Christians, Mikey. It’s Muslims!

You accuse us of using force, or coercing with violence, our weaponized and twisted version of Christianity. Your choice of the word weaponized, meaning, ‘adapted for use as a weapon of war’, is nonsensical and adds no rational description. Twisted, or ‘a distorted meaning,’ is also an inappropriate word to use when describing the ‘fundamental’ or basic beliefs of Christianity.

Mikey, I’m afraid I’m going to have to give your illogical rant a ‘D-.’ Next time you wish to denigrate and smear the good news that Jesus, the only Son of God, freely chose to die for your sins, and rose from the grave to ensure you can receive eternal life, take a deep, cleansing breath and relax. Maybe that way, you can put a cogent sentence together.

Again, I think you have Christians and Muslims confused. See, Mikey, Christians didn’t fly airliners into the Twin Towers, killing nearly 3000 people in one day. Nor did Christians video- tape themselves sawing the head off of Daniel Pearle or Nick Berg while chanting ‘god is great.’ They didn’t shoot the elderly, wheelchair bound, Leon Klinghoffer in the forehead and toss him, chair and all, off a cruise ship into the ocean, to become fish food.

No Mikey, it’s not in the nature of one who is born again and filled with the Holy Spirit of God, to maim and kill. That kind of behavior doesn’t compute or make sense to us. Our God tells us to not only love others, but to love our enemies too! That would include YOU, Mikey. No kidding! In Luke 6: 27-28, Jesus said “But I say unto you which hear, Love your enemies, do good to them that hate you. Bless them that curse you, and pray for them that despitefully use you.”

So, tell you what. I’m going to encourage my fellow Christians who read this, to contact their Senators and Representatives and demand the Pentagon stop taking advice on ‘religious freedom’ from those who haven’t the faintest idea what that phrase means. I’m also going to ask all those Christians, whom you despise with all that’s within you, to pray for you.

Yep, you heard me correctly. Ordinarily, it would be my tendency to lay you low, but you make me sad, Mikey. There is a massive amount of rage spilling out of you, and that usually arises from great pain. I don’t know what happened to your heart, but I’m going to ask the God I serve, who saved me by His grace, to do the same for you. You need Him, Mikey.

Walking in His love is SO much more comfortable than wallowing in anger and hatred. Time is running out, Mikey. Those Christians you feel such disgust for will be leaving this rotten, wicked world soon. Believe me, you do NOT want to be left here to face the wrath of God, which will be unleashed upon those who spurned and mocked the Son He sent.

He loves you, Mikey Weinstien. And so do we.