Why The Test When We Try To Do Our Best? :: By Camilla Smith

Trials and tribulations of life. They are here to stay and we will always have them. Sometimes you think to yourself, “oh when this is over, I can get on with my life”. But isn’t there always another interruption? Another test, another distraction, another irritation that keeps us from enjoying our life. Sometimes it is something aggravating like an obligatory function that you have to attend, or maybe something more annoying like a battery of medical tests that you have to push through. Or maybe it is even worse. Maybe it is a serious illness or a financial crisis that takes you to your knees (which is the best place to be anyway). No matter what crisis you are going through, that IS life. Interruptions and bumps in the road are the “stuff” that life is made of. So the sooner we can accept that we were not promised a journey without challenges, the better off we will be.

But do you ever wonder why we have so many crises in our lives? We are Christians. We try to live a good life and please God. We try to be as Christ-like as we can be and we try to obey the rules when there are so many in this world who don’t even know how to spell the word rule. Well, I was thinking about it today while I was out walking, listening to my favorite gospel songs on my music player. And it hit me. Now this is just my theory, but I thought to myself, “God has suffered immensely.” My heart hurts just thinking about what God has gone through over the centuries. How much disappointment and dismay He has experienced watching His children and His creation let Him down day after day after day. Agonizing does not describe it. Then to know the sacrifice that He would have to make in sending His son to die for those very people who have broken His own heart. I cannot even imagine it. And Jesus, God’s only son, suffered unbelievably, coming to earth, living the perfect, sinless, absolute glorious existence, only to be put to death in a manner of torture and cruelty that is utterly shocking. Who would imagine that man could have ever invented crucifixion? When I think of the pain and the humiliation He must have felt, hanging on a tree with spikes in His hands and feet, I know that Jesus truly paid it all. His suffering on the cross was so massive and monumental that we as humans can never define it. We can never fathom the depth of His anguish and despair as He took the sins of the world in those hours. But it was the most important event in the history of the world. For if Jesus Christ had not suffered and died in that manner, where would we be? We would be absolutely and infinitely without hope, that is where. His sacrifice, His agony, His blood, His death—our atonement. For we know that His death lead to His Resurrection and His Resurrection to our redemption. We have absolute peace in knowing that God’s suffering and Jesus’ suffering were rendered on our behalf. And do we deserve that? Of course we do not. Not even a fraction, not even a miniscule amount of that kind of love do we deserve.

So you see, when we are going through tumultuous times and hardships in life, we must remember what our Savior went through. We must remember what God the Father has endured for our sake. We must remember that angels have been fighting battles for us since the dawn of time. If God, Jesus and his angels can do this for us, can we hurt a little bit while we are going through this life? You bet we can. We owe Him. We owe Them. But the best thing is that He will be with us through every fire and every storm that life throws our way. In fact, we are emboldened and strengthened through each battle that we fight. We come out on the other side being stronger people, stronger citizens, stronger neighbors, stronger family members, and of course, stronger, empowered, rejuvenated, regenerated believers! Because we know that God is our strength, our salvation, our fortitude and we know that He is our Blessed Hope! We also know that He will be calling us home very soon, and what a joyous day that will be! All the suffering will be over. No more night. Only sweet victory with our Lord Jesus.

If children, heirs also, heirs of God and fellow heirs with Christ, if indeed we suffer with Him so that we may also be glorified with Him. Romans 8:17.

Life can be one big frustration at times. But think how unbelievers must feel. They have no hope at all. So we must be diligent in our battle to win them to Christ before that trumpet sounds and we are quickly changed and taken to be with the Lord forever. This is our commission. This is our testament. This is our duty to God. We have so little time left and there are so many without hope. And we know they are suffering. Even if it is a little inconvenient or uncomfortable at times, remember the One who truly suffered and share Him with an unbeliever. It will be the best thing you will ever do. And guaranteed, it will ease any suffering you might be going through! Ask the Holy Spirit to help you witness to those around you who are lost and in need of salvation. He will be there and guide you through each word and each thought as you talk to others about the gospel. You can be confident of that.

For you have been called for this purpose, since Christ also suffered for you, leaving you an example for you to follow in His steps. 1 Peter 2:21.

And when things are tough for us, and they will undoubtedly get even tougher in the days to come, I will share a chorus from a favorite Crabb Family song that I’m sure many of you are familiar with:


“He never promised that the cross would not get heavy,

Or the hill would not be hard to climb.

He never offered our victories without fighting but He said

Help would always come in time.

Just remember when you’re standing in the valley of decision

And the adversary says “Give in”,

Just hold on! Our Lord will show up!

And He will take you through the fire again!!

Stay strong—it won’t be long now!

Camilla Smith