For the Children :: By Donna Wasson

Ah, the children. Whenever government wants to push some leftist agenda, they love to state their plans are for the good of ‘the children.’ Isn’t that nice? Since December 14, 2012, our Marxist lawbreakers in Washington have been pushing, cajoling, whining, threatening and arm twisting their gun control agenda on the American people, while obscenely wrapping themselves in a sympathetic cloak of the grieving parents of the murdered Sandy Hook victims.

How disgustingly TACKY can you get??

To use vulnerable, heart-broken people still reeling from the ultimate loss a human being can sustain to champion a political cause, is simply beyond the pale of bad taste! It’s nothing less than transparent, emotional manipulation. But hey, what else could we expect from this current Administration who fancy themselves royalty, as opposed to fierce defenders of the Constitution, as well as the Judeo/Christian principals upon which it was based?

The care and compassion they’ve shown for the families of those slain, by very questionable circumstances I might add, is SO touching, isn’t it? You’d think with such concern oozing from the pores of the members of Congress and the White House, that one of the top staffers would be Kermit Gosnell, wouldn’t you? Who? You’re not familiar with the wonderful, sympathetic, good-hearted, champion for the downtrodden, Dr. Kermit Gosnell?

Well by all means, allow me to acquaint you with this man of sterling character! The good doctor is currently on trial in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for running an abortion clinic, labeled a “house of horrors” by prosecutors. For the last 30 years, the medical practice of this psychotic mass of doggie diarrhea literally makes your average baby butcher look respectable!

He is charged with the murder of one woman and seven newborns. In spite of the fact he and his untrained medical staff clinically decapitated untold hundreds of babies born alive after labor was induced, prosecutors can only prove seven, so they’ll go with that.

What does this have to do with gun control and the Sandy Hook parents and victims? Well, it IS all about ‘the children,’ isn’t it? So tell me WHY the media vultures have gone conspicuously silent about the murder of these newborn babies, but all hell broke loose and the entire country mourned the slaying of 20, five and six year old children in an elementary school? What’s the difference?

Oh…oh, wait a moment. I think I’ve got it! The Sandy Hook kids were cherished, white and upper middle class, while the aborted babies were unwanted by their black, Hispanic and Asian mothers who reside in poor neighborhoods. Yes, I know white women get abortions too, but I’m talking about a specific doctor here. Unfortunately, many of those ‘mothers’ were seeking late term abortions, and I do mean ‘late term.’

You see, to the mainstream media, slaughtering little kids in a classroom is more tragic and newsworthy than the horrible deaths these babies endured at the criminal hands in this clinic.

After all, a woman should have the “right to choose.” Hmm. Maybe it’s NOT about the children after all! Apparently, it depends on who’s talking.

Let’s take a look-see inside Dr. Gosnell’s clinic, the Women’s Medical Society; the one that catered to the ‘needs’ of underprivileged women. According to Tricia Romano, of, when police strolled into the facility they were confronted with “Walls, furniture, chairs, hospital beds that were bloodstained. The stench of urine filled the air. A flea-infested cat was wandering the halls, and cat feces was present on the stairs.”

Surgical instruments were rarely cleaned, much less sterilized between patients *gag!*, which meant infections and even venereal diseases were spread from woman to woman. This money-grubbing slug of medical incompetence regularly perforated wombs, resulting in the need for hysterectomies, and his failure to completely remove fetal tissue caused severe infections, hemorrhage and the near deaths of several patients.

Because he over prescribed pain medication, allowed unskilled, unsupervised staff to illegally administer IV narcotics and anesthesia, along with filthy conditions and under-the-table cash payments, the Doctor refused to allow his assistants to call 911, when patients needed to be transported to an Emergency Room. In fact, police discovered the rear emergency exit was padlocked shut.

But let’s get back to ‘the children.’ Pennsylvania law prohibits abortions past 24 weeks, or approximately 6 months of gestation. The good Doctor would routinely fudge ultrasound findings so he could abort babies of any gestational age. So what would happen?
He would tell his unlicensed, low paid staff what drugs to give the patients to induce labor, then sedated the women leaving them lying on dirty stretchers, moaning in pain. Hours later, after he deliver the crying, kicking, wiggling perfect newborns, he would clinically decapitate them by plunging surgical scissors into the back of their neck, severing their spinal cord. He even instructed his staff how to perform this ghastly procedure, so he could be free to take afternoons off to play golf.

Police found dozens upon dozens of biological waste trash bags, full of dead babies in the basement freezer, stuffed in stacked boxes and piled up against the walls. Apparently, he wasn’t too keen on paying the garbage bill. Strangely enough, they also found numerous glass jars filled with tiny, severed feet in preserving fluid. Trophies perhaps? By the way, Dr. Gosnell made well over a million dollars the last few years he practiced.

Ah yes, ‘the children.’ It’s always about ‘the children.’ Unless it comes to a woman’s right to choose, then all bets are off. Hey ladies, here’s a suggestion: Utilize that free birth control you get at the taxpayer funded free clinic, or keep your dad-gum knees together and stop acting like hormonally driven, rutting beasts!

As states, “this case is real and the media are keeping it real quiet because it betrays the barbarity of the abortion industry in open court, where they can’t hide.” Oh my, how embarrassing! I guess all child deaths are not created equal; it depends on the agenda being pushed whether it’s worth mentioning on the news.

God has a decidedly different view about babies. Psalm 128: 2-4 says “For thou shalt eat the labor of thine hands; happy shalt thou be, and it shall be well with thee. Thy wife shall be as a fruitful vine by the sides of thine house: thy children like olive plants round about thy table. Behold, that thus shall be the man blessed that feareth the Lord.”

Psalm 127: 3-4, “Lo, children are an heritage from the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is his reward. As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man; so are children of the youth.”

But we stupid human beings never seem to learn that lesson. For thousands of years, we’ve sacrificed our children to pagan gods and our modern day desire for convenience. When the children of Israel were entering the Promised Land of Canaan, God expressly forbid them to get involved with the heathen people occupying the land, and to keep away from their idols. So what did they do? They got involved with the heathen people and worshipped their idols, down to the barbaric practice of offering their infants to the metal god, Molech.

In Jeremiah 7: 30-31 God laments angrily, “For the sons of Judah have done evil in my sight, declares the Lord. They have set their detestable things in the house that is called by my name, to defile it. And they have built the high places of Topheth, which is in the Valley of the Son of Hinnon, to burn their sons and their daughters in the fire, which I did not command, nor did it come into my mind.”

I can just see poor ‘ol God, sitting on His throne, smacking His forehead with the heel of His hand in frustrated outrage, saying, “Where did you idiots get the idea it was OK to sacrifice your children?? It never even occurred to me for you to do such a wicked thing!” And we’re still killing them today, whether in utero or squirming on a cold table, newborn and viable.
The heathen tribes in Canaan, who the Israelites began to emulate, would make a day out of causing their children to ‘pass through the fire.’ Even Solomon, whom the Bible tells us was the wisest and wealthiest man who ever lived, built his foreign wives a Molech idol on the mountain east of Jerusalem. Guess he got dumb in his old age.
The people would start in the morning, rolling out the hollow, metal statue of Moloch in a procession filled with music, flowers, dancing, with the wealthy throwing jewels and other assorted goodies at it. They would set it in the town square and start a massive fire under it, as it was several stories high. A lattice would cordon off the area so the priest and priestess and nude, male dancers would have room to cavort about.
As the fire got bigger, growing in intensity, the dancers would get themselves worked up into a frenzied state. Once appropriately crazed, the priest would throw metal spiked rods to the dancers, who would impale their chests, legs and (face) cheeks until blood gushed freely. Heck, you can’t enjoy a good idol sacrifice without people cutting and stabbing themselves, pouring out their lifeblood to prove their devotion, can you? Some muslims do it to this day.

Once a year, Shi’a muslims celebrate the ‘martyrdom’ of Muhammad’s grandson, which includes even cutting their toddlers and small children so they can join in the bleeding fun too! The heathen haven’t changed.

Once the statue was red hot and smoking, the priest would reach up with rods to open different openings into the belly of the god, and throw in doves, sheep, rams, etc. to warm the crowd up for the main attraction. People gave their babies to the priestess the day before, so the children were laid around the base of the statue, wrapped in black cloth to hide their identity from the families.
Then, one by one, as the musicians played their instruments and drums pounded loudly, the priest would pick up a little bundle, and blather something stupid to the ‘god’ and place the baby on the outstretched, red-hot metal hands of the statue, where workers in the back would raise the arms with a chain, causing the child would roll into the belly of the god and burn. The music and chanting served to cover the cries.

More dancing, cutting, bleeding, yelling and music ensued as the crowd joined in shouting and dancing in their own religious frenzy, asking the god for financial prosperity for their family and future children. Hundreds of babies would be sacrificed.
As evening came and they ran out of infants, some parents would drag their terrified older children to the front, beating them into compliance, where the priests and workers would bind them hand and foot and throw them onto the hot coals. Of course by that time, the musicians were exhausted and couldn’t play, so the screams of agony were clearly heard as the parents and crowd watched the older children die.
So. Are you sickened yet? I sure am! No wonder God was disgusted. No wonder He still is, considering the barbarity we show our offspring in this day. Estimates of 50+ million little ones have been chemically burned, ripped limb from limb or had their spinal cords severed since Roe vs. Wade was passed by our wonderful Supreme Court in 1973. And we have the audacity to lament the moral sewer America has become? Well, duh!

We dare not look with disdain on the Israelites of old for causing their children to pass through the fire, as a sacrifice to a non-existent god. There is NO difference in what we condone and look away from today, and what they did. No difference at all!

Again, I find it unspeakably hypocritical and ironic how the liberal, “progressives” in this country rate the value of one child against another. There’s no rhyme or reason, no consistent standard to any of it, which should be no surprise considering their practice of moral relativity. Or rather, moral bankruptcy.

Targeting the most innocent and vulnerable of human beings is straight from the pit of hell. In John 10:10, Jesus, the Creator of all life reminds us that satan is a thief and “The thief cometh not, but to steal, kill and destroy: I am come that they may have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.”

I suppose it should come as no shock as the Age of Grace grinds to a close, the spirit of antichrist would pound away at what little moral sense people have left, making it easier to destroy rather than nurture life.
ALL children are priceless treasures in the sight of Almighty God. “Red and yellow, black or white, they are precious in His sight. Jesus loves the little children of the world.” Having an abortion is not the unpardonable sin. Invite Jesus into your heart as Lord, and believe that His death and resurrection will cover ALL your sins; even abortion.
Otherwise, know this: One day very soon, He will most certainly wreak vengeance on behalf of all those little souls that have been sacrificed to the myriad of false gods throughout history. You can count on it!