A “Sign of the Times” & what should I be doing? :: by Don Twobears

There are times when we should give the Word of God a chance without the usual drill; as in storytelling. It is important that we present the Word of God in the most appealing manner we can imagine. And every once in a while, we need to step back and reevaluate how others perceive us in our writing. Are we getting the message out accurately and are we doing so in an uplifting manner?

Recently, my desire has been to recreate the “Tent Revival” days of the 50s and the 60s, the “old time religion” so to speak. I was happy with the responses, although that was not the original idea for doing so; I write first and always to praise the Lord. Some loved the “flare” of the old times and I’m sure there were some who didn’t. It sort of dawned on me though that I’m here to give the Word of God, according to what HE lays on my heart!

What if, though, I was excising some and writing “TO” others? Would I be correct in doing so?? Would this be worthy to my Lord or would I be robbing HIM of the glory HE deserves? My older readers would love hearing that “old time religion” again, as I do and yet the younger readers would have no idea what it was about. Perception is closely entwined with experience in time. Whatever the case, my endeavor is to always praise my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, with every word I write.

I believe that at times I should take what the Bible says and be ready to give a testimony of what the Lord has done in my life, thereby making it possible for another to understand. As I have stated before, I am an American Indian, 100%. Some will say “That’s just wonderful” while others might find it difficult to care about. Growing up as such was as difficult as one could think─an American Indian growing up in a white society.

My parents were white (I was adopted). All the special sayings were there most every day. I did not look like others and I didn’t speak Spanish. Folks knew I wasn’t oriental, white or black. “So…what are you?!”  I heard this continually and it was odd to me that I never cared what they were, but it was obvious it mattered to them though. And you might think to yourself, “that’s racism.” You would be absolutely right! It is just as bad today as it was back then.

Today churches too, are just as bad. I ask the question, “How do you know what to preach?” I always get this answer: “Well, all parts of the Bible are important!” I would agree! There are also parts of the Bible more relevant today than say two decades ago. I believe the pastors, or better yet, the “ministers” have the idea that they are to teach what they feel is good for the people and leave the rest to other writers. There have been many people who have observed this and make mention of it to me.

I must admit it would be difficult for any one pastor to “know” what would be educational─as well as relevant to preach to their congregation. Besides, some born again believers are at different stages of wisdom with the Lord than others. So how are they to know what their sermon should be? That brings us to the exact point I feel I am at in my writing. The Lord God Almighty KNOWS and we should be the first in-line to be asking for HIS wisdom and discernment according to this matter. Oddly enough, this should have been the “staple” from the beginning up until right now.

We are seeing a great deal of the “Great Apostasy” taking place today in far too many churches. And then we have the “denominations” in our “religion” and they are waring against others. “Oh you shouldn’t say this or that and your going to hell, because you said this and people believed you!” Sort of like, “racism” isn’t it? SO…what’s the answer?

Again, it is according to the Lord God Almighty!! It really should not have anything to do YOU, whether you are a pastor, minister, or writer! Does that make sense? And this should include any who are actively witnessing to others. It should always be according to the Lord…first and always…no matter the subject of the sermon.

According to the Lord , the apostles were sinners! Just as all who come to Christ today are sinners! That part has not changed and yet, SIN is not being talked about in the majority of the pulpits today?! Why is it this way??

“Well, first we need to get them into the churches and then we can speak of those things, but…we need to be careful and not offend anyone!”


Did I miss something here? Now we have evolved from “racism” to not wanting to “offend” anyone?

Do you know there are still some churches that only allow certain races to join their congregation? I guess SIN only takes a hold of certain races as compared to others! Let’s see here, God is no respecter of persons, therefore, we should be?!

IS this making any sense to anyone? IF God is absolutely perfect in every way…then where do we stand according to that? Don’t ask me, I’m an American Indian, “The only good Indian is a dead Indian,” right?!

Here’s something strange to understand: Did you know that regardless of your race or anything else for that matter, your relationship with the Lord is sopersonal, none of that other stuff matters? As I have stated before, you MUST see…the Lord and HIS Word, the Bible…in simple terms! It is NOT subjective, no matter how much you think it is. It is the perfect Word of God! That being the case, there is ONLY one question that NEEDS to be answered, “Will you follow Jesus Christ or not”?!

IF your answer is, “NO”…then you will be ignorant of everything else in the Bible! IF you say, “Yes,” then it is your duty to investigate all parts of the Bible, to understand it and how it affects your life! Then, to take your life and how the Lord has worked in you, and tell everyone else!

Here is something else: IF you have given your life and spirit to the Lord willingly and cognitively, your life is NO longer yours. “You are a NEW Creation!” Either way you choose to go─this life─for absolutely everyone of us is still going to be according to the Lord’s perfect plan. That fact, you will never be able to get away from!

The Old Testament tells of how God dealt with Israel, HIS chosen people and the rest of the world. The New Testament is about how GOD is dealing with us today and into the future, what is going to happen, when, where and how. The best route to survive is to be on God’s side, salvation through Jesus Christ and HIS blood on the cross. Where you end up is your responsibility, it is your choice.

All people here on earth are in the same boat until they answer that question. I don’t care if you want to cross swords on theology or anything else. The SIMPLE question and the SIMPLE answer…still remain. YOU MUST CHOOSE!

Why does this become such a big thing in so many big discussions? THAT is the reason you and I were created by God! Should you decide not to accept that, great! Just make sure, like anything else, you understand both sides of the question and both sides of the answer. Because the end-result will be according to that answer by YOU! You won’t be able to say it was somebody else’s fault. Your decision will always come back to you. Even for the few who will not give an answer either way, God calls you “lukewarm” and then says HE will spew you out of HIS mouth!

I just don’t understand why so many people have such a hard time, figuring this out. If you know why that is, please feel free to tell me.

God dealt with the Jews, the Israelites─HIS chosen people─according to their SIN. The Old Testament is filled with examples shows that God always made them accountable for their SIN. Is there anything to make you believe he will not deal with you and your SIN in the same manner?! There is absolutely NO way for you to circumvent that action between you and the Lord.  It is straight up and straight out!!

So far, there has ONLY been ONE person that was SINLESS….Jesus Christ!! This means…everyone…is filled with SIN! Everyone MUST ask Jesus Christ to forgive them of their sins and then be washed in HIS blood from the cross of Calvary. Everyone must accept this gift of God freely and on God’s terms, not yours. I don’t care if you think of something significant or you have a special idea─it must be according to the Lord!

Stop with all the “religion” stuff! “Religion,” is nothing more than the “process you practice” while in church service regardless of what church it may be. I am talking about a “relationship!” A “personal relationship” between YOU and the Lord God Almighty! It is SIMPLE. You either have a relationship with the Lord or you do NOT! IF you have one with the Lord, in truth, then you will see and spend eternity in heaven. IF you do NOT have a relationship with the Lord, then you will see and spend eternity in HELL!

And the whole ball of wax is up to YOU! YOU choose one or the other!! We are not talking about what your pastor at church is preaching. We’re not talking about what “religion” you are…We are talking about Jesus Christ and you! SIN stands as the only barrier between you and God. You either choose to ask for HIS forgiveness or you don’t! So when your standing there before Jesus Christ and the Great White Throne of Judgement, remember…you chose this for yourself and no one else is at fault. It is entirely, YOUR choice and YOUR problem!

It should be simple enough to understand─you have until the Rapture or your death to decide, one way or the other, and then eternity for you…will begin!

“As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord!!”

Praise the Lord Always!!!