Unclean Children Troubled By Evil Spirits :: by Joseph Chambers

The children and youth of America are living in a crisis-type existence.  The basic character traits of a healthy, Christian culture have been lost.  Modesty is almost entirely absent. Respect for authority is missing in most homes and lives.  It was not that many years ago when pre-marital sex was utterly taboo because of a simple respect for our sacred bodies.

A young lady that did not blush at a suggestive word or action was considered loose.  Young men were gentlemen and they treated girls like jewels to be protected.  Someone else’s property was never trashed, trampled upon, or bothered.  The mischievous things children and youth did was little more than boys pulling girl’s pigtails and girls giggling non-stop.  Everything of moral value has deteriorated almost to the point of being non-existent.

Our church world has got to wake up to the powers behind this almost total destruction of the young.  It is not just worldliness or spiritual indifference.  Our young people and, even the majority of children, have not just forgotten God.  The battle is a battle of unclean spirits with a complete intention to make America (and the world) another Sodom and Gomorrah of filth.  The speed at which this nation is going to hell is breathtaking.

There is an invasion of demon spirits throughout the land.  As bad as the invasion sounds, that’s not the biggest problem. Demons can only accomplish what they are invited or allowed to do.  There has never been a time since the fall of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden that demons were not active and ready to destroy.  The difference in today’s world is that our defense against these spirits of hell has almost totally disappeared. There is nowhere that this fact is truer than with our children and youth.

Demons can only possess that which is unclean.  They cannot control or possess a pure child or a holy adult.  Evil spirits will never overpower children in a godly home that refuses to compromise their lifestyle, refuses to hang around unclean persons, and refuses to put filth before their eyes.  Children with a dad or mom that stands in the doorway of their lives by the power of the Holy Ghost will be protected.  That parent has got to set the standard and not allow any compromise of truth.

The Bible plainly says that every child living in a home where neither parent is saved – under the protection of the blood – is automatically rendered unclean.  Apostle Paul said it clearly,“For the unbelieving husband is sanctified by the wife, and the unbelieving wife is sanctified by the husband: else were your children unclean; but now are they holy”  (I Corinthians 7:14).  Only a godly parent – or parents – can guarantee their children being kept clean and protected.  The blood of Jesus Christ in a believer, who is living in the power of that blood, has a clear promise in this Bible covenant to have pure children.  It must be claimed by faith and lived in faithfulness.

A home that allows moral uncleanness of any description opens the door for their children to be defiled and attacked by unclean spirits.  Filth on television, radio, CDs, videos, or the Internet can and will defile any child or youth that is involved in this lifestyle. Children are born with the protection of a holy angel, but that angel will not abide when filth is welcomed into their life.  Occult themes in books (Harry Potter and others), on cartoons, or from any other source will open the mind to the invasion of evil spirits.

Undisciplined children will develop a strong self-will.  Nothing subjects a child or young person to unclean spirits quicker than a stubborn will.  Parents are commanded to teach their family a disciplined lifestyle.  Discipline is self-control and orderly living. Evil spirits are fallen angels that lost control by Satan’s deception.  Undisciplined lives fit the same pattern as unclean spirits and offer an easy entrance to the fallen spirit world. “Foolishness is bound in the heart of a child; but the rod of correction shall drive it far from him”  (Proverb 22:15).

Rock music and other aberrant forms of entertainment are running rampant in Satanism.  The words that elicit the loudest applause in the music and entertainment world are words that are anti-God, immoral, and blasphemous.  Most singing groups make sport out of bashing moral values and decency.  The children and youth under its influence are left without a standard to champion.  Evil spirits love to fill that vacuum left by such nonsense.

Mankind was not created to love living a dirty lifestyle. Immorality saps the life out of any person living this cheap way. Homosexuality and lesbianism is Satan’s ultimate slap in God’s face.

The only possible way you can enjoy living an unclean lifestyle is to allow unclean spirits to make that kind of life appear acceptable or normal.  Every immoral act or thought – especially every unclean pleasure – is the work of spirits that have been welcomed or tolerated.  Fifty years ago, when an old-time man of God prayed for a person with an unclean habit, they always viewed that person as needing to be delivered.  They knew that uncleanness, tobacco, whiskey, cursing, or any other bondage was the bondage of an unclean spirit.

Our children have to be delivered.  The only way revival and great conversions are going to occur in the hearts and lives of our youth is through a return to a proper understanding of the problem.  A high percentage of the entire American family has allowed unclean living to attract unclean spirits.  Those spirits will not leave just because someone walks a church aisle or repeats a prayer.  Holy Ghost-filled men and women have got to become powerful altar workers.

Satan, as well as every fallen angel, has been defeated at Calvary.  At the same time, our world is flooded with wickedness.  Apostle John left no doubt about the condition in our world.  “And we know that we are of God, and the whole world lieth in wickedness”  (I John 5:19).  The authority of the pure Word of God and the power of the blood is the only victory for our children and ourselves.