Enjoy the Show :: By Donna Wasson

You know, Jesus was right on the money when He described these last days as ‘perilous.’ He wasn’t kidding! This country is falling down around us, like the pants those gangsta wannabees wear that hang half-way down their behinds. You want to run up, tell them how stupid they look and yell for them to pull their stupid britches up, for crying out loud!

Millions of ‘average’ Americans are running around, pulling their hair out, trying to understand why our world has gone crazy, and helplessly voicing their panic at the train wreck they see coming. And the saddest part? There is absolutely nothing they can do to prevent the downfall of our country. I wish there were, but truth be told, we aren’t just trying to fight against a treasonous, narcissistic liar with delusions of grandeur in our White House; no, this is all-out spiritual war.

It’s really as simple as that. All the corruption, lies, false flags, unconstitutional maneuverings, plans, threats, wasting of taxpayer money…all of it comes straight from the mind of our greatest enemy, the former archangel, satan. Yes, I know his name should be capitalized, but I refuse to show him even that small respect. This created being had it ALL. He was ‘Mr. Thang’ in heaven at one time, but he royally screwed up, got too big for his britches and is now destined for an eternity in the Lake of Fire.

But first, his starring role on the world stage is about to begin. The curtain on his perverted, cruel play is rising a little more every day, and the pathetic little minions who were stupid enough to follow him are in the audience, screeching, stamping their feet, throwing popcorn, all excited for the show to start. Yes sirree, satan is about to get his time in the spotlight and he’s gonna milk it for all he’s worth.

That sounds pretty scary, doesn’t it? Well, come on with me and let’s go backstage. Why, I declare! Look who the owner and director of this theatre is. The great “I AM.” Think about it for a second and you won’t be able to keep yourself from cracking up! Here’s this devilish diva onstage, ready to strut his stuff and cause all kinds of chaos and bloodshed, BUT…he’s not in control at all.

Oh, the Great Director allows him some creative license here and there, but the script—the plot from beginning to the end, was written by and is being strictly controlled by the ultimate Creator and manager of this universe. NOTHING can happen without His prior approval. Nothing.

Man, that’s gotta get on satan’s last nerve! To be SO controlled when his fondest dream is to have complete dominion over even the Great Director Himself. Dude’s got a screw loose, for sure! I mean, seriously.

Anyway, there are some VERY frightening things happening in America. The last four years have seen an exponential rise in political correctness and the deliberate, systematic dismantling of our republic. The Constitution our founding fathers wrote was a gift from God. It has served to make America the most powerful and prosperous nation this world has EVER seen. I thank God I was born here, and like everyone else who subsists on more than basic brain stem function, it breaks my heart to see what’s going on.

However, the Great Director was gracious enough to provide us with a peek at the plotline of this ugly, end time production. The Bible gives us a good outline to follow as we sit in the VIP section of the balcony and watch the show. We basically know what to expect as this whole thing plays out, even though we’re still a little unsure of the timing of the scenes. But that’s OK, because the Great Director has it all covered.

Let me warn you, what you’re watching is going to get pretty disturbing. It may upset you quite a bit or even give you nightmares. The story gets real nasty, that’s for sure. But, you have to remember; every action, line of script, every startling boom or blast is being carefully choreographed and under complete control. We, who are watching from the safety of the Great Director’s balcony, must remember to NOT get so caught up in the plot that we start fearing for our safety.

We might get splashed just a little here and there with the special effects, but it’ll wash right off when we get home, because we aren’t going to see this whole story anyway. We’re going home early and that’s great! It’s a yucky story anyway, and we’ll have much more fun going to the Great Director’s magnificent house to sit around His banquet table, feasting and laughing our heads off. It’s gonna ROCK!

Don’t forget; what we’re seeing now is only a play. Give poor ‘ol satan his day in the sun, so to speak. He’s such a whiny diva, that he needs to learn how inadequate an actor he really is. So, while we’re still here in the theatre, sit back, relax and watch the show. We’ll be leaving pretty soon.

Oooo, I almost forgot the best part! After the play is over, I hear the Great Director is going to fire satan and all of his annoying little helpers. Literally, Lake-of-Fire him! For all of eternity. Now, THAT’S something I can’t wait to watch!

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