Solomon and the United States of America :: By Mike Ecklund

I have been reading in my Bible the last few days about Solomon. It is remarkable how this life history is much like that of the United States. He started with good intentions by building the temple. He may have been the one that coined the phrase ‘spare no expense’ as he spent millions of dollars and man hours, employing the best craftsmen and obtaining the finest materials. He then organized and instituted the greatest worship service of Israel’s existence with thousands of animal sacrifices for the dedication ceremony. God rewarded is faithfulness with wisdom, riches and honor exceeding all kings before or after him. When the queen of Sheba came to hear and see Solomon, she was completely blown away; “the half was not told me” she said. She left him a gift of around 700 million dollars. That was only a part of his income, which in one year, a total of almost 4 billion dollars worth in gold was delivered. The Lord promised to bless Israel and live among His people if they would simply continue to honor and worship Him as they were doing. But He also warned them that if they turned away He would “cut off Israel from the land which I have given them, and the house which I have consecrated for My name, I will cast out of My sight”.

We all know what happened: Solomon, as the leader of Israel, was influenced by ‘foreign wives’ into worshiping their gods. Here is where it get’s interesting. The gods were Chemosh, Molech and Ashtoreth. Molech would provide for his followers, but a blood sacrifice was required; preferably a first born child. Chemosh, like-wise enjoyed human sacrifice to help his Moabite followers win battles. Ashtoreth was a god you followed if you were into fertility rights and sex. Variations of these gods evolved into every major empire as they came into power.

The United States was also founded on good intentions. Our early fathers placed God as our foundation, writing our faith into the money we exchange and into our institutions with opening prayers and oaths that swore ‘so help me God’. He has blessed us above every other nation in this time period. Our wealth would be like Solomon’s compared to the rest of the world in his day. But like Solomon, we have brought strange beliefs into our house. The god of Ashtoreth is alive and well in our sexually perverse society. The desire for self gratification denies the rights of all others, including the unborn as we sacrifice them for our convenience; or for the generous benefits of government supplements which pay the doctors who do the deed in the name of ‘planned parenthood’. While the encouragement of immigration has led many from around the world to seek the same freedoms and opportunities, they bring with them the beliefs of their home countries. The other ‘gods’ demand we make them equal to Jehovah and tell us that all roads will lead to salvation and heaven. Like the land of Shinar in reverse, we have drawn all tongues to this country and taught them one language. As God knew when He scattered the people the first time, no goal would be out of our reach (whether for good or evil) when we all worked together. But, as with the first course, we are quickly moving toward total defiance of the Lord as we shoot our arrows toward His face from the top of our tallest buildings.

It was the rebellion of a minority up until the last few years. There has been the recent passage of laws that legalize and recognize the use of here-to-for illegal drugs in several states. The use of drugs to change one’s perspective of reality is called ‘sorcery’ in the Bible and is one of the sins that the world refuses to repent of during the final days of judgment. The Supreme Court is now looking at challenges to state laws that define marriage. If they overturn these laws and force recognition of same sex marriage, it will become the law of the land for the rest of the country. My personal forecast is that the homosexual agenda will be forced on the rest of us at some time; if not now, then in the near future.

As many of the Lord’s faithful have been blowing this warning trumpet for some time now, the sound must be making the masses deaf. I have seen and felt urgency, as have many others, to share the gospel with those that are left who will still receive it before time runs out. Forget that there are dozens of churches in your community. They are mostly like a barracks filled with ‘zombie’ soldiers, walking around oblivious and silent. Get out in your world and share the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ and Him only. Don’t get into discussions about evolution, differences in baptism or other theology that does not matter when it comes to our salvation.

Is Jesus Christ who He said He was? Did the Son of God come in the flesh, do the miracles to substantiate His authority over life and death, die on the cross for our sins and was raised on the third day? Convince them that they are indeed a sinner by re-introducing them to the ten commandments: Have you ever told a lie, stolen anything, looked with lust (the same as adultery in God’s eyes), dishonored mother and father or used God’s name as a curse word? Turn away from your sins and accept his payment for you: That is all you need to tell a person for them to be saved. If you are still tongue tied when it comes to talking to strangers, leave a tract where others can find it; waiting rooms, with your tips, anytime you exchange money (money tracts are great and few ever give them back). My favorite is to send a tract back with the postage paid envelopes you get from the many mail solicitations you get every week.

This may be one of the last few Christmas’s you have. Surprise you neighbors and friends with a gift or card that has the true gospel message. Some may live to thank you later.

I realize that I have written other articles and did not allow readers to throw either laurel wreaths or rocks, so I will give you that opportunity.