Evacuation Notice :: By Pete Rose

In the very near future there will be an evacuation (commonly known as the rapture) of all born again Christians from this planet. This evacuation will take place with no prior warning, its date and time will not be announced. You must therefore be ready at all times. Jesus in your heart is your ticket for this event. (Matthew 24:36, 1Thessalonians 4:13-18)

We are far into the period of time known as the beginnings of sorrows, or birth pangs. Signs of the coming tribulation period are multiplying exponentially. Since this evacuation must occur before the tribulation period can begin, it is even that much closer. As noted above, this evacuation will only affect born again Christians. If you have not received the Lord Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, when it comes you will be left behind to go through a time of trouble Jesus described as being like no other before it, or ever to follow it. You don’t want to be here when this comes to pass.

Some signs of the times:

Multiplying earthquakes. Magnitude 6 (strong) earthquakes are taking place almost daily all around the world now. Twice in the past 10 years magnitude 9 (devastating) earthquakes have caused horrific tsunamis, killing thousands.

Great storms. Hurricane Sandy, possibly the biggest hurricane ever to hit the US mainland, just recently did billions of dollars worth of damage and caused record flooding along the east coast. Massive tornado outbreaks, droughts, floods.

Moral decay. Our children being indoctrinated in government schools that homosexuality and promiscuity which God calls abomination are normal and healthy.

Corruption and greed. Former corporate executives occupying high seats in government agencies, telling the government what it can and cannot do, all for the benefit of their corporations.

Genetic tampering now rampant, as it was in the days of Noah before the flood. Corporations like Monsanto, Bayer and others are combining genetic material from unrelated species, patenting them and selling the seed for food crops. There are even reports that experimentation with human-animal hybridization has been going on.

And more. Read Matthew 24 and Luke 17 for further information.

If you have not trusted your life to Jesus before this evacuation takes place, you will be left behind to go through the tribulation, and there will be no escape. How much better to trust your life to Jesus now, and escape the wrath to come. Admit your sin to God and ask him to save you, believing that he will, and He will do it. See Luke 18:10-14.