The “Untied” States Of America :: By Dale V. Nobbman

America has made its political choices for the next four years and beyond and I tend to believe that America has chosen ‘poorly’! No, there is no typo in the title of this article. It’s amazing how relocating one little ‘i’ in the word ‘united’ can change the word…and as a result…spell out the potential future for our nation. Already just since the election there have been petitions originating in over 40 different states with the intent of asking permission from the U.S. government for their state to peacefully secede from the United States of America! It really isn’t surprising this unrest should occur, because these petitions for secession will unfortunately be just one example of many more to come as to how the glue that has held our national fabric together is weakening and in danger of allowing America to crumble apart.

I actually had trouble deciding on which title to use for this article, because there were so many fitting ones to choose from in regards to our current personal and national circumstances. I considered using one of the following titles: Failing the Test, or The Handwriting on the Wall, or Sprinting Down the Roman Road. They are all very applicable, but I decided The Untied States of America pretty much ‘ties’ all the above titles together under one umbrella. Yes, the United States of America seems to be unraveling right before our eyes, because the Godly bonds and Christian bindings that kept our nation ‘united’ all these years have become loose and very nearly untied. It appears we can no longer be considered a ‘united’ people under the common goals of freedom and liberty for all. I suppose we may soon need a new national anthem, because we no longer seem to be the ‘land of the free, and home of the brave.’ We appear to be more like the ‘land of the dependent, and home of the insecure’…all waiting for the next government handout. Sadly, a new ‘majority’ of Americans have replaced their faith in God, with a ‘pathetic’ faith in government. It sure seems as though millions of Americans have traded their very ‘souls’ for a place on the government gravy train, a train which is getting longer every day as it intices more and more people to get on board for a life of dependency on government, a subsistence type of lifestyle difficult to break free from once you get there, because people seem to develop an addiction to the government freebies and other goodies the liberals hand out in exchange for votes.

For the first time ever, more than 50% of American voters (a slight majority of the popular vote) have elected to set aside all common sense as a nation. The scale has been tipped…we have failed God’s latest test of our nation…we can now see the handwriting on the wall…and we have picked up the pace from a jog to a sprint down the Roman Road as we race for the ‘cliffs’…the spiritual cliffs, the moral cliffs, the social cliffs, the economic cliffs, and all the other cliffs the flesh, the world, and Satan can’t wait to see Americans ‘willingly’ jump off of towards their own self-inflicted downward spiral. The choices and decisions the Romans made over time led to the gradual decline and ultimate demise of that longtime empire, and now America has by choice decided to follow down that same Roman Road on the way to its own probable ‘self-implosion.’ Looking back at history as found in the Biblical book of Daniel, the destruction of the great Babylonian kingdom took place after the Babylonian King, Belshazzar, saw God’s handwriting on the wall, which he then had Daniel interpret for him. The end result was that King Belshazzar never lived to see the morning sunrise of the very next day and Babylon was conquered by the Medes and the Persians. If Babylon could be conquered virtually overnight, I guess the same could happen to the United States someday, because anything seems possible anymore! The handwriting on the wall we see today, may or may not be signaling the abrupt end of America as we have known it, but we can certainly see the end from here…that is for those people willing to take the time for a serious look at our national condition!

What say we take a look at just how far down the Roman Road of problems we have traveled in a relatively short period of time as of late.

1. Incompetent political leadership. Check! (too many examples to list here!)

2. Incompetent military leadership. Check! (Benghazi for example)

3. Intrusion of foreign religious ideas (in America’s case today, this would include all the various religions intolerant of our nation’s Christian foundation). Check!

4. Implementation of substantial political and economic reforms. (our new national health care in America for example.) Check!

5. Increased economic inequality among its citizens forcing more people out of work and into government dependency. Check!

6. Cultural and political dilution creating differing opinions and standards among a diverse population, causing societal problems. Check!

7. A strained military and drain on financial resources, due to the fighting of multiple wars in various places. Check!

8. Land withdrawn from cultivation on a large scale. Check!

9. New layers of bureaucracy, infrastructure and social classes to try and solve problems. Check!

10. Urbanization and overpopulation of cities resulting in increased disease epidemics, water and food shortages. Check!

11. An almost non-existent budgetary system, resulting in wasted monetary resources. Check!

12. Moral decay. Out-of-control sexual immorality and perversion, including homosexuality, prostitution, pornography, sex slaves, etc. Check!

13. Increased lust for blood, and violence in sporting events. Check! (not hard to find examples of this activity at the movies, on video games, or on television)

14. Diminished border fortifications. Check!

15. Economic stress when a greater amount of money has to be spent on social services to keep a restless public happy. Check!

16. Promised pension payments made to retired bureaucrats. Check!

17. More money spent than taken in, due to the enormous budget it takes to maintain the military and infrastructure such as roads and water supply. Check!

18. Reduced tax revenue when non-citizens want to take part in the benefits of the national way of doing things, without paying back into the system. Check!

19. High inflation. On the way!

20. Debt, debt, debt. Check!

Mmmmm…looks like our ‘sprint’ down the Roman Road has brought us almost to the end of the road! But I think we are trying to even top the Romans in problems.

We could add apathy, apostasy, and abortion into the mix of problems, and that’s only the words that start with the letter ‘a’…not to mention the rest of the alphabet!

It’s a sad fact that Americans have now voted for liberal political leadership in our nation who would just as soon not have God mentioned in their political platform. We have voted in a certain way, which apparently means the American president is no longer re-elected based on the merit of his achievements in office, because almost every aspect of our American domestic circumstances and our foreign affairs are worse off now than they were just four years ago. Balancing our nation’s budget, abiding by our Constitution, and defending American citizens are apparently not all that important. We have ‘not’ voted into place for the next four years what is ‘best’ for our country, but we have voted for whatever reinforces our own selfish, human desires to do as we please, unhindered by God, religion, morals, traditional norms, and any other restraints, including our Constitution. We have become a nation of ‘takers’, more interested in a handout than a hand up, and as stated we have willingly traded liberty and our freedoms for security and dependence on government to supply our every need. Traditional Biblical marriage is old-fashioned and same-sex marriage is the new glorified ‘in’ thing. And it seems as though our mainstream media people are Satan’s appointed ‘cheerleaders’ and ‘water carriers’ in speeding our demise as a nation. Without citing endless other specifics, lets just say it appears a majority of Americans have chosen to ‘spit’ in God’s face in every way thinkable in order to mock, curse and reject God, Jesus Christ, and Christianity at every opportunity. Also, Israel must be feeling like an ‘orphan’ nation, deserted by America and seemingly left alone to battle all the Middle East countries who hate God’s chosen people. America should know better…that if we turn our back on defending Israel…it does not bode well for our own nation in the eyes of Almighty God.

But in these dark days, take heart Christians! The Rapture remains ‘right on schedule’!!! No, we do not know the ‘date’ for the Rapture (even though it appears for many of us to be rapidly getting closer), however the shocking and potentially disastrous American election results of 2012, along with its lingering adverse ramifications, were just additional reminders for us that the coming Rapture remains on schedule per God’s perfect timing! Also, despite all that is going wrong in America today, Christians can ‘rest’ in the fact that God is in control of ALL things, no matter how many ‘trials, tribulations and persecutions’ may befall Americans, especially Christian Americans, in the days, weeks, months, and years ahead. The same situation applies to all the Christians around the globe, however Christians should not let the current world circumstances cause their ‘faith’ in God to fail. The Bible says, “Faith is being sure of what you hope for and certain of what you do not see.” (Hebrews 11:1) and “Rejoice in our suffering, suffering produces perserverance, perserverance-character, and character hope.” (Romans 5:3)

Let us always rejoice in God’s goodness, and His promises, mercy, and grace…regardless how much our world seems to be crumbling right before our eyes. We must remember that the only place for humanity to gain Godly ‘wisdom and understanding’ is in the Holy Bible. It’s only by reading the Bible that people will learn to focus on and believe in the one true God and our Savior, Jesus Christ, and then hopefully place their faith and trust in God and Jesus through every ‘fiery furnace’ we may find ourselves in the future. We should have learned by now that placing our trust in people, government, and human knowledge will let us down every time. It doesn’t matter if people are world leaders, religious leaders, politicians, broadcast and newsprint journalists, radio or television talk show hosts, etc. If those people don’t have a Christian perspective about ‘every’ difficult circumstance we face as individuals or as a nation, what they have to say will have no lasting value in fixing what we’ve broken. They can move their mouths, wield their pens, point their fingers, wag their tongues, and flap their lips all they want without ever saying or writing anything remotely intelligent when it comes to solving our national problems, if what they say is not based on the ‘Word of God’ principles found in the Bible.

Nothing seems to make much sense today in America and around the world in human terms, but Christians who have read their bibles and comprehend what is happening in regards to human events and the spiritual warfare going on in this world, still have their ‘eyes on the prize’ of eternal life in Heaven with God, Jesus, and all the Christians throughout the centuries who placed their personal faith in the Son of God, Jesus Christ, who is the ‘one and only’ true Redeemer of all our sins (past, present and future sins) and the only one through whom people can attain eternal life in Heaven. This year’s American election, and other worldly events, makes it clearer than ever that we continue to proceed towards the much anticipated Rapture promised in the Bible! We do not know what the days ahead will bring, and as stated earlier, we do not know when the Rapture will occur, but Christians can rest assured that the Rapture is ‘right on schedule’!! But even if we die before the Rapture, rest assured that believers in Jesus Christ will enter into God’s presence in Heaven, reunited with all the saints and our own Christian loved ones who have gone on before…never to be separated from God. We know this because the Bible tells us this is so…and the promises and predictions in the Bible have never been wrong, not once! So let us praise God for ALL things…for God IS in control…HE has things well in hand…and HE is doing ALL that’s best for HIS Eternal Plan!

And just think…someday we get to return to this earth and help Jesus Christ rule this earthly world for a ‘thousand’ years. How cool is that!!! For a full millenium this earth will soon be ruled by Jesus in all His Glory, without any need for ‘corrupt’ earthly judges, lawyers, politicians and rulers (Praise God!) Yes, all God and Jesus have to offer us in the future is worth the wait during this current era of increasing Christian persecution when it seems like evil is winning. However, for anyone willing to read the last book of the Bible, the ‘Revelation’ (of Jesus Christ), the reader will clearly find that Christians and Christianity are victorious (through Christ) in the end!

So, God rest ye fellow Christians…let nothing you dismay…remember Christ our Savior…was born to save us all from Satan’s power! Hallelujah and Amen!!!!