I’m Tired :: By Donna Wasson

You know what? I’m tired. Bone weary, want-to-sit-on-a-beach-for-a-week-and-stare-at-the- ocean, kind of tired. Tired of this Presidential election. Tired of the talking heads yammering away about how wonderful their favorite candidate is, while disparaging the opponent. Tired of the same old bovine intestinal squeeze, oozing out of the TV screen every night.

I’m tired of reality shows, featuring people with questionable I.Q.’s who think nothing of allowing a camera crew into their bathroom to document them as they paint their toenails and gossip about their sister’s newest sexual partner. Or programs with folks who self-importantly impart useless, non-existent strategy for buying overcrowded, abandoned storage units, filled with someone else’s old, dirty clothes and cast off, obsolete electronics, while bidding up their competition just to be a jerk.

Like the 4 year old little girl on that YouTube video, who broke down in tears after listening to coverage of election news on the car radio one too many times, I’m also sick of hearing about “Bronco Bama and Mitt Romney.” When her mother assured her the election was going to be over very soon, she sniffed loudly and choked out a brave, “Okay” as a final little tear ran down her chubby cheek.

Me too, kid. I feel your pain. No more yard signs or bumper stickers. Nix the TV interviews and 90 minute debates, please. Spare me the endless commentary with the usual side of analysis paralysis. I’m over it. I’m just over it. Although I pray for God’s will to be done regarding who wins the White House, and hope His will includes replacing the current, unqualified occupant, I’m stunned when I see how many people are pinning all their hopes and dreams on a new face who speaks pretty words.

Seriously, people? You really think the challenger has the ability to return America to the lofty world status she once held? Do you honestly believe this man, who is simply another Globalist puppet, anointed by The Powers That Be to further their agenda, really WANTS to ‘fix’ this country? Hey, I have some beachfront property in Iowa I’d love for you to take a look at!

Oh, how I wish I could believe the inspiring, patriotic speeches, full of promises to heal the economy, reinstate Constitutional freedoms and undo the barrage of destruction wreaked on our Republic by our treasonous, murderer-in-chief! My eyes fill with tears when I watch this man, who appears SO Presidential, speaking with such eloquence without depending on the training wheels of a teleprompter, and I long to take him at his word, but I simply can’t.

It’s not that I’m jaded or cynical. Honestly. I’m realistic, and I hate that. I’d rather be able to bury my head in the hopeful sand of la-la land, but too much water has gone under the bridge, and too many buildings have been blown up. Too many people have been murdered and too many bald faced lies have been told for me to believe anything coming out of the cess-pool of Washington D.C. anymore.

I bet I’d feel an overwhelming compulsion to douse my car with Clorox if I had occasion to drive around that city. Ideological raw sewage percolates within the halls of the Capitol Building, seeping into every computer and closed door meeting of our elected officials. They arrange their on camera moments, standing before dozens of microphones, spitting and flinging that sewage on the American people, expecting us to happily accept being defecated on and beg them for more.
Nah, I’ve had quite enough, thank you very much. I’m stuffed and couldn’t hold another drop. Like I said, I’m tired.

Today, as I drove by a billboard advertising some high-end, expensive men’s watch, that pretty much looked and functions the same as any other timepiece, a wave of commercial weariness washed over me. I kept driving, passing one elegant shop after another and spotted the first dreaded Christmas wreath of the season, hanging on one of the doors.

It’s not even close to Thanksgiving, yet the retailers are beginning to gear up for their annual cluster-fest orgy of Yule Tide cheer. They desperately need to recoup losses incurred during the past year of tough economic times in the hopes of breaking even and, if Santa smiles on them, possibly even make a tiny profit for all their hard labor. *sigh*

I’m tired of hearing about the 47 million people on food stamps. I’m tired of hearing manipulated, inaccurate unemployment statistics, as well as other economic indicators and stock market fluctuations that are full of spin, depending on who is doing the reporting. ‘The economy is improving.’ ‘We are still in a full blown recession.’ ‘There’s hope just around the corner.’ ‘Presently, there is no sign of a recovery any time soon.’

I’m fed up with hearing about Islamists in the Middle East who dream of little more than murdering infidels. I’m outraged when I think of every, single husband, wife, sister, brother, son and daughter, embroiled in an unwinnable war in foreign lands, who are supposedly trying to give the gift of democracy to people whose entire ideology runs counter to that kind of freedom.

I’m weary of hearing about our troops who, in exchange for the sacrifice they give in blood, sweat, tears and separation from family and friends, are being shot in the back by the ignorant, illiterate cowards they’re trying to help, while American taxpayers continue shelling out more and more money towards the supposed ‘freedom’ of people who just want us to go away. I don’t want one more American life to be sacrificed in the Middle East.

They don’t want us there. They didn’t ask us to ‘liberate’ them or overthrow their leaders, and they would probably leave us alone if we left their ‘holy’ lands, came home and minded our own darn business. Enough is enough, already. I have every idea they would warm up to the ‘Great Satan’ pretty quickly if the ‘Great Satan’ was energy independent and didn’t need their precious oil anymore.

I’m tired of our government’s deceitful backdoor, covert politics, with all the wheeling and dealing by arrogant, despotic, greedy, imperialistic so called leaders who mindlessly carry out policies mapped out generations ago by those whose sole aim was, and is, to rule the world. Everybody wants to rule this broken down, sick, decaying world. Well, ya’ll can have it!

I’m tired of the mainstream media that spends its time and money pumping out asinine, outrageous, biased rhetoric rather than reporting accurate news. It’s not even a game anymore; their lies have become so obvious and outlandish that we can all see that Emperor Media has no clothes on.

The misinformation spewed forth every day and night from the newspapers, online news sources, magazines, radio and television, serves to prove they assume their audience are complete imbeciles. The nerve, the gall, the audacity, the strength-sapping assault leveled against the intelligence of the American public by the media, is obscene.

They need to be boycotted for about 3 months. Maybe during that audience imposed time-out, they would be able to figure out how to tell the truth again, and perhaps even rediscover their integrity. HAHAHAHAHA! Nah, forget it. That’ll never happen!
I guess the thing that tires me the most is the apathy and self-absorption of my fellow human beings, especially here in America. It’s everywhere I turn, but the most egregious practice of Stepford-Wife brain death, is occurring in the church. What is WRONG with you people?? Seriously! I don’t get it!

NO ONE who has written me in the past year has reported that their pastor or Sunday School teacher talks about the imminence of the rapture of the church! No one in any church body that’s been described to me is even discussing how current events line up with the signs of the end of the age, as outlined in Scripture! No one!

This renders me speechless. Well, almost. It makes me furious, actually. Hey pastoral shepherds, where are you? God has blessed you with the opportunity to lead and guide your flock safely into His Kingdom and what are you doing? You’re caught up in building your congregations with seekers and tithers who can support your huge, fancy new sanctuaries, that’s what.


When is the last time you told those in your care about sin, repentance and the cleansing blood of Jesus, shed on that Roman cross? When is the last time you offered an invitation for the lost to come to the front of the church so one of your deacons could minister to, and lead them to the grace of salvation? Humph. I thought so.

You bunch of lazy Laodiceans! Jesus, (remember him?) said in Revelation 3: 15-17, “I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot. So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth. Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked”

“Welcome to First Baptist Country Club Church. We’re so glad you decided to join us this morning! Before we get started singing our annoying, meaningless choruses, let me make a few announcements. Next Tuesday night, in the Schmoozy New Life Center across the street, a combination baby and wedding shower will be held for Tammy Sue Dingbat; everyone is invited to attend and be sure to bring a covered dish. Next, don’t forget that we’ll be receiving a special offering in tonight’s service that will go towards installation of a big, new fountain in our lobby. In case you don’t remember, it features an empty throne, surrounded by 12 angels, each holding a disciple who spit out lukewarm water into the main pool. It’s gonna be just gorgeous, folks! And all for the glory of God!”

THIS is the type of thing most churches are concentrating on these days. Well PUKE! Pastors, you have a sacred responsibility towards your congregations, and you are failing them. Failing, as in getting an ‘F’ on your heavenly report card! You’d better wake up from your dreamy, emergent existence and start telling your flock the truth about what is happening in the world.

If you don’t warn them that every, single sign and prophecy concerning the rapture of the church has taken place and we are ready for takeoff, who will? You think they’ll stop sipping their Starbucks long enough to concern themselves with this? One of the ladies in your congregation mentioned the word, “prophecy” to another member and was asked, “What is that? Is that like speaking in tongues?”

Listen up! The weight and responsibility of making sure your people are well aware of the lateness of the hour is on you. They need to understand that their hearts must be found worthy to escape the wrath to come, but how can they be ready when they don’t even know what the rapture and Tribulation is? Right now, they think the ‘antichrist’ was some movie character named Damien!

Now, I realize you may not have been taught these things in seminary. That’s completely outrageous, and I would demand a full refund of my tuition if I were you because Jesus spoke of the end times frequently, and it would behoove the schools to include that in their curriculum. However, there are many excellent resources in the Christian bookstores that can assist you and bring you up to speed on this critical subject.

Concentrate on authors like Hal Lindsey, John Ankerberg, David Jeremiah, and others associated with them. Wake up, you shepherds! Make sure your little flock is ready to go when that trumpet blows, and we are snatched up to meet the Lord in the air. You’d better get busy because the way things are looking, it won’t be much longer before we go home.

If I could, I’d do the work for you, but I am just too tired!
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