Vote – Part 1 :: By Dale V. Nobbman

I pray that EVERY eligible Christian voter in America will register to vote and then cast a vote in America’s general election on November 6, 2012. At this critical point in time it appears that both the near and distant future of America, more so than ever before in our nation’s history, will be determined by the result of this year’s all important election. How we vote in November will have lasting consequences for our nation’s future, which includes our struggle to maintain the very survival of Christianity itself in America. The time for American Christians to remain ‘silent’ has got to end now, before Christians in America are muzzled forever by Satanic forces and the America we know is lost forever.

Voting is a way for every Christian to act on their beliefs by voting for a candidate who will best support Christian principles and traditional American values in our three branches of government as we move forward into the coming years. Our votes this November will not only determine America’s future, but the future of Israel too. Will the next American political administration help defend Israel against the nuclear threat from Iran, or will America continue the recent trend of turning its back on helping protect God’s chosen people? If America throws Israel ’under the bus’ then woe to America. God’s responding wrath and judgment on America would most assuredly be swift and severe, and we should ’shudder’ to even think of the consequences for not supporting Israel. It is reasonable to believe and expect that God would be ready to withdraw His protection from the United States of America, and the America we have known would cease to exist. Perhaps that is why America is not mentioned in End-Times prophecy.

The current course of America cannot be allowed to continue beyond November 6, 2012. What our government has allowed to happen over the last four years is most certainly an abomination to Almighty God and Christ Jesus. Christians must lead the way in creating a moral revival in America and restoring morality in our society. That revival can begin with the votes cast by American Christians on November 6. It’s utterly imperative that Christians lead our nation back in a direction pleasing to God. So this November, glorify God with your vote, honor our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ with your vote, stand up for a Christian America with your vote, defend our Constitution, freedoms and liberties with your vote, and make an investment in the future of your family with your vote.

VOTE–as though your quality of life depends on the outcome of this election–it does!

VOTE–as though your family’s future depends on the outcome of this election–it does!

VOTE–as though the future of America hinges on the outcome of this election–it does!

VOTE–as though the future of the World hinges on the outcome of this election–it does!

VOTE–as though God is watching how you cast your vote in this year’s election–He is!