Night Visitors :: By Jeff Patty

As insanity envelopes our world, Christians are under attack from every possible angle. That includes the so-called paranormal world.

I was talking with an old friend the other day and I told her about my new book, Boneshakers, and about my website,, and how they deal with the paranormal from a Biblical perspective. That’s when she began to tell me about two different, frightening paranormal experiences she had when she was younger.

The first happened when she still lived at home as a young teenager. She said that she had gotten a book about witchcraft and the dangers of it, from a friend at her church. She said she had read some of it, but it was too scary for her to read it all. After she went to bed, she couldn’t go to sleep because of an uneasy feeling that had come over her that evening.

As she tried to go to sleep, she noticed something out her window. The shadows seemed to play with what little light there was outside that night. Something just didn’t look or feel right to her. As the fear grew in her, she turned away from her window. But as she looked into her room, she noticed the shadows moving and taking form. Fear struck her deep inside as she watched.

Slowly the shadows began to form and take shape. She can remember four or five figures that formed and began to move towards her bed. She recalls them being tall and slim, and very dark, featureless. She also remembers them having long fingers. She said that she couldn’t move, no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t move. Later she would be told by her mother, and others, that she was dreaming, but she says it wasn’t a dream, and was as real as anything she’s ever experienced.

In her experience, as the figures slowly glided across her room and got closer and closer, she began to scream. She may not be able to move, but she could scream. But no one came to her rescue. Then she said that she remembered what her pastor had told her one time: if you will say the name of Jesus, and ask for his protection, Satan can’t touch you. So she began to ask Jesus to help her and say His name over and over. She said the entities stopped just as they were about to grab her, and pulled away. After a few seconds they disappeared.

When she got up the next morning, she noticed her throat was sore, and her voice weak, from all the screaming she did the night before. When she told her parents, they said they never heard her scream. They also didn’t believe her, and told her she was only dreaming.

First of all, I believe it was demonic in origin. Second, I believe that either the demonic forces muffled her screams (and she didn’t realize it) or they covered her parents’ ears so they couldn’t hear her.

Her second experience was years later, after she was married and had a young son. She took him and his friend to the Crescent Hotel Ghost Tour in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Apparently, once they got into the tour, as they and others took pictures along the way, they noticed orbs around my friend. And the orbs seemed to increase in number as the tour went along. At one point she said her tour guide told her that he needed to cleanse her before she left, because he was afraid that some of the “spirits” might follow her home. First of all, if her tour guide was anything like the one I had, he was probably steeped in New Age belief, but I do believe entities can grab hold and follow someone.

At one point, she also took a photo of her son and his friend sitting on the stairs, both looking the same direction to their side. She didn’t really think anything of it at the moment, as she was just taking pictures of the area that they were at in the hotel. Later she asked them about the photo, and they were confused. They said they were talking to a little girl sitting next to them on the steps, but there was no one else in the photo but the two of them. By the way, a little girl died from a fall down the stairwell decades ago in the Crescent.

She said she was so disturbed by all of the pictures that she destroyed them soon after getting home. It was a frightening and disturbing experience for her.

I believe both of these experiences were demonic. Why they happened to my friend, I don’t know. I believe she was a Christian at the time, at least the latter experience. But based on scripture, I don’t believe they were friendly or innocent in nature.

Her experiences aren’t in my book, which was just published recently, because we only talked the other day, and had been out of touch for quite a while. I asked her if I could use her experiences and stories in the future, maybe even as an update to my book.

I believe more people are under demonic attack than ever today. And I believe we, as Christians, need to put on the whole armor of God, and know what we’re up against. That was the reason I wrote Boneshakers. To open people’s eyes, and prepare them for what’s here, and for what’s coming.