Public School Religion :: By Donna Wasson

Now they’ve done it. NOW THEY’VE DONE IT! Let me tell you about a 10 year old little girl, who attends Butts Road Intermediate School, in Chesapeake, Virginia. The Blaze, an Internet news source, didn’t release her name but that’s neither here nor there in this article.

Her “teacher,” Tara Harris, joined the school in September as a fifth-grade learning disabilities, special education teacher. Let me pause to take a few, cleansing breaths so my blood pressure can come back down…OK, I’ll continue. Ms. Harris has been charged with simple assault for injuring this child’s hand while forcing the class to learn…*gasp* *shudder* Islamic hand signs.

EXCUSE ME?? I don’t think I read that right. You mean to tell me a teacher in a public school system in this country, was teaching Islamic hand signs? The child’s mother, Stephanie Bennett, told The Blaze that this…this Ms. Harris has a disturbing trend of “indoctrinating” students with Islamic teachings. She also openly campaigns for President Obama and bashes GOP nominee, Mitt Romney, according to the testimony of several of her students.

Ms. Bennett, the mother, states, “The teacher was going over Islamic hand signs with the children—she stayed on this issue for two days straight, during their reading and math class.” The Blaze reports, when Bennett’s daughter was unable to perform the Islamic hand sign correctly after two days of instruction, Harris became frustrated and attempted to twist the girl’s fingers to make the Islamic gesture, which means, “power and strength.”

The mother continues, “When she didn’t get it right, [Harris] went over and yanked her hand out of her desk and my daughter’s hand got hung up on the metal wire on her file folder, and the skin got caught on it. The other children saw my daughter’s hand dripping with blood after the teacher had gotten so mad that she went to twist my daughter’s hand into an Islamic sign.”

She immediately filed a police report, and Ms. Harris was placed on administrative leave. The next day, Ms. Bennett was informed by school officials that the teacher had been terminated from the Chesapeake Public School system all together. The Blaze was unable to independently confirm this.

The child told her mother that Harris “prays to Allah in Arabic” approximately five times a day in front of students, and teaches them about Islam and how it is superior to other religions. *inhale deeply*

Another parent, Nita Redditt, states that her son was scared to go back to the classroom the next day. “I think he was intimidated. I couldn’t believe what was going on in the classroom in regards to this teacher praying to Allah, and having them pray with her.” WHAT??? Oh no, you didn’t! Huh-uh! I don’t think so!

Oh…Oooo…Arggg…WHERE do I start? This is so outrageous on so many different levels, that it’s difficult to choose where to begin.

Here is an educated woman, who chose to work directly with learning disabled, special education children. This would demand a person who possesses a kind, calm demeanor and extreme patience, to be successful in such a career. This was obviously a BAD CHOICE of specialties on her part! As the teacher, she was fully aware this little girl suffers from a processing disorder, making it difficult for her to quickly grasp ideas, like (stupid) hand signs.

Did this matter to Ms. Harris? Nope. She was too caught up, selfishly defiling this kid by forcing her to perform on cue, like some animal she was attempting to train. For her to “yank” this child’s hand out of her desk for something this insidious, clearly demonstrates how untrustworthy she is to be around any child, much less those who need extra compassionate attention. Hey Ms. Harris—why don’t you try yanking and injuring MY kid’s hand and see what happens. I dare you. Grrrrrrr…

Now to the obvious. I bet you can guess what I’m going to say. WHY, pray tell, has this…this…Koran thumping, bigoted, abusive, Christophobic twit been allowed to RELIGIOUSLY RAPE these children in a government school classroom?? You mean to tell me NO other teacher or member of administration was aware she was forcing her religious beliefs on these impressionable, innocent, dependent kids? NO ONE? You’re joking, right?

That is absolutely inexcusable either way. If the school was aware she was openly, aggressively proselytizing Islam, then they are guilty of violating the government’s favorite phrase, (everybody say it with me), “the separation between church and state,” now, aren’t they?

And if this school denies any knowledge of this teacher’s activities, what the heck else are they unaware of?? Who’s to say she’s not sexually assaulting them also? Or forcing them to memorize parts of the Koran? Or keeping these kids silent by threatening to kill their parents or pets if they tell what she’s teaching them?

Why isn’t this on the national news? It would probably be the lead story if this were a Christian teacher, telling these children that Jesus loves them! Oh the horror! Was this even featured on the local news? I highly doubt it. A Christian teacher doing this sort of thing would be arrested and paraded naked on Main Street at noon!

Where are the loud-mouthed, intrusive, busybody ‘Freedom >From Religion’ people? Huh? Why aren’t they marching on the school grounds with their stupid signs, and filing a lawsuit in court? Why aren’t they on CNN, making a statement about how angry they are that, in this day and age, these children are being exposed to the ridiculous claims of the existence of god?

Where is the rabid, mouth foaming, snarling attack dog against all things Christian, the ACLU? In what Federal Court is their suit filed? Where is their outrage on this? If you pause for a moment, you can hear crickets in the silence.

Can you just imagine the hysterical, hair tearing, garment rending, screaming rants of the main stream media, Hollywood ‘stars’, members of Congress and even our very favorite Muslim, President Obama, if this woman was a Christian? I am dumbfounded by the blatant, double standard being applied here!

Let’s see, how does this usually go? Oh yeah, “How DARE this woman use the tax-payer’s money and time to force her religious beliefs on these children!”

She was hired for a specific task. She was to teach the customary, inadequate ‘curriculum of excellence,’ regurgitated by this nation’s public school system, which spits out high school graduates who can’t read above a 3rd grade level. Was that really too much to ask?

Where did she get the idea she had the right to indulge her big ‘ol, pushy self by wasting these student’s time, forcing them to learn her wicked, false religion? Hey, no one seems too upset about this, so this must mean prayer is allowed back in the classroom! Right. As if.

This ‘lady’ must worship the, “Islam: Make up the rules as you go,” sect of this filthy belief system. I’m providing the link to this story and in the accompanying photo, featuring this disciple of dog doo. Notice that she has a glass of red wine on the table in front of her. Wait a minute; I thought Islam forbid drinking alcohol!

But this seems to be the new normal in America today doesn’t it? She’s an exalted Muslim and can do anything she wants, ignore any law she wants, as long as she is spreading the teachings of Allah. After all, we’re supposed to be tolerant. However, if a Christian so much as opens their mouth to yawn in a public school building, there’s hell to pay.

Think this is an isolated incident? Au contraire. Are you kidding? Apparently, public schools in Minnesota close for two days each year, so the teacher’s union members can hold their annual Education Minnesota Professional Conference. What new topical gems are they planning to pass on to the students this next school year? Let’s look at a list.

“Using Personal Dolls to Promote Social Emotional Intelligence and Acceptance of Diversity” Uh-huh. Teachers learning to play with dolls. Sounds like a critical teaching skill to me.

“Teaching Students to be Peacemakers” Good luck with that.

“The State of Minnesota Schools and LGBTQ Youth: A Roundtable Discussion” Umm, WHY are these people spending time discussing their student’s budding sexuality, and learning how to ensure they understand the different types of perversions that are socially acceptable today? How about we concentrate on reading instead?

And the capstone, my favorite… “Teaching about Islam in the Context of Social Studies and World Religion” Okaaay. Well, actually it’s NOT okay at all!

What does the teacher’s union say about this session? “An expert panel will present information on teaching about Islam. They will share perspectives on how educators can help improve intercultural communication and well-being for immigrant and refugee students and families from Muslim countries.” Why don’t you teach these immigrants how to assimilate into American society instead? Oh right, that would make sense.

What the heck? Is Minnesota being overrun with Muslim refugees all of a sudden? Are the students going to be informed about who flew airplanes into our World Trade Center Towers on 9/11? Will they be given handouts to color, depicting Islamic suicide bombers blowing up American soldiers or innocent Israeli children? Will they receive a photograph of the Fogel family, who were butchered in their beds by Palestinian cowards? I’m guessing not.

Can someone please explain to me why our government schools are suddenly so enamored with religion and Islam in particular? I thought we didn’t talk about religion in schools. I was under the impression that the sky would fall, and cats would spontaneously explode if anyone, anywhere in Obama’s “57 states” even mentioned the concept of there being a god! No? When did this change, ‘cause I sure missed the news coverage.

So, can I infer from these reports, that prayer and the teaching of religion are once again allowed in school? Oh, could it actually be true?? Wouldn’t that be wonderful? But, who am I kidding? We all know this only pertains to the politically correct religion of that pagan moon god, and his wicked, nut-job prophet. Christianity is still relegated to the dumpster out back, thrown away with those little containers of sour milk, and leftovers from Michelle Obama’s approved school lunches.

What galls me the most about the encroaching threat of Islam into this country and into our schools is that NO ONE is saying a word about it! Church, where are you?? Put down your donuts and designer coffee at the sanctuary coffee bar, and DO something useful for once!! Lift your voices in collective outrage at the hypocritical, double standard being smeared in our face!

What’s the deal? You too busy being all touchy-feely emergent, or spitting on Israel to pay attention to what your little darlings are being taught in their government classrooms? Are you really that captivated with your stupid tennis team or golf game to bother, yet you have the gall to sit back and whine about the political system, while you sit in front of your 90 inch, flat screen TV watching Jersey Shore?

I suggest we all investigate if this outrage is occurring in our own states. If so, who’s gonna have the intestinal fortitude to do something about it? Who’s going to publicly call our leaders out for their failure to separate church and state in these instances? After all, they always frantically pummel Christians into silence by continually screeching that non-existent, so-called Constitutional rule.

By golly, if they are going to start pushing Islam on our children, then we need to demand Christianity be taught as well. After all, being tolerant and espousing diversity is the politically correct name of the game, isn’t it?

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