For Whom Shall I Vote? :: by Grant Phillips

Strong opinions have been voiced concerning the upcoming November 6th election. The spotlight is mostly on the Presidential chair but let us not forget those who sit in Congress. So much is riding on this election.

Personally, as I have said before, I feel that we the voters are most always provided with little to choose from. Instead of being offered a smorgasbord, we are told what is on the short menu, and pretty much, “take it or leave it.”

I came to the conclusion years ago that regardless who wins the prize seats at the general election, things will pretty much go on as usual. The guys in the “smoke-filled rooms” will see to it.

In my opinion, this election year is different. I warned as many as I could at the last Presidential election about Mr. “Change,” but he got elected anyway. I tried to tell people that the only thing he ever spoke about was “change.” There was never any definition of the “change” he had in mind. I will give him credit for one thing though, we got just what others voted for, “change.”

I was one of those in 2008 who didn’t vote “for” someone, but actually voted “against” someone. I lost. I will do the same this year. I just hope I don’t lose again.

Several Christians do not want to vote for the Republican nominee because he is a Mormon. I heard the same thing in 1960 when John F. Kennedy, a Democrat, was running for President. All the churches were up in arms because he was a Catholic. However, for the short time he served us, 1961-1963, he was a good President. The warnings from the pulpits of America were saying at that time that Rome would be ruling America via the Pope. Obviously, all those fire-breathing warnings were for naught. His brother Robert would have also been a good President if he too hadn’t been assassinated.

It makes no difference to me if the one running for this most important position in our country is Mormon or Catholic. What if he/she had no religious affiliation? What then? I would draw the line however if he or she were a Muslim, because I know these “kind” folk want to destroy me and our country. I don’t feel that the Mormons and Catholics have that in mind.

The issue should not be the candidate’s religion, unless it is a religion that fuels a desire to destroy others if they don’t “join up” with them. When Jimmy Carter ran against Gerald Ford for President in 1976 all the churches were saying vote for Jimmy, because he’s a good Christian Baptist. He was also incompetent and a laughing stock to us all. Today, he never misses an opportunity to stick his nose in where it doesn’t belong and denigrate Israel at every opportunity.

The issue should be based upon the candidates desire to honor our Constitution and Bill of Rights. It should be based upon their desire to honor morality and basic decency as even nature itself dictates. It should honor the right to life and oppose abortion. It should honor the marriage bed, and not defile it with perversion.

The candidate should be someone who will actually tell the truth, at least some of the time. The candidate should be one who says, “The buck stops here,” and not blame everyone else for his/her failures. The candidate should not be possessed with regal notions that are the product of a gigantic narcissistic personality. The candidate should be one who will abide by the laws of the land and protect its citizens from foreign and/or internal invasion. The candidate should possess some solid business acumen, and be personally acquainted with the “real” world of the common man.

I could go on with this list, but I already know I’ll not get all I ask for, even if the one I will vote against doesn’t make it on November 6th.

I realize that some, or maybe many of you will not agree with me, and that certainly is fine by me. We will have different opinions. I just ask that we all consider the type of man we have had leading this country over the last almost four years, and realize that if he returns to office, his actions will be even worse than we have seen to-date.

Also, there are those in Congress and in other high-ranking positions who need to be sent home. That can be done at the voting booth.

Grant Phillips